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Travel Ideas: Paleo snacks and fun car games!

Starting to think about Spring Break plans? Traveling? Just a busy person constantly on the go? You’ll love this week’s products & recipe recommendations! Our Real Life I wish you could have heard the squeal of laughter from Wes…

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Easy Paleo Breakfast Foods & Recipes!

In this week’s newsletter: get out of your breakfast rut with these foods & recipes whether you’re up for a lazy Sunday brunch or in a hurry! Our Real Life Lots of feels this week- I opened up about…

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No Sugar Needed! Fruit-Sweetened Treats and Snack Ideas

On the heels of our 14-sleep no treats reset, we’re sharing our favorite fruit-sweetened desserts and fruit-based snacks in this week’s newsletter! Plus:ย parenting success, farmer’s markets, and pizza! Our Real Life Cole was caught doing something nice for us…

spring salad with herby ranch
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Healthy Fats + Light and Bright Recipes for Spring

So much good stuff packed into this week’s newsletter! Our Real Life The boys made Legit Bread Company Paleo Bread this weekend for french toast sticks. This bread is sooo incredibly good, it’s easy to make, and we love…

Paleo pantry
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A Peek Into Our Real Food Paleo Pantry

We’re giving you a sneak peek into our Paleo pantry with a few of the things we ALWAYS keep stocked, and how to use them in some of our favorite recipes! This, plus a BRAND NEW RECIPE for Cottage…

juicy pot roast comfort food
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Post-Game Day Recovery Comfort Food Ideas

I know everyone is focused on big game day recipes (which we have a huge roundup of here!) but here are someย HEALTHY “recovery” comfort food ideas for that painful Monday that seems to come too early! Plus, our 15…

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Treats For Your Sweet: Paleo Valentine Recipes!

Looking for healthy versions of your favorite Valentine treats? We’ve rounded up our favorite chocolate eats and recipes! And we’re sharing details of the last leg of our California trip! Our Real Life If you missed our recap of…

wes at mission heirloom
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West-Coast Inspired Recipes and Eats!

In this week’s newsletter we’re sharing the amazing food and adventures we’ve had so far in California, as well as our favorite fresh West Coast-inspired recipes! Beautycounter News! NEW: FLAWLESS FACE KIT I wanted to encourage you to try…

stacy jumping living moment
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Do More, Buy Less + How to Gain Health in 2017

Happy New Year!! The new year is a natural time to reflect back, and use the feeling of a “clean slate” to start anew. And if your goal is to improve your health and well-being in 2017- we’d love…

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How To Use Your (New) INSTANT POT + RECIPES!

Our Christmas gift to you – aย  “how to” & recipes for our FAVORITE kitchen appliance! Know someone unwrapping a new Instant Pot this weekend? Please pass this to them! Have one already and not sure what to do?…

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Nut-Free Snacks and Lunch Box Foods

So much good food this week and in this week’s newsletter! Our Real Life We’ve been keeping meals simple the last couple weeks- like this baked chicken and roasted brussels. No need for a splattered stovetop to get crispy…