TPV Podcast, Episode 211: Sarah’s Fifth Paleoversary!

Ep. 211: Sarah’s Fifth Paleoversary!

The Paleo View TPV 211 Sarah fifth Paleoversary

In this episode, we celebrate the fifth anniversary of Sarah switching to a paleo diet! We’re talking all about how far we’ve come and what we’re doing next!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 211: Sarah’s Fifth Paleoversary!

  •  Intro (0:00)
  • Sarah’s Fifth Paleoversary! (0:40)
    • Sarah is a bit of a dork from dork town, but you already knew that
    • Cole is turning 11 and going into the 6th grade!
    • Sarah has been paleo for 5 years! Read about her journey here and her transformation here
    • This is the longest Sarah has committed to anything health related.
    • Sarah didn’t quite know what she wanted to do professionally when she started paleo because when she began she was too sick to science. Now she’s a health educator, thanks to paleo!
    • She found a new part of herself that was strong and driven and able to be a positive and changed person. Stacy noticed how much she’s changed from her family photos
    • Sarah says she has found her voice and feels confident for the first time.
    • Funnily enough, she’s now learned how to do her hair and makeup!
    • But both Sarah and Stacy emphasize that it’s important to love yourself always! Love both your past and your present.
    • Sarah got to talk at the Paleo FX Entrepreneur conference. She talked about how to have an authentic business.
    • Stacy finds how looking at Facebook memories reminds her of how far she’s come.
    • Her slumps now aren’t as low as her good days back then
    • Sarah partially made her choices to model healthy choices for her daughters, who now see her modeling good choices.
    • Remember: Every step is a good step on a long journey!
    • Sarah won’t be bored; she’s got a dozen books she wants to write!
    • Stacy wants to open a bed and breakfast in the future!
    • The Paleo Parents are moving to the new site in the near future! Including “Thirsty Brain” podcast with Matt and Cole!
    • And the positivity and encouragement we get that inspires us comes from you! Thank you!
    • Sean Astin reads A Bad Case of Stripes by the great David Shannon on this site!
  • Outro (41:43)


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