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Garlic & Herb Perfect Pork Chops

There aren’t many things I genuinely believe I have mastered. Even pretty mundane things, like walking or reading or talking, I know I could do better.Β  But when it comes to cooking chops and steaks, I really feel like…


Crispy Orange Pork

During our snow break, we really wanted Chinese takeout. This is pretty typical of people with cabin fever: man do I ever wish I could have something that there is no way I can procure for myself! In particular,…


Cultivated Holiday Kits

Ever since we found our path to healthΒ and happiness, sharing food with others (especially loved ones) has become a very rewarding part of our lives. It is why we love to blog here. And although life has gotten busy…


How to Boost Vitamin D in the Winter

Somewhere in my late teens I discovered something about myself that was not pretty. Every winter I would go into a deep funk and wouldn’t pull out of it until April. It’s a pretty upsetting thing to face the…


Tutorial Thursday: All About LARD

      We’re back! After a long hiatus (thanks to the launch of Real Life Paleo), we’re back with another tutorial! Just in time for all of your holiday baking, we’ve got all the information you need on…


Outstanding in the Field

Last week we had the privilege of attending an Outstanding in the Field dinner. It was kind of a big deal. OK, no really; it was a big deal. We actually missed our children’s back to school night in…


Happy 1st Birthday, Beyond Bacon!

It’s our 2nd book-baby’s birthday! One year ago today we were frantically running around town and enjoying the company of many, many wonderful friends who’d come into town – getting ready to celebrate the launch of our book, Beyond…