The Paleo View

TPV Podcast, Episode 19: Live Guests

Our nineteenth show!
Ep. 19: Live Guests

In this episode, we invite our first ever listener guests! Meet Jeanine, a reader of The Paleo Mom, and Kate, a reader of Paleo Parents. They have questions for Stacy and Sarah about implementing the paleo diet in their lives, especially considering their autoimmune conditions. We sincerely hope that by helping them, we can help you too!


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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 19: Live Guests

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  • Sarah

    Jeanine, your sensitivities to coconut, spices etc sounds very much like salicylate intolerance. Glycine, B6,magnesium and zinc are all needed by the detox pathway in your liver which is responsible for clearing salicylates from your body, preventing them building up and causing problems. This could very well be triggered by your surgery bankrupting your nutrient stores. Aside from supplements, liver is an excellent source of the amino acid glycine, zinc and B6. Magnesium is best taken as a supplement short term as most high magnesium foods are also high salicylate.

  • Mindy

    Under your favorite products you mention Costco. We also have a BJ’s in our area and I love it even more than Costco. I know, gasp. BJ’s has organic frozen berry mix, organic frozen veggies, organic lettuces (spinach!), organic apples, organic potatoes, Kerrygold Butter (for those who do diary this is from grass fed cows), etc. Love it. I haven’t been back to Costco since…

  • Lynn

    The lady who could not tolerate more than 1/2 grain thyroid clearly has adrenal issues. She has all the hallmarks and needs to check out for further information and help.