The Paleo View

TPV Podcast, Episode 17: Paleo 101

Our seventeenth show!
Ep. 17: Paleo 101

In this episode, we hope to provide an overview of the paleo diet and help you navigate why the “rules” are the way they are. Why is it that we avoid grains? Beans? Sugar? What is inflammation and why are we trying so hard to avoid it? We hope we can take you by the hand and lead you through the reasoning. After this show, we hope you will be on a happy, healthy path for your life!


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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 17: Paleo 101

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  • Nicole

    Wanted to let you know that the player for this episode isn’t working 🙂 Would love to listen to it when it’s up!

    • Matt’s working on getting them fixed, it’s an error with the podbean player no longer playing the file type. Sorry – should work in iTunes if you are able to access it there.

  • The Paleo Diet is simply a diet that limits your food consumption to foods that would have been readily available to

    people living in the Paleolithic era of human life. These were the days of cavemen hunting and gathering for their

    own survival. They did not farm for a living and they were more transient than we are today. They remained in one

    area until the natural resources were picked over, then they picked up and moved somewhere else. With time, those

    areas would repopulate with plants, trees and animals and another group of humans would eventually move back in and

    start living.