The Paleo View

TPV Podcast, Episode 11: What's Up With Dairy?

Our eleventh show!
Ep. 11: What’s Up With Dairy?


In this episode, Stacy and Sarah discuss dairy and it’s place in the paleo framework. Neither of them actually consume any dairy and explain their reasons why. What do you do if you want to live a lifestyle without dairy? What do you drink and what do you eat to replace those nutrients. Can this even be done? Stacy and Sarah help you figure it all out!


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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 11: What’s Up With Dairy?

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  • Melissa

    When I download and listen, it is the recording of your last podcast I believe.

    • It’s Not searchable on iTunes yet. Only available for subscribers and through the player.

      • Sarah

        Using the player it’s last week’s episode too.

        • Odd. Should be fixed now and available on iTunes. Sorry about that!

  • Liesl

    Bless my lucky stars! I have been waiting all day for the new podcast. Thank you!

  • Do you ever transcribe these? I’d love for my wife to be able to enjoy this episode (in particular, though she’d probably enjoy all of them!) and listening just doesn’t work well for her.

    • Honest, it’s hard enough just providing the links! Maybe there’s a transcribing program. I’ll check.

  • Sarah, I’m recovering from foot surgery after not being able to do more than occasional walks due to a freak injury 2 years ago. I used to be a runner. Not for health but for fun and my kids never wanted to run with me then. Now they both do cross country and track but I’ve never been able to run with them. Hearing you story made me cry and reassured me that surgery was right. I can’t wait to run and swing kettlebells with my 14 yo babies.

  • I loved your 7th episode on pregnancy