TPV Podcast, Episode 59: Nutrient Density & Cravings

Our fifty-ninth show!
Ep. 59: Nutrient Density & Cravings

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Mira and Jayson Calton from Calton Nutrition to chat about micronutrient deficiencies, food cravings, and proper supplementation.The Caltons authored Rich Food Poor Food and Naked Calories, and offer up a wealth of knowledge on how to optimize your vitamin and mineral intake to feel your best!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 59: Nutrient Density & Cravings

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:46 – News & Views
    • This week we are joined by Dr. Jayson and Mira Calton, authors of Rich Food Poor Food (shared about that book on this episode of The Paleo View) and the recently revised and re-released Naked Calories
    • Stacy is at a different point in her health journey from the last time the Caltons were on the show and is geeking out over the opportunity to delve deeper into a micronutrient discussion
    • Jayson and Mira met each other and found their professional passion surrounding micronutrient education because of Mira’s osteoporosis diagnosis
    • Micronutrients play a role in literally every aspect of creating a healthy lifestyle
    • The Paleo Approach launches with the correlations between nutrient deficiencies and dis-regulated immune systems; a micronutrient rich diet is key to managing an autoimmune condition
  • (9:20) Science with Sarah/Jayson/Mira – How Cravings Relate to Micronutrient Deficiencies
    • The Philadelphia Monell Chemical Senses Research Center found that salt cravings are due to calcium deficiencies, sugar cravings are due to magnesium levels
    • Sugar blocks the absorption of vital micronutrients and creates a vicious malabsorption cycle
    • To manage cravings address your micronutrient deficiencies
    • Magnesium is one that is hard to get from diet alone, but can be found in nuts and seeds, dark leafy vegetables, bananas, broccoli, fish, shellfish, bone broth
    • If you are looking to improve the cravings and are struggling with micronutrient deficiencies, look at your sugar intake and try cutting things back
    • Helping people reach the ah-ha moment with micronutrients really comes down to an honest look at everything you are putting in your mouth and addressing your lifestyle habits
    • Folks can also read the back section of Naked Calories for a ‘Cliff Notes’ version on how to handle the analysis piece of addressing deficiencies
  • (24:44) Questions & Answers
    • Jessica – Are there nutrients exclusive to gluten? If so, how can I be sure that each family member is getting the nutrients they need?
      • Going gluten-free can cause nutrient deficiencies if you are not replacing the eliminated food with micronutrient dense foods
      • No matter how good your diet is there are always going to be days where you don’t get all the minerals and vitamins that you need – meals change, situations change, you have to cater to all your needs
      • Proper supplementation is key (check out section 3 in Naked Calories) – and supplementation can come in the form of organ meat, bone broth, fatty fish, etc.
      • Check out episode 55 of The Paleo View where Stacy and Sarah addressed the topic of meat quality and if there is a source of organ meat that should be avoided
      • Check out Sarah’s post on whether or not a gluten-free diet is safe for kids
    • (45:18) Lauren – I never feel satiated or satisfied from the foods I eat unless I overeat, why is this?
      • Jayson says that Lauren is definitely micronutrient deficient and that her hormones are not in balance (specifically leptin and ghrelin)
      • Sarah also raises the question regarding sleep quality, if Lauren is not getting enough sleep she will have difficulty with weight loss, hunger management, etc.
      • Stacy notes that Lauren needs to focus on how to live healthy, not lose weight – switching your viewpoint will put you on a path to a healthy sustainable lifestyle and allow you to address the micronutrient piece
    • (55:47) Janet – at what level is iron consumption dangerous?
      • Jayson notes that you need to look at the sources of the meat you are consuming when answering this question, especially products from factory farms and processed meats
      • Mira notes that iron blocks the absorption of ten other micronutrients so you need to not over supplement with iron
      • Jayson notes that she needs to check her vitamin A levels, which increases the absorption of iron
      • Organ meat can give you the variety of nutrients you need in a perfectly balanced package
  • (1:11:50) Special thanks to Jayson and Mira for coming back on the Paleo View
  • Stacy and Sarah will be back next week with with no guests, just good ol’ TPV co-host banter
  • (1:14:39) Outro

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