TPV Podcast, Episode 166, Danielle Walker & All Things Baby

Ep. 166, Danielle Walker & All Things Baby

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah and are joined by Danielle Walker to talk all things new baby. Hear from Stacy, Sarah and Danielle on eating during pregnancy, healthy postpartum habits, and breastfeeding!

The Paleo View TPV 166 Danielle Walker baby

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 166, Danielle Walker & All Things Baby

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:56)
    • Sarah is working on submitting her book and getting it off to the printer
    • Stacy’s favorite person in paleo, and long-time guest on The Paleo View (episode 42 and 109), is here as a guest on this week’s show – welcome Danielle Walker!
    • Danielle had a baby recently and will be helping to answer a number of questions related to pregnancy, newborns, and breastfeeding
    • You can find more on Danielle on her site, Against All Grain, she has a popular YouTube channel, and is a New York Times Bestselling Author of Against All Grain and Meals Made Simple – and she is currently working on a third book
    • What brought Danielle to blogging
    • Danielle’s number one job is being a mom, find out more about her kids here
    • The difference in Danielle’s pregnancies
    • Fulfilling pregnancy cravings in a way that supports your health, but also makes you feel normal
    • Why people experience a shift in the immune system when they are pregnant – some experience a remission and others experience flairs, with the most major immune system shift happening when the baby weans
    • How Danielle is managing her health during the postpartum phase to reduce the possibility of an autoimmune flair
    • Sarah’s recommendations on how to reduce the risk of a flair postpartum
      • Uber focus on nutrient density – how and why the immune system is a nutrient gas guzzler, with the immune regulator being the most sensitive to nutrient deficiencies
      • Get a lot of sleep – let go of perfection, and focus on basic needs
      • Activity is great, but prioritize sleep
      • Be aware of stress levels and triggers
    • Danielle’s protocol when she notices a flair
    • Creating a personal list of foods that are automatic no items that cause issues, and the role that a food journal can play in helping you identify your problematic foods
    • Milk production shifts around the 6 week marker and what is happening at a hormonal level that impacts that change in milk supply
    • What Stacy experienced with her food intolerances while breastfeeding her boys and how that led her to elimination dieting
  • Getting Calcium from Non-Dairy Sources (34:09)
    • There is calcium in other foods, and in fact more absorbable calcium in other foods than the calcium in dairy – we absorb a much higher percentage of calcium from cruciferous vegetables than we do from the calcium in diary
    • We need calcium to make breastmilk
    • There is a collection of studies that looked at dairy consumption and long-term bone health and there is actually no correlation between dairy intake and bone health, if anything there is a slight negative correlation
    • One study shows that the more dairy you consume the more likely you are to have bone health problems
    • Studies show that the most important diet factor to bone health is vegetable consumption
    • One of Stacy’s favorite soup recipes is Danielle’s Chicken and Vegetable Soup, which she finds as a convenient way to get vegetables and bone broth in
  • What Danielle has noticed with the foods she is eating and how those impact Easton through breastmilk
    • Supplementing Easton with a probiotic
  • Checkout for great factual information on breastfeeding, and for community and support with all things lactation
  • How and why antibodies from mom cross into breastmilk
  • When you are nursing, your body will prioritize the food source for your child – your body will essentially take the nutrients you are not getting enough of from your reserves and pass them along to your child
  • Top Foods Nursing Moms Should Eat (52:20)
    • Protein
    • Mineral rich foods (organ meats and vegetables like cruciferous vegetables)
    • Vitamin D (fish and shellfish; pastured raised animals; grass-fed dairy; time out in the sun)
    • Vitamin A (liver, egg yolks)
    • Antioxidants (organ meat, high quality meats, lots of vegetables)
      • How to get 5 servings of vegetables a day to optimize health
      • As long as you are getting adequate animals foods and then piling on the vegetables, that is the best case scenario for your health
  • Danielle’s tips for incorporating healthy foods and healthy habits
    • Making soup and adding in vegetables
    • Putting vegetables in smoothies and adding collagen (Stacy adds Vital Proteins)
    • Prepping ahead and using the crockpot, see this post for Danielle’s recommended prep ahead recipes
    • Accepting help
  • More from Danielle on how she is doing and feeling being in the newborn stage
  • Thank you so much Danielle for coming back on The Paleo View – and congratulations on Easton’s arrival and thank you for being such a positive role model to so many in the community
  • Be sure to find Danielle and all of her social media channels on her site HERE
  • Thanks everyone for listening!
  • Outro (1:13:28)

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