TPV Podcast, Episode 100: Questions & Answers

Our one-hundreth show!

Ep. 100: Questions & Answers

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah celebrate the 100th episode of The Paleo View by answering an array of questions from fans – from biggest kitchen fails, to favorite beauty products, our hosts cover it all!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 100: Questions & Answers

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:03)
    • Sarah is home and happy to be back in her space
    • Stacy held down the fort in America while Sarah was gone
    • Happy 100th episode show!
    • Stacy is currently carb cycling following Chris Powell’s methods, but she is adapting it with paleo practices, she is doing it to lean out and to test what works best for her
    • Stacy will be launching a new podcast, Strongwoman Radio, and she just secured a co-host – a formal announcement will be coming soon with more details
    • Sarah’s latest book signings were awesome – Sarah shared on the fun of her travels and the fun she had with Russ and Mickey
    • Sarah is working on signing plans for The Paleo Approach Cookbook
  • Questions and Answers (23:30)
    • Jenny – who is Stacy?
    • Leanne (25:20) – are you still in love with the products mentioned in this episode? What new products are you using these days?
    • Nancy (37:48) – how do you handle dining out with friends and family?
      • Stacy and Sarah have been following a paleo template long enough that their family and friends know how to support their lifestyles
      • When eating out Stacy has learned how to navigate a menu, and Matt and Stacy follow the 80/20 rule with the kids, which helps with flexibility when dining out
      • In the beginning when you are with family try not to make a big deal out of it by calling attention to your eating preferences
      • Sarah prefers not to eat out – she enjoys cooking and doesn’t like to risk exposure to dairy and gluten
    • Paleo Granny (41:22) – if you don’t feel like cooking after a long day, what do you feed your family? how often do you cheat?
      • When Matt doesn’t feel like cooking for the family he makes hot dogs and carrots, and lets the boys chose their toppings
      • Matt also typically keeps soup on hand, so the family has that as an option
      • Sarah and Stacy suggest listening to episode 35 for more ideas
      • Sarah turns to breakfast for dinner when she isn’t in the mood to cook
      • Stacy doesn’t care for the word cheat, but chooses not to eat from the paleo template two to three times a week – she follows the 80/20 rule and focuses on nutrient density majority of the time
      • Stacy has learned to abstain from sweets so that she doesn’t crave them everyday, or selects a low sugar recipe
      • Sarah choses 85% dark chocolate for her treat
      • Sarah doesn’t often eat off plan foods
      • Stacy has found that increasing non sugary carbohydrates helps with her sugar cravings
      • Stacy mentioned that they don’t strive for paleo perfectionism and try to keep a healthy balance
    • Sarah (52:55) – if you were stranded on a dessert island what foods would you want with you? What five books would you want with you?
      • Stacy would be practical and bring paleo kits, something chocolate, yuca fries, protein smoothies, waffle pancakes or Sarah’s pumpkin custard
      • Stacy wouldn’t bring books, but a journal instead
      • Sarah would bring lamb chops, celery, tea, dark chocolate and plantain chips
      • For books, Sarah would bring science textbooks and some pads of paper
    • Maxine (59:55) – Sarah, were you born in Canada? What made you move to the U.S.?
      • Yes, Sarah was born in Ontario and grew up outside of British Columbia
      • Sarah shared on where all she went to school
      • Work brought her and her husband to Arizona and jobs kept them here
      • Stacy was born and raised in the DC/Virginia area
    • Rebecca (1:03:25) – what is your biggest paleo cooking fail?
      • For Stacy it was when Matt was fire-balled during a Beyond Bacon photo shoot
      • The second biggest fail for Matt and Stacy was when they made Anytime Cookies from Eat Like a Dinosaur without writing down the recipe during the creation phase
      • Sarah’s biggest kitchen fail was when she tried making her first batch of paleo waffles
      • Sarah’s second biggest fail came when she was developing a cake recipe for The Paleo Approach Cookbook 
    • Donna (1:10:09) – how did you meet your husband?
      • Check out this post on how Matt and Stacy met
      • Sarah and her husband met during their undergrad program in physics and got to know each other entirely through email and the old system for instant messaging
    • Chelsea (1:13:49) – can you share a day in the life schedule example?
      • Stacy says to look at her Instagram account
      • Sarah never stops doing, which is how she stays efficient with her time and she often tries to do two things at once
      • Both Stacy and Sarah also have a team of assistants to help with work
      • Stacy notes that Matt helps her get mostly everything done
    • Holly (1:18:41) – what are your daily healing diets truly like?
      • Stacy reminds folks to check her Instagram account, she shares her eats there frequently and focuses on healthy food every day
      • Stacy also notes that both Sarah and Stacy are very honest with their social media shares and blog posts, and nutrient density is a very high priority for both of them and their families, which is what you see reflected in the information they share
      • Sarah’s diet is very very clean every day, and treats are rarely incorporated – the same goes for her family
      • For Sarah’s family treats happen maybe once or twice a month, they primarily eat fruit if they want something sweet
  • Thanks everyone for tuning in and for supporting The Paleo View during these last 100 episodes!
  • The Paleo View was ranked within the top five health and wellness podcasts (all of health and wellness on iTunes) so thank you so much for your support and reviews!
  • Stacy and Sarah ended the show with The Lego Movie theme song
  • On Saturday, July 19 there is a free strongman training workshop event and paleo potluck – check out the details here
  • Outro (1:31:38)

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