TPV Podcast, Episode 64: Will Paleo Help Me

Our sixty-fourth show!
Ep. 64: Will Paleo Help Me

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah address a large number of health questions all centered around how paleo can impact certain medical conditions and the symptoms that accompany them.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 64: Will Paleo Help Me

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:49 – News & Views
    • At Stacy’s house they recently rolled out a no television or video game rule and things have been awesome since they have been able to engage in new ways
    • Stacy and Matt’s boys had parent teacher conferences recently and they are blown away with where they are at in their development, especially with their behavior
    • Sarah celebrated her two year blog anniversary and also won an award last week as Top 100 Nutrition Website by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating 
    • On a recent post on The Paleo Mom, Sarah interviewed her daughter about her process overcoming her difficulty eating meat
    • This week’s show is for those who are following a SAD or a gluten-free diet who have apprehensions about adopting a paleo lifestyle and if it will positively impact their life; and the second piece of the show is for those who have adopted a paleo lifestyle who are wondering if they need to test an autoimmune protocol
  • 22:28 – Science with Sarah: Removing Toxins vs. Adding Nutrients
    • Finding health through food isn’t necessarily about what you take out, it is equally important to look at what you add in
    • The guidelines for paleo are centered around healing a leaky gut, and maintaining a healthy gut with a strong lining – the other big goal is to avoid inflammatory foods
    • There is absolutely variability in the foods that will fall on an individual’s list when looking at these general guidelines
    • The habits that Stacy and Sarah advocate to add in are snout to tail eating practices, buying  local variety, including seafood and organ meats, eating produce of a variety of colors, adding pasture raised eggs, etc. – seeking out the most nutrient dense foods that you can
    • When you are adopting a paleo diet don’t focus on what you are taking out, but look at what you are adding in to optimize your health and restore your nutrient demands
    • Stacy notes that as you eat these foods more often your body begins to crave them because your body is recognizing that it’s needs are being met through that food
  • 34:04 – Questions & Answers
    • Michelle – how will a paleo diet impact my depression?
      • Stacy notes that she saw her and Matt’s depression disappear when they healed their guts
      • Sarah experienced the same thing and she had battled depression and anxiety for most of her adult life prior to adopting a paleo lifestyle
      • Some things to look at are gut-brain access through omega 3 fatty acid consumption from seafood and stress management techniques
    • (36:45) Izzadora – would paleo impact a bipolar disorder?
      • Yes, removing grains, increasing vegetables and decreasing sugar will all have positive impacts
      • Getting eggs and fish will help with nutrient needs
      • Approach paleo from a nourishing perspective, not a diet mind set
    • (39:01) Edson – will GAPS/FODMAPS/SCD or AIP impact our son’s ADHD and oppostitional defiant disorder?
      • If you are not eating paleo at all, first start there so that you don’t take too much out too soon and test a slower transition process, eliminating things over time
      • All of those diets are very specific for specific reasons, so if you don’t know what is going on from a gut level it is hard to say which diet will impact you – going paleo will be a very good start
      • Sarah agrees to focus on gluten-free, casein-free, and food dye free eating – be sure to add in seafood and broth as you eliminate those other foods
    • (43:40) Rachel – how should I handle my macro ratio intake to help my PCOS and lose weight?
      • Stacy suggests eating what you feel comfortable with and what makes you feel your best
      • Make sure that you are getting a lot of non-starchy vegetables and your body will likely steer you towards the ideal protein serving
      • Check out Paleo For Women and check out Stefani’s book on PCOS
      • Sarah also notes the importance of stress management, quality sleep, and to take a look at The Hormone Cure by Sara Gottfried 
      • Try a strict elimination of dairy to see how it impacts your goals
    • (48:54) Melissa – how do I combat extreme fatigue when adopting a paleo lifestyle?
      • Stacy feels that you are lacking carbs and/or fat
      • A sugar or carb flu is normal, but is more about exhaustion and headaches, the shortness of breath is likely linked to something else
      • Sarah thinks that the pulse and breath concerns may have something to do with a food sensitivity
      • Increase your carbs from starchy vegetables and fruit, and if these symptoms don’t subside definitely talk to a doctor
    • (52:12) Maya – what dietary changes can we make to help with RA and IBS?
      • Stacy has a good friend who struggled from severe RA symptoms and paleo made a huge impact on his well-being
      • Inflammation is causing that swelling and since paleo is a low inflammatory diet it will positively impact both the RA and IBS
      • The benefits of paleo will touch both of these issues since paleo heals the gut and reduces inflammation
      • With any joint condition be sure to target glycine which is in broth, and DHA and EPA from seafood
      • A low FODMAP approach can also positively influence the symptoms
    • (56:57) Charlene – pregnancy is impacting migraines and is making a paleo lifestyle difficult to maintain; should I eat what I can now and return to paleo after the baby is born?
      • Stacy said that it sounds like you are having trouble with fats and may not be getting enough calories right now – try replacing those calorie loses with carbohydrates
      • Check out the show from two weeks ago on what foods you can add in while pregnant to help you through the food aversions
      • Coconut milk and/or oil may be a good food option to add in to help with your fat intake
      • Sarah suggests trying fat from tallow, lard, or even fattier cuts of meat or fish, like salmon – Beyond Bacon can help you with that
    • (1:01:36) Natalie – how can I manage my son’s genetic syndrome through dietary choices?
      • Stacy feels that there is a clear gut imbalance at play and to fully commit to a clean thirty days on paleo without slips in those thirty days
      • Occasionally may seem seldom, but they add up and if you need to heal your son’s gut you need to fully remove the dairy and grains at minimum to start the healing process
      • Don’t worry about the autoimmune approach just yet, focus on paleo
      • Sarah notes that it is not uncommon to have different dietary needs throughout the family and to have a family discussion about how to accommodate the needs and to be sensitive to your kid’s needs
      • The Sweet Potato Drop Biscuits from Beyond Bacon would be a good option, simply use sunflower flour instead of almond
    • (1:07:44) Emelie – how can nutrition impact my keratosis pilaris?
      • Sarah notes that it is confirmed as an immune condition and boils down to the same thing where the immune system is not working properly
      • Test the autoimmune protocol and be sure you are getting enough sleep and managing stress
      • Skin conditions seem to be strongly linked to stress and blood sugar regulation
    • (1:10:56) Andrea – how can paleo impact joint issue and type 1 diabetes?
      • Stacy feels that adopting a paleo lifestyle and increasing your egg, nut, and nightshade intake out of the gate made your joint issues flair up
      • Broth, sleep and really taking care of your body will help with joint issues
      • Sarah has a post on why people with thyroid disorders do not need to avoid goitrogenic vegetables if they are sufficient in iodine
      • The autoimmune protocol should not be challenging with type 1 diabetes because it is not low carb, you simply have to moderate your fructose intake
    • (1:18:58) Jenna – my autoimmune symptoms are in remission from my pregnancy, if I don’t follow an autoimmune protocol will it backfire after pregnancy?
  • Thank you to all who voted for the ‘Paleo Magazine’ Best Of awards!
  • (1:30:06) Outro

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