TPV Podcast, Episode 66: Quick Check-In

Our sixty-sixth show!
Ep. 66: Quick Check-In

In this episode, Sarah is in the thick of final book edits, so the hosts do a quick check-in and update!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 66: Quick Check-In

  • 0:00 – Introduction
    • Sarah got her book back from the designers and they nailed what Sarah was hoping for
    • Now Sarah is going through the perfecting process and has had many late nights – she is also starting to create the index right now
    • Sarah celebrated both her daughter’s birthday and her own over the weekend
    • Due to where Sarah is at with the book, this week’s show is a quick check-in recording so that Sarah can get back to wrapping up the book
    • Stacy is doing good and is back in the workout groove
    • The Paleo Parents new project has been revealed a bit more and they have knocked out 22 new recipes for their third cookbook
    • Stacy also has some epic blog posts brewing in her head and hopes to post those soon
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    • Sarah will do a review soon on Esther’s posture workshop and is excited to share how drastic the results of her method are (learn more about the workshops at
  • (21:22) Outro

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