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Creamy Ranch Coleslaw

In our upcoming book, Real Life Paleo, you’ll find a ton of familiar flavors that will either help you transition to a paleo lifestyle, or keep your favorites in the rotation. One of these was a creamy ranch dressing…


Fruit Pizza

Every year, there’s one week that encompasses the perfect weekend to go to a farm and pick some berries here in the Mid-Atlantic. It’s somewhere in mid-June and if you happen to go to just the right farm in…


What we’ve been digging on lately…

This past week we celebrated our youngest son’s 4th birthday which ALSO coincides with our 4th Paleo-versary! Yup, it was little Wesley who inspired our transition to a paleo lifestyle 4 years ago on the day he was born.…


Guest Post: Katy’s Semi-Sweet Tostones

Usually on Wednesday’s, we feature a new guest blogger that we have been digging recently, and let them share one of their favorite recipes on our site. However, did you guys know that our Paleo Parents Team is made…


Guest Post: The Foodie Teen, Paleo Profiteroles

Today we are excited to share with you an AWESOME, talented blogger who is still a teenager. Yep, Alessandra Peters is the blogger behind The Foodie Teen, and as you can tell by this beatiful recipe she has shared with…


N’Oatmeal Cookies

We’re a cookie family. You might not realize that because there aren’t THAT many cookies on the blog, but we love cookies. In Eat Like a Dinosaur we made dozens of test batches of (the now famous) Anytime Cookies…


Spaghetti Carbonara Quiche

Over the past four years or so, we’ve become the hub of Christmas brunch. Every year, both of our families descend on our house Christmas morning for present unwrapping, mimosa drinking, and brunch eating. This is our fun family…


Holiday Hash

What do you do with that post-holiday fridge when all your family is still in your house and you have to make them breakfast? You know what I’m talking about. Your fridge is mostly full of leftovers and extras.…