TPV Podcast, Episode 76: The Calorie Myth

Our seventy-sixth show!

Ep. 76, The Calorie Myth

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Jonathan Bailor to chat about the calorie myth and the impact of a nutrient dense approach to eating.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 76

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:47 – News & Views
    • Sarah was seriously burned by some bacon grease and has been treating it as a second degree burn, but it got infected and  she is now on antibiotics and will be seeing a burn specialist for further help
    • The silver lining of all of this – Sarah now knows that her adrenals work!
    • People are loving The Paleo Approach, and the initial reactions has been overwhelmingly positive – the book also hit number 91 out of all the books on Amazon
    • Check out Stacy’s review of The Paleo Approach here
    • Next week’s show will be dedicated to the launch of The Paleo Approach
    • Stacy quit Crossfit to focus all her energies on Strongman training and she is incredibly excited about this process – she has dedicated all her efforts towards training, both inside and outside of the gym and she is reaching so many new accomplishments, including the acknowledgement that she is an athlete
  • 21:58 – Welcome Jonathan Bailor!
    • You can find him at, through his book The Calorie Myth, and on his podcast here
    • Jonathan grew up in an academic household and was geeky, nerdy and skinny – he wanted to be like his big brother who was athletic in both his abilities and build
    • He got into training and eventually began training other people, most of his clients were females who were all trying to lose weight – and he instructed them to eat less and workout more
    • Despite his intentions, none of his clients were reaching their goals and this inspired him to delve into his work from an academic mind and to research the cause for the results…or lack of
    • Jonathan shared a bit on set-point and what his definition is for this concept – it essentially acknowledges that the body is an adaptive dynamic system and to gain sustainable health you need to heal your system not starve it
    • The calorie math argument was discussed
    • There is a huge disconnect for many people on how to properly nourish and fuel your body
    • You heal your body through food quality, not food quantity
    • Sarah greatly appreciates how Jonathan’s book brings the concept of nutrient density and practical choices to a new community
    • Sarah, Stacy and Jonathan chatted about bone broth consumption and the benefits
    • #soupwithstacy, tips from the Bone Broth lady herself
      • broth is done when the bones are soft
      • put a little bit of acid and anything you want to flavor the broth with in the pot
      • for timing, cook 12-24 hours in a pressure cooker, 24-48 in a slow cooker, and for the stovetop the timing will be somewhere in between the pressure cooker and slow cooker timing
      • Sarah does 48 hours on the stovetop
    • Don’t forget to check out Jonathan’s work at The Calorie Myth site and book
  • 1:07:30 Outro

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