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TPV Podcast, Episode 4: Breastfeeding

Our fourth show!
Ep. 4: Breastfeeding


In this episode, Stacy and Sarah talk about boobs for over an hour! They cover their own experiences with breastfeeding their children and then tackle your questions about common problems women experience with nursing their children and whether paleo is right for breastfeeding mothers. Finally, in the Paleo Parenting section, they are joined by Summer of Banana Hammocks and Tutus and Vanessa of Healthy Living How To. The four them give you their best advice on how to successfully breastfeed and share their favorite breastfeeding resources.


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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 4: Breastfeeding


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  • Monica

    Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to listen to this. Sometimes I fear that being paleo impacts my milk supply, but somedays I feel like just about anything can.

  • Lynn

    Fab podcast! I am trying to learn about such things in preperation for future pregnancies (fingers crossed!).

  • Kris

    LOVED this podcast. I listened while on a walk and I know I looked nutty just nodding my head up and down the whole time. It’s so important to share our stories and the science and you did just that. One point that concerned me, though, was when Stacy said that the immunological benefits of mother’s milk don’t extend past the first year and that after that the nursing relationship (LOVE that you refer to it that way – it IS a relationship!) is really more for comfort. I don’t think that is correct. I believe that immune benefits last as long as mama is making milk. Here are some links I found:; (that says at a year a child’s immune system is only functioning at 60%);—-handling-the-criticism – are just a few. I am interested in what Sarah has to say. Also, can I just add that I teared up so many times during the podcast but especially when Vanessa shared her story? Wow. Just wow.

    • I don’t think Sarah will see this comment here, but I’m specifically referencing the material Chris Kresser has pulled together. I whole heartedly believe there’s significiant benefit to nursing beyond a year, but that the immunological benefits may taper off. I’ve read the KellyMom and LLLi articles, and although I believe so much of what they put together, sometimes when you find info from a source with a bias, you’ll get biased data.

      Either way, I made and will not make any claims because I certainlly have NO idea beyond what I read. But do hope that people have a nursing relationship as long as they and baby are comfortable and happy πŸ™‚

      • Kris

        Oh, I don’t think I even noticed I was on your blog site! I just googled breastfeeding and the paleo view. Sorry for the shout out to Sarah.

        It does make sense, though, that immune benefits would persist? If I have a 2 year old nursling and I am exposed to say, a stomach bug that takes me down, wouldn’t my nursling still benefit from the antibodies that are in my blood and therefore my milk? And wouldn’t s/he stand a better chance of avoiding or having a less severe bug as a result?

        You are wonderfully supportive of extended BFing, so I hope I don’t sound defensive. It’s just that a lot of moms who nurse > 1 take a lot of flak – it’s just for comfort or it’s the mom not able to let go. For me, since my kids don’t get cow’s milk, I wanted them on mama’s milk as long as possible. But others may have difficulty reasoning with critics on the scientific points, so I just want the best info out there as possible.