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Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Hi friends- here’s everything you need to survive (and thrive!) this Thanksgiving, plus a look back at our week! Any week with TWO DIFFERENT KINDS of gelatin treats is a great week! The boys absolutely LOVED these candy corn…


Cultivated Holiday Kits

Ever since we found our path to health and happiness, sharing food with others (especially loved ones) has become a very rewarding part of our lives. It is why we love to blog here. And although life has gotten busy…


Paleo Parents Top 10 Pumpkin Recipes

Did you know that on Instagram alone the hashtag #pumpkineverything has 177,944 posts?! I mean, I am not a die-hard pumpkin fanatic or anything, but I totally get why this flavor rules the fall (and lets be honest, much of…


Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Let’s hear it for the special ladies in our lives – i.e. our mamas! Mother’s Day is a week away and if you haven’t already thought of the perfect gift to get your mother, here are some suggestions! Some…


Guest Post: Queen of Hearts Tart, Grok Grub

What can I say, we happen to have the love-filled day on the brain and can’t help but share fun recipes that get you away from that boring candy aisle! On Monday we shared White Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake…