TPV Podcast, Episode 53: Fat-Phobia

Our fifty-third show!
Ep. 53: Fat-Phobia

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Jimmy from Livin’ La Vida Low Carb to discuss the presence of Fat-Phobia in society.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 53: Fat-Phobia

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 1:19 – News & Views
    • Welcome this week’s guest, Jimmy Moore!
    • Jimmy hosts his Livin’ La Vida Low Carb podcast, blog, authors books, and annually hosts a Low Carb Cruise
    • Stacy and Sarah are back after a week break of hosting, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out last week’s 1 Year Anniversary Show
    • (11:33) AHS Update
      • Sarah’s favorite moment was meeting podcast and blog fans and hearing about how and why they got to AHS
      • The first day’s agenda featured some unique topics
      • One of the speakers fell off the stage during his presentation, but rebounded like a star
      • Jimmy’s favorite talk was Tony Federico‘s discussion on processed relationships
      • Sarah’s favorite talk was Esther Gockhale’s
      • This year they incorporated movement talks for the first time
    • (24:57) Jimmy’s Book, Cholesterol Clarity: What the HDL is wrong with my numbers?
      • Jimmy has dealt with cholesterol issues his whole life, and this book was the perfect way for him to explore this further and to help others along the way
      • Top doctors on the subject were interviewed and helped with the science that is provided in the book
  • 33:18 – Science with Sarah
    • Good fats and why the balance of omega 3’s and 6’s matter
    • The fatty acids that our body absorbs: AA, DHA and EPA
    • Autocrines and paracrines, and what their signals do in the body
    • The ratio of AA, DHA and EPA that are stored in the cell membrane is relative to what you eat
    • If you have more AA in your cell membrane, your body will make more of the most inflammatory prostaglandins – this is why a high omega-6 diet causes inflammation
    • Stacy notes that it is important to not be afraid of fat, but to eat the right ones
  • 43:57 – Q&A
    • The Emotional Side of Fat Phobia
      • Stacy
        • Post on her original feelings towards this concept
        • It is easier for a lot of people to pretend that overweight people don’t exist because it is uncomfortable for them to interact with them, which significantly impacts an overweight individual’s self-worth and respect
        • What is most powerful about Sarah’s, Stacy’s and Jimmy’s stories is that they came into this and changed their lives, and have become leaders in a movement because their passion has allowed them to not only open doors for themselves but for others too
        • Stacy has come to accept that she might be her healthiest at her current weight, which is a number that she has to identify – not society
        • Through her post, Stacy put it out for others to get over it – to not worry about Stacy’s number on the scale and more importantly to get over being afraid of overweight people
        • If you are putting it out there and taking care of yourself, its ok to accept yourself the way you are
        • We can have representatives of health across all spectrums
      • Jimmy
        • Early in his career is when he first felt invincible, which is ironic since you are typically the biggest person in the room, but feel like the smallest person
        • Jimmy felt like there was a glass ceiling above of him because of his weight
        • People didn’t even notice he lost weight until 100 pounds were gone
        • People who had never talked to Jimmy before started talking to him, and it was weird
        • The paleo community was nothing but supportive when he gained back some of his weight
        • Lets redefine what healthy means for people
      • Sarah
        • Remembers very clearly when people started flirting with her after her physical transformation
        • You go from being anonymous to getting attention, and it was awkward
        • She made a point of it to be a person to open doors for others and to interact with everyone around her, despite what they look like
        • Discovering the presence of fat-phobia is a part of the journey
    • (1:03:54) Jennifer – How to avoid comparing my paleo journey to others?
      • Stacy encourages Jennifer to cut the yogurt because skin conditions are often linked to dairy
      • Check on where your sleep quality is at, it is often the key to reaching your health goals
      • As parents, set the foundation on how to love your self – your kids feed off of your mentality towards healthy and body image
      • You making every effort possible to be healthy is wonderful, acknowledge that and be proud of how big all those efforts are
      • You need fat to be and feel healthy, look at your fat sources and make sure you are getting enough
    • (1:17:09) Kayla – Why are my HDL and LDL numbers not changing from adopting a paleo lifestyle?
      • First, dietary fat doesn’t clog your arteries, dietary cholesterol does not raise your cholesterol, vegetable oils are not healthier if you have cardiovascular disease, saturated fat is not bad – there are many myths out there surrounding fat
      • Jimmy thinks you need to pay more attention to where your HDL is at and your triglycerides, which will paint a picture of where your heart health is
      • If you are still worried, get a c-reactive protein test
      • After that, you can get a CT heart scan to check how much plaque is in your arteries
      • Look at actual disease, don’t look at the cholesterol numbers
      • The cholesterol numbers that doctors give you are based on obsolete science
      • Check out Chris Kresser’s work on statins
      • Check out Dr. Laura Davies guest post on Sarah’s site on documents to share with your doctor
    • Special thanks to Jimmy for coming on the show this week!
    • (1:38:36) Outro

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