TPV Podcast, Episode 81: The Assistants Behind Paleo Parents and Paleo Mom

Our eighty-first show!

Ep. 81, The Assistants Behind Paleo Parents and Paleo Mom

In this episode Stacy and Sarah are joined by their assistants, Katy and Tamar, to chat about their experiences supporting the work of the Paleo Parents and The Paleo Mom. Katy and Tamar answer reader questions and share some behind the scenes details about their roles. 

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 81, The Assistants Behind Paleo Parents and Paleo Mom

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:47 – News & Views
    • Welcome everyone!
    • Stacy is in preparation for another ice and snow storm, while Sarah has been enjoying a stretch of warm weather and gardening
    • In this week’s show Katy, the Lead Assistant for the Paleo Parents, and Tamar, an Assistant for The Paleo Mom are on the show to share some behind the scenes insight
    • Stacy and Sarah both shared a bit on their relationships with Katy and Tamar
    • Katy
      • Landed her role with the Paleo Parents through Instagram and shared her love for pork during the launch of Beyond Bacon
      • Stacy and Katy got to meet at an event this past summer and at that time Katy gained a bit more exposure into the paleo community
      • She had been working in a restaurant, and had been for awhile, but wasn’t finding joy from her career
      • Working for the Paleo Parents has allowed her to combine her culinary degree and passion for food and writing
    • Tamar
      • Sarah and Tamar had belonged to the same gym and were e-introduced through a mutual friend
      • When Tamar had a Chron’s flair she reached out to Sarah for dietary advice while in the hospital
      • A little bit later they finally met in person and got their kids together and became good friends
      • She originally supported Sarah through some projects with The Paleo Approach, and that eventually evolved into an Assistant position
    • Stacy talked about The Arnold event and what the women competed in
    • Sarah did her first ever kettlebell class and loved it – made her feel strong and fit
    • Sarah is flying into DC this next weekend and will be joining Stacy for a Stongman class – join them both for two book signing events in DC and Philadelphia! 
  • 21:00 – On to the Assistants
    • The thing that surprised Katy most when she started working for the Paleo Parents was the size of the inbox – she learned how to manage the stress of the email volume
    • Katy strives to say yes to everything that Stacy and Matt ask of her and she has found that she is learning a lot and growing personally from the position
    • Tamar has been surprised by the growth she has witnessed and experienced with Sarah as The Paleo Mom has expanded and it has been very rewarding
    • Tamar also emphasized the amount of work that goes into running sites of this size
    • Video Tamar and Sarah posted over the weekend – shows a lot about the dynamic between Tamar and Sarah
    • (29:20) Kasi – how does Tamar’s breakfast compare to Sarah’s?
      • Tamar’s breakfast is very tame compared to Sarah’s
      • It typically is a smoothie with some kind of protein
      • Whereas Sarah is likely having organ meat, kraut and vegetables
    • (30:33) @PaleointheMiddle – where did Katy attend cooking school and did that make a difference with her transition into paleo?
      • Katy went to cooking school in Atlanta at Le Cordon Bleu
      • It made a difference for her transition to paleo because she learned many cooking basics that helped her learn to cook paleo and to work with real food
    • (33:23) Lindsay – do you (Tamar) get to sample all the stuff that Sarah makes?
      • No, if she happens to be at Sarah’s house when she is making something she gets to test the recipes, but that is not a norm occurrence
    • (34:43) Courtney – what are the three cooking tools that Katy couldn’t live without?
    • Tamar and Katy shared about the perks of the jobs and their love for Steve’s Paleo Goods
    • (39:49) Megan – What does a typical workday look like?
      • Tamar’s older two kids are in school and her youngest is in preschool, so the drop-off and pick-up schedule impact a lot
      • Tamar works wherever she needs to based on her schedule and she squeezes it in when she can, but finds herself working late at night many days
      • Katy works primarily during the day and receives the bulk of her assignments from Stacy at night – she will help with posts, manage Facebook, oversee the Gmail account, and respond to folk’s questions, and she really enjoys the opportunity to help people
      • The cyber bullies get old for Katy
    • (47:27) Courtney – what are Katy’s braising tips?
      • Katy shared her tips for her braising process and what flavorings she adds depending on what she is going for
      • Check her guest post on the Paleo Parents for her Mediterranean Braised Pot Roast
    • (50:00) Erin – if you were invited to an autoimmune potluck, what would you bring?
      • Since Tamar doesn’t cook, she would bring cut fruit
      • Katy would bring a braised meat dish
    • (52:15) Sybal – are ya’ll related?
      • No, Sarah and Tamar are not related
    • Tamar thanked everyone for the comments on the video and for being nice and loving through the Paleo Mom site
    • Katy shared her appreciation for her work and her thoughts on Stacy’s cryptic messages and how to read them
    • Thank you all for listening and for sharing your questions and support!
  • 1:00:58 – Outro

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