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TPV Podcast, Episode 15: Holiday Recovery

Our fifteenth show!
Ep. 15: Holiday Recovery

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In this episode, with the American Thanksgiving and the whole holiday season on the horizon, Stacy and Sarah talk about holiday indulgences. How do you deal with indulgence holidays and still set appropriate limits for yourself? If you do indulge, how do you recover? How do you deal with the emotional turbulence of the holidays? Do you feel upset about the foods you can’t eat? All this and more in this episode!


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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 15: Holiday Recovery

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  • Brianne

    This was a great podcast, and much needed after days of travel and indulgence.
    Perhaps it was just my media player, but every time I tried listening to it on iTunes it would stall (over and over again)… I experimented with other episodes, which did NOT stall… Did this happen to anyone else?
    Anyway, after many stops and starts I finally got through the whole episode, and I just want to say to Stacy “THANK YOU” for acknowledging the emotional aspect of “messing up” — I think you and I are a lot alike in that way… I’ve come to realize that grains in any shape and form tend to make me depressed, anxious, irritable, and low-energy for days.
    Anyway, thanks for what you do with this podcast, I truly enjoy it. I just wanted to let you know about the stalling just in case it wasn’t coming from my side…

  • Brianne

    Well… Again, it could very well be a streaming issue coming from my end but the same thing happened when I tried to listen to your most recent episode (the gallbladder episode) just now. I wonder if anyone else is having the problem? If you haven’t heard from anyone else, it’s probably just me.

    • Haven’t heard from anyone else, but I’m truly sorry you’re having this issue! I have no idea what the problem could be! Anyone else?

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