TPV Podcast, Episode 77: The Paleo Approach Book Launch Celebration

Our seventy-seventh show!

Ep. 77, The Paleo Approach Book Launch Celebration

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Whitney Ross from Nutrisclerosis, Eileen Laird from Phoenix Helix, Angie Alt from Alt-ternative Autoimmune, and Christina Feindel from A Clean Plate, to celebrate the release of The Paleo Approach. The group chatted about how this incredible resource will support various individuals, and provide the information necessary to support a healthy immune system.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 77

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:47 – News & Views
    • This week’s show is dedicated to the celebration of The Paleo Approach book release week!
    • Joining us on the show this week to celebrate Sarah’s milestone are some bloggers who are familiar with the subject – Whitney Ross from Nutrisclerosis, Eileen Laird from Phoenix Helix, Angie Alt from Alt-ternative Autoimmune, and Christina Feindel from A Clean Plate
    • About Whitney
      • Use to suffer from MS, but through diet and lifestyle she has been able to minimize her symptoms and feels fantastic because of it
      • She runs her blog to share her experiences, and research and resources that are impacting her along the way
    • About Eileen
      • Struggled with rheumatoid arthritis for a long time, but improved her life through paleo at first and then discovered an autoimmune protocol
      • Her blog symbolizes a rising from the ashes that her life has undergone through her lifestyle choices
    • About Angie
      • Has three autoimmune conditions
      • Found Sarah’s blog shortly after being diagnosed with celiac and dove right into the AIP
      • She experienced a drastic turnaround in her health, and changed her blog voice to reflect her new area of passion
    • About Christina
      • Has celiac and hashimoto disease
      • She shares AIP friendly recipes on her site
      • Discovering the AIP saved her life in many significant ways
    • Stacy shared on her experience with an AIP, and what Sarah’s resources in particular did for her – find Stacy’s book review here
    • The autoimmune protocol has been a fairly undefined concept within the paleo community, but the arrival of The Paleo Approach provides an explanation and an overview on what this template means on an applicable level
    • Sarah pulled the information together for The Paleo Approach to understand what was happening in her body, but looked for the topics that would generalize and appeal to a larger population – that is how the book came about
    • Whitney notes that the lifestyle section of the book is an amazing resource – people often underestimate how impactful lifestyle decisions can be when dealing with a chronic disease
    • Angie shared on how her mental health improved from adopting the autoimmune protocol and how profound that transformation was
    • Stacy shared on her experience with panic attacks and how the discovery of health management impacted her ability to better handle life’s stressors
    • Angie feels that The Paleo Approach will be an amazing resource for people to share with their doctors who may not fully understand how to support patients with autoimmune conditions
    • Eileen feels that The Paleo Approach is both for those who are not familiar with an autoimmune protocol, and those who are well versed with the protocol but need to fine-tune their tactics to address individual symptoms
    • Sarah shared a bit on the troubleshooting checklist that is available in the book
    • Eileen has a great post on The Paleo Approach and how to best use it as a tool
    • Christina agrees with Eileen that the troubleshooting page is a favorite resource within the book – while she fully took on the diet style of the AIP, she had ignored the lifestyle recommendations until reviewing that guide
    • Sarah has been more surprised by the number of people who are hungry for this information, especially the reactions that have come in through Amazon
    • Sarah has also been surprised by the emotions that people have shown towards the book, that it has actually brought many to tears
    • The beginning of the book and knowing the skepticism surrounding the early development of the project made Angie give the final product a major fist pump
    • The group discussed how the book approaches immune system health as opposed to each individual autoimmune disease, and how diet and lifestyle can help us regulate our health systems
    • Angie notes how lucky she feels to be part of a community that is supported and empowered through the work that Sarah is doing
    • Whitney echoes Angie’s feelings and thanks Sarah for respecting the autoimmune community and believing that we could handle a book of this level – and for pulling together such an incredible index!
    • Christina feels so grateful to know Sarah and to be a part of the autoimmune community
    • Eileen notes to not let the science overwhelm you, the book has a casual voice and explains the things you need to know
  • Special thanks again to our guests Whitney Ross from Nutrisclerosis, Eileen Laird from Phoenix Helix, Angie Alt from Alt-ternative Autoimmune, and Christina Feindel from A Clean Plate
  • Please be sure to leave your reviews for The Paleo Approach on Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes and Noble
  • Don’t forget to leave those reviews on iTunes!
  • 1:12:13 Outro

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