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TPV Podcast, Episode 29: Weight Loss with Paleo, Part 3

Our twenty-nineth show!
Ep. 29: Weight Loss with Paleo, Part 3

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah talk about losing weight again, one of our most requested topics! This week we are joined by Tara, The Primal Girl, who, like Stacy and Sarah, has also lost 100 pounds! Topics include whether intermittent fasting is right for women, how to get over negative comments and how to start exercising with a busy schedule.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 29: Weight Loss with Paleo, Part 3

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  • Loved this week’s show. So much I needed to hear. Focus on health — I need to repeat this like a mantra. Do that and the rest sorts itself out. I really enjoyed hearing from Tara as well. Great perspective. All three of you inspire me! And thanks for the link in the show notes – made my day!

  • Rebekah, You mentioned having limited resources for groceries. Hit up your local farmers market at the end of the day. Many people will give you great deals in order to keep from having to load their veggies back into their vehicle. Sometimes, you can help them load things back up in exchange for a box of fresh, seasonal veggies. If you do not have a farmer’s market within a reasonable distance, then see if you have an Aldi in your area. Their eggs are grain fed, but they are growth hormone free, so that is at least a little better than your typical grocery store eggs.
    Good luck! (I hope it is okay that I put a link to another blog, and if it is not, then please, please Sarah and Stacy, take my comment off – I would never offend if I can help it. A blog geared specifically towards affordably eating as close to Paleo as possible with every day large scale production meats and veggies is

    Ladies, thank you so much for your continued inspiration. You have spent more time in my van running errands that you will ever know. 🙂

    • We support link love Trista – thanks for the comments. Hope Rebekah sees!