Stacy, seriously. WTF?

So, this post by Richard Nikoley got me thinking back when I saw it in March.
It made such good sense!

But I never did anything about it.

I just sat by as I let pounds creep back on. I wrote a book – testing recipes had me start down a slippery slope of eating when I wasn’t hungry. Then I had the stress of publishing said book, that made me lose sleep and increase cortisol and stress. Then Wesley weaned, and I lost all the bonus calories he’d been burning for me, but my appetite didn’t change. Then I went on the cruise and ate and drank like an idiot. I came home to a promotion at work, added stress and reduced sleep. The blog started stressing me out. And then my grandfather, whom I am extremely close with, began having serious health issues.

I’m not sleeping enough. I was eating a ton of dairy (toxic for me). My skin was completely broken out. I was over indulging in dense carbs and other highly palatable foods. I may or may not have developed a habit of visiting the local gluten-free bakery with the boys on a weekly basis after going to the farmer’s market.

So when Diana from Radiance Nutritional Therapy checked in on me and my new Mantra 2 weeks ago, it was all I could do to not jump through the computer and beg for help. I’m friggin’ lost. I don’t know what I’m doing or why in the hell I’m doing it. I’d lost the ability to say no and stick up for my own health. I’m just not feeling my best, nor looking it. Because, duh, all of this stupidity has had me put on a few pounds.

So, instead of complaining to Matt that my pants don’t fit – as I eat dark chocolate – I’ve decided to quit my bitching and do something about it.

I began on July 1st when I made myself quit ALL dairy. I went back to my original paleo commitment. No butter, heavy cream or “eh, cheese on my bunless burger is OK” mentality. And since I have successfully accomplished this feat (I’m actively patting myself on the back, because sticking to a commitment after being hog wild for so long wasn’t easy) I’m ready to take on more.

And… once I publish it on this post there’s kind of no going back. Right? Wanna join me? Here’s the Stacy’s WTF-Get-It-Together Plan:

  1. Eat more vegetables. Specifically, I’m going to reduce my breakfast from 2 eggs and meat to either meat & veggies or veggies & eggs. I don’t need all that food. It makes me not hungry for the next meal, and Mark says it’s not a good idea for people like me to IF. Also, I’m eating more leafy green salads for lunch. I enjoy them, and they’re good for me. Win win!
  2. Removal of all dense carbohydrates, except I will have one small serving of carbs with dinner – this is because of a recommendation from Diana and from info I picked up on the Balanced Bites Women’s Health Podcast. It might help with my adrenals and give me the desire to sleep earlier and more soundly. I will use the 21 Day Sugar Detox Guide as a basis for what I consider a starch. If you don’t have a copy of the guide, here’s a link to her dense carb chart.
  3. Removal of all fruits, except green apples and berries (low sugar).
  4. Removal of all alcohol.
  5. Consuming natural probiotics daily (fermented foods and low-sugar kombucha) and fermented cod liver oil daily.
  6. Removal of all dairy, grains, legumes and any sugars (including honey, stevia, maple syrup, etc.)
  7. As always, use good fats.
  8. New one for me: Following the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol. That means removal of all nuts, seeds and nightshades. Since I’m probably Celiac, I want to explore the autoimmune protocol of paleo to see if it has a positive affect. Sadly, I have classic Hashimoto’s symptoms ever since the book – I think the stress may have induced a trigger of some kind in me. I need to try to heal myself.
    However, this means giving up coffee and cocoa, people. It will be a true test of my personal desire for health as I strive to overcome my daily dark chocolate and coffee habit. Not to mention, tomatoes are perfectly in season right now… alas.
  9. Be in bed by or before 11pm every night, preferably by 10pm. That’s because my kids wake me up at 7am and I need 8 hours of sleep. Adjust your schedule accordingly.

How will I survive? I worry about that too… kidding. Kinda. First off, I’m going to do this for two short weeks. From July 16th (today) through July 31st, 2012. That’s TOTALLY do-able. I’m hoping it kick starts my Paleo mojo and provides enough energy for me to want to work out again. I’m also hoping I lose a few pounds and figure out if nightshades and nuts are a problem for me.

Secondly, I’m going to enjoy Licorice Root tea, kelp salt, homemade beef jerky, pastured bacon and fresh berries when I’d like – without guilt.

After two weeks, who knows. I’ll figure it out then. But telling myself something is only for two weeks will help me not feel so overwhelmed or discouraged. I need to get back in the groove of making the best choices for my health. If I still feel like I have nutritional issues, I might cycle out FODMAPs or eggs the weeks following going nut/nightshade-free to see how that works out. It’s self-experimentation on the road to recovery; the best thing I can do for myself.

Join me? What’s your plan and goals? Are you able and willing to make the choices for your own personal health and wellness?

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