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Paleo P.F. Chang’s Recipe Recreation Round-Up

There’s a famous chain restaurant out there that somehow provides the impossible: gluten-free Chinese food. I know that it’s hard to believe, but it’s completely true! With soy sauce (first ingredient: wheat) serving as the base for nearly every…


Last Minute Recipes Perfect for Game Day

Calling all Paleo people! We’ve been nominated for Best Family & Kid Blog over at The Kitchn. If you enjoy our blog, please click the link and vote for us! We’d LOVE your vote – it helps spread the…


Winter Is Coming

Where we are, in the temperate Mid-Atlantic region of the US, I've noticed that the long pants are coming back. Stacy pulled out boots and cardigans from the back of the closet. I almost put on a sweater the…


Beef Bacon 50/50 Braunschweiger Burger Sliders

Probably the most difficult task most paleo and ancestral health advocates advise you to do is to eat organ meats, particularly liver. Frankly, I just have a really hard time stomaching the preparation of organ meats. One time, I…


Caramelized Broth Brisket with Beef Jam

Please note, there are no process photos here. The reason is that I never expected this would be on the site. But never underestimate Stacy’s love of some slow cooked beef! For months now, Stacy has been acquiring beef…


Panang Beef Thai Curry

My favorite Thai restaurant, Thai Basil, serves the greatest Panang Curry I've ever had. It's slightly sweet, spicy, and full of flavor. I knew once we moved some thirty miles from Chantilly that I had to create it for…


Father's Day Prime Rib

What do you get the best father in the world for Father's Day? The most beautiful and expensive cut of meat. Slathered in Kerrygold butter. Atop a beautiful hand crafted cutting board.…


Guest Post: Blackened Burgers

A unique guest post this week! We haven't been posting recipes for a while, so we enlisted the help of Dave Wendel, husband of Ann Wendel of Prana-PT. You may remember Ann from our vacation team where she was…


Buffalo in a Pig's Blanket

We're extremely lucky. We happen to have two tenants that live in our basement who happen to be in no position to pay their agreed upon rent! How is this a good thing, you ask? Well, our favorite freeloaders are…