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TPV Podcast, Episode 3: Transitioning Kids to Paleo

Our third show!
Ep. 3: Transitioning Kids to Paleo


In this episode, Stacy and Sarah tackle your issues transitioning kids to a paleo diet. They discuss tips and tactics that have worked for them, and answer your burning questions on changing your child’s diet through difficult situations. They end with a roundtable featuring Daphne of FitDaffy, Lea from Paleo Spirit, and Sunny from And Love it Too about how to solve food conflict from your little ones. They also start with reacting to the tremendous response we’ve received, both for the PodCast and for Stacy’s “What Losing 135 Pounds Looks Like” post. Thank you!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 3: Transitioning Kids to Paleo

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 1:18 – News and Views
  • 9:48 – Science with Sarah:Does a paleo diet provide adequate nutrition for children?
    • The abstract of a paper on the better absorption of calcium from kale as opposed to dairy
    • The abstract of Dr. Cordain’s paper on the nutritional content of a paleo diet
    • Our paleo guide on paleo parenting
  • 20:44 – Questions and answers
  • 1:01:01 – Paleo Parenting – How do you deal with temper tantrums and refusing to eat?
    • Yes, that’s me in what Stacy calls “My radio voice” introducing this segment. I had to interject because the ladies were so psyched to get talking that they forgot to introduce the segment themselves!
    • We’re really thankful for our guests taking the time to come on the show. Please visit their sites to show your appreciation!
      • Daphne of FitDaffy
        • Daphne writes an fantastic blog about her daily life with a three year old and a newborn while Crossfitting and working full time. She visited us from all the way on the other side of the country, despite being pregnant and dragging a toddler! She is definitely someone to be admired!
        • Facebook
        • Twitter
      • Lea of Paleo Spirit
        • Lea blogs about her paleo experiences, and, fairly uniquely in this sphere, tackles it from a Christian perspective. She recently guest posted for us and shared her journey to health
        • Facebook
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  • 1:26:17 – Outro

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  • Rhiannan

    This was a fantastic podcast. I really enjoyed it from a ‘new to Paleo’ view as well!

  • Monica,

    Seriously, I loved the first 2 podcasts, but this ome was fantastic! I replayed quotes for my husband as lately folks have been challenging our decision to raise our 9 mo. old paleo.

    Love love love the information. Thank you for all the work you guys are putting into these! Can’t wait for breast feeling to be discussed!

    • Monica

      Eek, typo city…clearly too tired. Meant breast feeding!!!! Please feel free to delete my comment! 😉

    • Thanks!

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