Stacy, seriously. WTF?

So, this post by Richard Nikoley got me thinking back when I saw it in March.
It made such good sense!

But I never did anything about it.

I just sat by as I let pounds creep back on. I wrote a book – testing recipes had me start down a slippery slope of eating when I wasn’t hungry. Then I had the stress of publishing said book, that made me lose sleep and increase cortisol and stress. Then Wesley weaned, and I lost all the bonus calories he’d been burning for me, but my appetite didn’t change. Then I went on the cruise and ate and drank like an idiot. I came home to a promotion at work, added stress and reduced sleep. The blog started stressing me out. And then my grandfather, whom I am extremely close with, began having serious health issues.

I’m not sleeping enough. I was eating a ton of dairy (toxic for me). My skin was completely broken out. I was over indulging in dense carbs and other highly palatable foods. I may or may not have developed a habit of visiting the local gluten-free bakery with the boys on a weekly basis after going to the farmer’s market.

So when Diana from Radiance Nutritional Therapy checked in on me and my new Mantra 2 weeks ago, it was all I could do to not jump through the computer and beg for help. I’m friggin’ lost. I don’t know what I’m doing or why in the hell I’m doing it. I’d lost the ability to say no and stick up for my own health. I’m just not feeling my best, nor looking it. Because, duh, all of this stupidity has had me put on a few pounds.

So, instead of complaining to Matt that my pants don’t fit – as I eat dark chocolate – I’ve decided to quit my bitching and do something about it.

I began on July 1st when I made myself quit ALL dairy. I went back to my original paleo commitment. No butter, heavy cream or “eh, cheese on my bunless burger is OK” mentality. And since I have successfully accomplished this feat (I’m actively patting myself on the back, because sticking to a commitment after being hog wild for so long wasn’t easy) I’m ready to take on more.

And… once I publish it on this post there’s kind of no going back. Right? Wanna join me? Here’s the Stacy’s WTF-Get-It-Together Plan:

  1. Eat more vegetables. Specifically, I’m going to reduce my breakfast from 2 eggs and meat to either meat & veggies or veggies & eggs. I don’t need all that food. It makes me not hungry for the next meal, and Mark says it’s not a good idea for people like me to IF. Also, I’m eating more leafy green salads for lunch. I enjoy them, and they’re good for me. Win win!
  2. Removal of all dense carbohydrates, except I will have one small serving of carbs with dinner – this is because of a recommendation from Diana and from info I picked up on the Balanced Bites Women’s Health Podcast. It might help with my adrenals and give me the desire to sleep earlier and more soundly. I will use the 21 Day Sugar Detox Guide as a basis for what I consider a starch. If you don’t have a copy of the guide, here’s a link to her dense carb chart.
  3. Removal of all fruits, except green apples and berries (low sugar).
  4. Removal of all alcohol.
  5. Consuming natural probiotics daily (fermented foods and low-sugar kombucha) and fermented cod liver oil daily.
  6. Removal of all dairy, grains, legumes and any sugars (including honey, stevia, maple syrup, etc.)
  7. As always, use good fats.
  8. New one for me: Following the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol. That means removal of all nuts, seeds and nightshades. Since I’m probably Celiac, I want to explore the autoimmune protocol of paleo to see if it has a positive affect. Sadly, I have classic Hashimoto’s symptoms ever since the book – I think the stress may have induced a trigger of some kind in me. I need to try to heal myself.
    However, this means giving up coffee and cocoa, people. It will be a true test of my personal desire for health as I strive to overcome my daily dark chocolate and coffee habit. Not to mention, tomatoes are perfectly in season right now… alas.
  9. Be in bed by or before 11pm every night, preferably by 10pm. That’s because my kids wake me up at 7am and I need 8 hours of sleep. Adjust your schedule accordingly.

How will I survive? I worry about that too… kidding. Kinda. First off, I’m going to do this for two short weeks. From July 16th (today) through July 31st, 2012. That’s TOTALLY do-able. I’m hoping it kick starts my Paleo mojo and provides enough energy for me to want to work out again. I’m also hoping I lose a few pounds and figure out if nightshades and nuts are a problem for me.

Secondly, I’m going to enjoy Licorice Root tea, kelp salt, homemade beef jerky, pastured bacon and fresh berries when I’d like – without guilt.

After two weeks, who knows. I’ll figure it out then. But telling myself something is only for two weeks will help me not feel so overwhelmed or discouraged. I need to get back in the groove of making the best choices for my health. If I still feel like I have nutritional issues, I might cycle out FODMAPs or eggs the weeks following going nut/nightshade-free to see how that works out. It’s self-experimentation on the road to recovery; the best thing I can do for myself.

Join me? What’s your plan and goals? Are you able and willing to make the choices for your own personal health and wellness?

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  • SunnyB @ andloveittoo

    Go Stacy!

    You are human, and goodness knows we humans have our downfalls. I keep thinking that I really should cut out nightshades, nuts and eggs to see how well I do without but haven’t made that jump just yet (I have Celiac, PCOS (still getting mixed reviews on whether or not that is an AI disease or not) and signs of hashimotos. Right now, the whole30 is working for me though, even with nightshades, nuts and eggs so I am excited to see how you do on your plan.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to gainin energy from your newfound commitment to yourself.


  • Jesus loves me, and I know because this post was waiting for me this morning.  I needed this.  In so many ways, your journey gives me hope, and the last three months saw me complacent and undisciplined, and now I’m 15 pounds up from the low I had achieved.  I’m with you. 

  • Karen

    I was working on the AI Protocol in May & June………. I was about 90%compliant!  And then decided that it was too hard for us to do on our trip coming up in 5 days… with me trying to feed everyone on the road trip, at little hotels with only stoves…. if I was on the protocol. So for the last few weeks I have been on a major cheat binge, being naughty, and feeling the brunt of it on my joints, and belly weight!  on the first day of the real binge, my birthday, I woke up the next day- after having plain old sugar at the restaurant, wine, and who all knows what else was in that chicken stuffed with cheese- broken! Frozen in pain. All of my joints were screaming in agony! I could barely move for three days!  Thats when I realized even two little months of trying made a difference!  Im going back on it, full force in august when we get back!  Good luck to you! I hope both of us can fix US! Im sick of not losing these last 10 pounds ( I know its nothing on paper but for me at 5’2″ its Really a lot!) that have been sitting here still since my last loss of weight 12 months ago!  I want to lose it STAT!  So best of Luck to you AND ME! and everyone else trying to get a handle on it!!!

  • This is very timely for me Stacy.  I have been feeling this way myself for a while. I am not a petite gal, nor do I desire to be….but all the summer stuff with kids has led me down a slipperly slope of poor choices and much more “convenience” style eating, leaving me feeling gross.

  • Hi Stacy — sounds like the story of my life! Like you said, it’s a slippery slope and once you allow some flexibility in the way you eat… it leads to other behaviors and before you know it, you’ve quit running, are drinking diet coke again, and have justified dessert being fine everyday as long as their is fruit in it. WTF? (or is that just me?)

    I’ve been reading for awhile, but have been kind of lurking around and wanted to say hello. LOVE the book — and am actually going to be doing a review of it on my blog soon and giving away a copy so others can love it too. 

    Best of luck to you with your challenge — I’ll be rooting for you! 

    PS- one thing that really struck me about this post, when you said you’re “probably Celiac” made me a little nervous (I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2008) as it can lead to some very serious health issues and diseases, if left untreated. Of course doing the Paleo diet cuts out the grains, but because you have kiddos (it’s a 1 in 22 chance they will have it too, if you do) and they (we too) want you to stick around and be healthy — just be very careful. I would be happy to help in any way if needed. Don’t mean to be preachy, just want you to be healthy and safe! 

    Have a GREAT week!!!

    • Sarah, I say probably because I’m unwilling to be tested. It’s expensive and/or invasive when you’re already strictly gluten-free. I am VERY seriously gluten-free, the way a Celiac must be. And we’re strict with the boys, too. I’ve met a lot of beacons in the Celiac community through this blog and am thankful for the knowledge Shirley and Elana and others have shared with me. Thanks for saying hi and your concern, don’t be sorry! 🙂

      • Oh good! I should have known from the book, but always looking out for everyone. 🙂 Shirley and Elana got me started on this new adventure when I first start, so I hope my blog does the same for others starting out. You’ll do awesome with this challenge — best of luck to you! 

  • You can do it!! That is awesome that you analyzed your bodies needs and came up with a plan to follow. I am doing the same with the “It starts with Food” book club on my blog. I am hoping to further diagnose my bodies nutritional needs. Thanks for posting the dense carbs link too. 2 weeks will fly by. 

  • Kimmy050983

    Oh Stacy I am so so so with you! I did the 21 day sugar detox twice just not long ago and for some weird reason I completely completely let everything slip and feel so so rubbish.. I am eating dairy and far too much honey, chocolate, fruit etc.
    So I am joining you – I am restarting the 21 day sugar detox right now (but will do it for at least 40 days!!)  

  • Kristin

    Yay Stacy! I have so many of these problems too and it is so helpful to read a post that isn’t like “look how awesome my life is because I eat paleo” and instead makes me feel like there is another person whose health is a work in progress like mine, despite all of the successes. I too keep consistently having to figure out how to tweak what i’m eating and also battling mental/emotional food issues. i do have a few really WEIRD autoimmune diseases (i’m allergic to anything cold – yeah that is a fun one, no outdoor activity if it’s less than 60 degrees outside – and i have raynauds, which doesn’t really bother me much – and my mom has hashimotos and i am pretty sure i’m about on the brink of developing at any moment! and i’m also not sure if i’m celiac like you – eliminated gluten before i was tested). I have been dabbling in autoimmune protocol over the last few months and it seems to make all the difference for me. i’m not 100% on board w/ the AI protocol yet – i still do some nightshades (esp. spices w/ peppers), some cocoa (although chocolate isn’t really my thing so i’m not too crazy w/ it), but my life has really improved since not eating nuts/seeds and eggs. however, i will say that i get a pretty severe reaction to lysozyme, so if you are really sensitive to eggs you would probably know it (i do test negative to any egg allergy though, which is interesting). Good luck, keep your head up and I’ll be thinking of you as I keep on my journey too!! 🙂

  • Jennifer Knick

    I’m in the same boat. I feel like the chaos and stress of moving totally knocked me off my primal plan. I’m struggling to get back on track. To further exasperate the problem, those crazy storms knocked our butchers power out for 10 days so our cow still isn’t ready. BUT I CAN get back on track. August is going to be a no cheat month for me. Thanks for the motivation!

  • Verow75

    You can do this Stacy!

  • This is a great plan. I should probably join you…

  • Htherd

    This is one of the reasons I follow you guys: you are so down-to-earth REAL! I, like so many others have mentioned, have been feeling this way too. With birthdays seemingly every week and a hectic schedule, I’ve let lots of bad food creep into our house. Including gluten foods! I have not felt well for a long time and have gained weight. I’m definitely with you!

  • Deb

    Very timely for me as well. The heat this summer has resulted in my drinking more water, yes, but I’ve also been using it as a rationalization to drink more cider. As in adult hard cider. Gluten-free and all, but…. more. And probably too much coffee.

    I tend to do better scaling back, or I find myself snapping and binging, but either way I’ll take this post as a heads-up. I’m healthier than I have been in a long time, to be sure – most of my auto-immune symptoms are either minimal or gone – but my thyroid has been acting up a bit lately (Hashimoto’s diagnosis here too), and while I’m trying to sort out the cause (one possibility is the fluoride in our city water; I need to get back to pesting the City about that!) and the perimenopause that had been pretty tame….isn’t so much any more, so probably not a bad idea to do likewise here.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I am so with you, Stacy. I’ve been having that out-of-control feeling lately, myself. For me, it’s the sugar-monster. I’ve kept the dairy out, which has kept me feeling mostly OK (and grains/legumes are never a problem to avoid, for me). But the sugar! It started with the fruit. I was doing great for a couple weeks into a Whole 30 allowing a limited amount of fruit/sweet potatoes. But after a couple of weeks, my sugar cravings just exploded and the fruit wasn’t cutting it anymore. I dove into a pile of dark chocolate and haven’t surfaced yet. Every day I tell myself I will stop, but then I pick up some chocolate at the store. Or coconut milk ice cream at the supermarket. I think it’s because I’m somewhat conflicted. When I make a firm commitment to myself, I’m usually pretty good at sticking to it. But I’ve been wishy-washy about the sugar. I think it’s a feeling of deprivation. Why shouldn’t I be able to have a treat now and then (forget that it’s NOT now and then, but every day!) My inner brat is just rebelling. I need to come to terms with that before I can completely nip this in the bud.
    Your plan looks really comprehensive and I hope it leads you to feeling fantastic again in short order. I look forward to more of your thoughts on the autoimmune protocol and how you fare on it. Great job recognizing that you need a course-correction and taking the leap. I know you will succeed!

    • Molly

       Hi Amelia,  You are not rebelling.  You are most likely addicted to sugar.  My husband still is and it took me a good six months of battling before I have beat it back enough that it is not a daily issue anymore.  Please try to understand that sugar is an addiction even if you are thin.  It is a toxic beast.  I can now have some sugar free chocolate every now and then.  I conquered my addiction with fats like coconut butter when I wanted sugar.  I eat no grains, no flour, no sugar and very little fruit.  Your body will make you think you are craving sugar when a lot of times you need healthy fats.  Just a thought.   Good luck! 

  • How encouraging to see this first thing on a Monday morning!  Today is my first day of going strict with the AI protocol.  I have Sjogren’s and *mostly* follow a Low Carb diet.  I’ve been messing around too much this month and feel like junk.  Joints, brain fog, fatigue…bleh.  As uncomfortable as it must be for you to have to type all of this out and put it out there for everyone to see….please know that you do people a much greater service by being real…and by “real” I mean “human and therefore fallible”….than if you were a Paleo perfectionist.  You encourage us to get up, dust ourselves off, grab a handful of meat and veggies and carry on.  Bravo and Good luck!

    • Your response is encouraging to me, too! I’m on the AI protocol, and have just recently ‘brushed myself off’ once more. 🙂

  • Sarah Nickolet

    That’s an awesome plan. I have Hashimotos AND Celiacs. Also severely lactose intolerant. I can’t eat fermented foods due to the chronic urticaria that I have from hashimotos. But I like all the other changes you’ve listed there. I’m with you! I find that even paleo, I have to log what I eat and watch my calories to lose. I’m 150lbd overweight and if I go above 1600 calories a day, I don’t lose. That’s the autoimmune slowing your metabolism down.

  • I’m with you.  Except I have decided to be kind to myself (and my children) and allow myself one cup of coffee in the morning with cream and stevia.  After a couple of weeks when I have detoxed from all the other junk I’ve let slip back into my diet I may be strong enough to kick those to the curb for a bit.  I am a perfectionist though, so if I plan for perfection and fail I fail hard because I have such a hard time forgiving my failure.  If I can stick to the rest of what I want (smaller portions, regular meals, limited dairy (not an issue for me), no sweeteners (except that one coffee), hydration, no dense carbs and early bedtime) I know I will be way better off than I have been!

  • Lmat325

    I’m usually not a commenter, but just wanted to thank you for your honest post. I too was sliding down the slope with sugar, way too much fruit, nut butters, and even corn — I don’t even like corn but it sure scratched that sugar itch in my brain when I was in the middle of a craving! I’m going to jump on board with you today, minus the coffee…baby steps for me. 😉 Thanks again for showing what REAL paleo looks like –the ups AND the downs.

  • Molly

    I think we all have “WTF” moments with our diet.   I think half the battle is acknowledging the problem.   I have WTF talks with myself often.  I know I don’t want to go backwards.  I was so sick and miserable.  While I’m certainly not a beacon of slenderness now, I am so much more of everything I hoped to be by sticking to it.  Good luck girlfriend!

  • Wow! This is exactly where I was about 2 weeks ago! So good to know we’re not alone in all of this. It’s very easy to have stress bog us down and to fall in to old emotional eating habits. Been there, done that! Many *#@%!!! times. I love what you said about it’s time to stop complaining about it, and start doing. It really does come down to a choice! I’m a lot like you, too, I have to eat a very strict diet with my arthritis and have already discovered my sensitivities to almonds, tomatoes, and caffeine. A while back I attempted a glorious 90-day clean eating goal and failed because it seemed life FORever, so I love how you broke it down to 2 weeks. That’s what I want to do, just break it down in small chunks. Like an uncle of mine was famous for saying, “Just one day at a time!” Good luck to you in getting back your paleo mojo (love that phrase!).

  • Migibson

    I’m with you, but new to this. Could you post what you eat each day?

  • I totally needed this this morning.  I’ve been attempting to eat a pure paleo diet for a year.  I get 4 weeks on, 6 weeks off…and it’s really horrible for me right now.  Feeling bloated, not fitting into my clothes etc.  Yuck.  I’m starting the Whole30 today.  I needed a ‘get up off your ass and DO something’ message.  Thanks!

  • Kelli

    Thank you for this. My last month has been a whirlwind of stress and emotions and as I made my paleo breakfast this morning I recommitted myself to my health. I was feeling very alone in my set back, thank you for showing all of us that we are never alone. 

  • How did you know that I was WTF’ing myself too, for the same reasons?  Stress and relaxing too much and enjoying good foods and all that back-pattting for my success has had me wallowing around and not making progress.  Well, I’m with you.  Good for you for throwing it all out there, and thanks for sharing with us!

  • Sarahgnottle

    Thank you! I’ve been way off the wagon lately and seriously need to get it together!

  • Book Nerd

    Thank you for this post! I am in the same boat. I have been paleo for 9 months. I lost 30 lbs and countless inches. This summer I have been indulging in ice cream and alcohol and all sorts of fruit. I stopped exercising because I felt so terrible. I have gained back 8 lbs and more importantly I am expanding. I feel like crap. I was beating myself up about it until now. I am going to join you starting tomorrow. Thanks again for your inspiration!!! 🙂

  • NLN

    I’ve been sneaking dairy too.  (Ya know Sonic milkshakes are half off after 8pm?  Well, I do… and I think they know me now too.)  We can kick our bad habits to the curb!  We can do this!  🙂

  • Tonja Field

    Stacy! You can do this… I am so right there with you even though I am not even married OR a parent. Honestly, for me, this has NOTHING to do with food even though it all looks food-related. I don’t know if it would help you, but I’ve started seeing a therapist as I am dealing with some super yucky stuff from my past that is making me turn to food or going overboard when I allow myself a little. I am hoping this will solve the issue that is leading to the symptom of over-eating or bad food choices. We both KNOW what we should eat… that’s not the problem, but I am now realizing I have some chemical processes going on in my body during times of anxiety, stress, sadness, etc that is making me turn to food. Time to turn this sucka around! 

  • Lauren

    Stacy your blog has been such a source of strength and encouragement to me. Hopefully mysself and others can return the favor — we know you CAN DO IT! 🙂 Right now, I’m working on not trying to be “paleo perfect” but just do a little bit better every day than I did the day before (or the hour before). Good luck getting back on track!    

  • Darcie Pickering

    Thanks for posting! I’m a paleo, crossfitting, breast feeding (weaning) mama who is still not looking or feeling as good as I think I should. I’m with you for the next two weeks. Of course I was drinking iced coffee with almond milk when I started reading this….so I’m starting….slurp…..now! Love ELAD btw!

  • Melisa Anderson

    Yes I will join you. I’ve gone wayyy beyond ridiculous. I’m the heaviest I’ve been in 2 years. Recently, I’ve been crazy with sugar. I can’t sleep, my knees hurt, and I’m bloated all the time. I’m done. I HAVE to look after myself. Strict paleo, no nightshades, many more green salads and other veggies for this girl.

  • Emma

    Did you mean that you have symptoms of hypothyroidism?  Hashimoto’s, which is a cause of hypothyroidism, can only be known through a blood test.  The test checks for antibodies, since Hashimoto’s in an autoimmune disorder…just confused by that statement.

  • Katie

    This is really timely.  I’ve gone off the wagon a few times lately; more than I should.  At home I eat fine, but I let myself get a burrito at Moe’s when we were out shopping, I let myself have a piece of pizza, a beer, and a cupcake at our nephew’s birthday party.  Probably several times a week I’ve been indulging in those treats.   As a result the scale isn’t budging even though it should be, and I grow frustrated.    My husband and I want to try for baby #2 later this year, and I have a goal weight for before I get pregnant.   Unless I get myself back on track and focused, I’m not likely to meet that goal.  

    I know from experience that I can have small amounts of dairy without any issues, but once I start eating foods with refined sugar more than very occasionally, I’m in trouble.  

  • You will love the auto immune protocol. It makes you feel invincible. I did 18 months of it. Check out my website for recipes if you need it. http://www.nutrisclerosis.com You can do this. If you don’t do it now, you’ll be trying to do it for ever. 

  • No eggs! PM me and I’ll give you a week’s menu. Check out the Everyday Paleo chili AIP style on my web site. I live on that. 

  • Carol B

    Good for you, Stacey! That’s the beauty of this way of eating…it’s totally lifestyle driven. Like all processes, there are periods of intensity and periods of um, less intensity. I’ve been on my Paleo journey for a couple years now, and boy were there some LOOSE standards being applied at times (if some dark chocolate is good, more must be better right? can you eat too many nuts and bananas?) I’m on Week 3 of the Whole30 challenge, and it’s working just a treat. Down five pounds in two weeks, energy more up, pants are looser, and no more crazy mental gymnastics to justify eating something between meals (am I hungry? I didn’t have a big breakfast. Just a few cashews…) Three meals a day, no snacks, first meal within an hour of waking, protein the size of your palm, two if really needed, the rest of the plate is healthy veggies and oils. I had sweet-ish berries today for the first time in two weeks I had a handful of blueberries and almonds today and swore I felt a sugar rush. Did NOT like it! Didn’t even finish the pint, like I normally would have done. Just had a few, then put them away and set a reminder to wait a few days and try them again and see how I do. What makes this process so workable is that I LOVE all the other foods I’m mindfully eating, at a table. 🙂  Best of luck to you, hope you feel very awesome very soon.

  • Wholefamilystrong

    I am actually quite relieved to know you mess up too! I am seriously right where you are and have been so upset with myself. I’m finally now though doing something about it and getting back on track. Thank you for your honesty and inspiration! 

  • Lisa L.

    Good for you!  And thanks for being honest.  Too often we think everyone out there in Paleo land is perfect and when we fall off the wagon we kick ourselves more.    I just had a birthday and have been doing Wheat Belly/Paleo for eight months now.  I will join you for the next two weeks and try to kick the sugar.   I don’t find it really hard to eat meat and veggies.  I just need to get out there and exercise more.   I want to lose 16 lbs. exactly for mynext goal.  No, I don’t think I will lose 16 in two weeks but two or three would be great!    Way to go Stacy!   I am with you!   Strength in numbers!

  • Shaina Alexander

    Wow how I needed this post! I was doing so well last year with the paleo diet and then the holidays crept up and so did the “paleo” treats loaded with nuts and honey and I started to get so tired and unmotivated, and grumpy…after the beginning of the year I tried to get back on track and I was doing pretty good but something made me decide to try adding in a few grains and I tried to deny the small symptoms I started experiencing…and then my husband has had a couple vacations and for some reason I saw that as an opportunity to eat whatever I wanted. Urgh…I’ve lost 90lbs in the last 3 years since my youngest was born but if I don’t do something soon it’s just going to creep back again. I know I feel better on a strict paleo diet but it is so hard to get that motivation back. I think the hardest part for me too is cost, it’s so much more expensive to eat meat and veggies and you need so much more to fill you up. I too probably have celiac disease (I did genetic testing and definitely carry the genes) and I wonder about thyroid as well since my Mom and her twin sister have Hashimoto’s. Anyways, just trying to find the motivation to do what I know I need to. I just told my husband right before reading this post that “tomorrow’s a new day.” Anyways, the post is some much needed motivation…thank yo so much for sharing your experiences with us!!

  • Sheryll Ziemer

    I did almost the same thing in June. Lost inches first….then the pounds. Went off to help celebrate my 2 daughter’s birthdays. Now I’ll be with you on this plan as well. Thanks for posting!!!

  • CarrieA

    Thank you for posting…I’ve been lazy since the husband and I went to Mexico for our anniversary in late May.  I’m inspired to get back to paleo full time.

  • Michele C.

    Hi Stacey!!

    I have been doing a Whole30 and due to arthritis have come to the conclusion for the last leg of this I will try an autoimmune protocol with no nightshades, nuts and eggs. So I am with you!!! 😀

    I also had lost 100lbs and then stalled out and am figuring out how to get my weight closer to normal. I was 330lbs and was 238lbs at the end of June before starting the Whole 30. It has so fat stopped my sugar binges and I feel better.

    Thanks for sharing your story! *hugs*

  • Polkadotmommy

    I’m jumping in with you!  I fell off the bandwagon during a week long camping trip. . . I had no idea how to do camping for that length of time and keep it Paleo. . . hubs wants BUNS on his burgers and the kids demand S’mores. . . and what’s camping with hot cocoa (2 or, errrrr, 3 times daily).  So, I came back in a carb (albeit gluten free) hang over and I can’t shake it!  I have headaches. . . I’m tired. . . grumpy. . . and I gained 3 lbs in that one week and haven’t dropped any since!  UGH.  Anyway. . . time to pull my head out and recoup. Two weeks. . . I can do that.  Coffee and Chocolate are the hardest for me, but since I am Celiac, I’m guessing I need to do the autoimmune protocol. . . sigh. 

    • Diana VanPelt

      Hi. I don’t remember where, but I read that chocolate has a similar protein to gluten. Therefore, if one has CD, it seems reasonable that chocolate could cause similar problems. Just a thought. 🙂

  • Polkadotmommy

    Oh. . . and another thought.  I bought some fabulous looking, live, red cabbage kraut. . . trouble is, we don’t like it.  It’s so strong!  And I know it’s really good for us.  Any suggestions on how to get it in?  Mixed with something? 

  • mary b

    Stacey I admire your strength to be able to keep it all real and be open about your struggles. I have gotten a bit off track myself during the very busy baseball & spring soccer season where we were all running around and having less time to plan & cook.
    A little too much fruit, nut butters, a baking frenzy and a few cold cocktails on these hot days have taken their toll on me.  Now my garden is starting to produce, so I will be better about more veggies, less fruit!
    Good luck in refocusing your efforts. I will be doing the same!  Also I need to get my boys back on track in preparation for going back to school!

  • Sufisherfit

    Wow! I am amazed but not surprised by all the responses of women who are Paleo but have fallen off the wagon.  I just got myself back on and am very happy about it.  I have been tracking my food on Fitday as I love to see the counts of calories versus carbs, protein and more.  It is one thing that helps educate me and is a clear message to my brain about how I am doing.  This is a very timely and honest post and I love you for posting it.  I wish more people were as real as you both:)  Keep up the good work.

  • Good for you. I wish you the best success. Nightshades are not good for me. I had to give them up for a full month without cheating to confirm that (years ago). Recently I read that blueberries share a quality with nightshades and I tried no blueberries- it seems to be helping. It is strange how specific we need to be sometimes! I feel so much better reading about your book stress.  I just wrote a cookbook and it comes out in September. I have been crying more than usual. I realize the stress of the project is really getting to me. Good to know I am not alone.

  • Janbostic

    I know how you feel! It’s like once you start going down that path it’s so hard to get off. Instead of feeling sorry for myself and what I can’t have I should focus on the great things I can. Thanks for the encouragement and honesty.

  • Liz Eckel

    what a horrible moment of clarity when we see ourselves falling down the very stony path we work so hard to pave for others!
    sure you are a great mommy and wife, now time to take more care of yourself, huh? good for your self evaluating and honesty. i gained a few days worth of introspection when i finally decided it was time for a whole 30.
    we’re behind you!

  • Cynthia

    Thank you Stacy for keepin it real! 

  • I love licorice root tea! It is so great iced too. You are so strong and inspiring – I’m sure you’ve made it through your two week challenge and are fighting fit & ready to tackle whatever challenges are ahead. I think it is really important that you have a built in mechanism to make sure you enjoy food and don’t feel deprived all the time – deprivation and beating yourself up are the two worst obstacles to being healthy and getting fit, and yet most “diets” are all about them! Thanks for being such a shining example of awesomeness

  • Diana VanPelt

    11/25/12: Very straight-forward plan Stacey. You are not alone. I’ve eaten Paleo since Jan 2012, and did a Whole30 in Sep’12. When I have sugar cravings, which is rare lately, I make sure to eat plenty of healthy fats with my meals: avocado, olive oil, beef & pork fat. A favorite snack is coconut flakes a la “Well Fed” but I add 2tsp of coconut oil. I find it helpful to not skip breakfast or lunch, otherwise I eat way too much after work and in the evening. I have not lost any weight since my initial 6 pounds last January, but I also have NOT gained any back, which is monumental for me. Pre-paleo I lost about 50 pounds, then 6, then no change. I feel that I have about 20 pounds to go before I don’t feel like my caboose and saddlebags are dragging me down. For me, the biggest albatross is lack of sleep, so I’ve been focussing on getting to bed by 11pm, preferable 10pm. I notice an immediate difference in how I feel in the morning. — Do you have a followup to this post? -d

  • Heather

    This is right where I am at currently! I have been struggling with the thought of going full blown autoimmune for at least a month and have gradually weaning things out. I guess I am thinking it will lessen the blow! Doubtful! I have taken out eggs and nuts/nut butters as well as coffee and chocolate, YIKES. I am finding some of my replacements – like certain teas that mimick coffee have things like barley and cocoa – ARG! The vegetables are the worst since I too have Hashimoto’s symptoms and need to get those “offense” vegetables out of my everyday routine – harsh to say the least! I am also going out of town on business during all of this and wondering what I am to do! I need to continue to read what you have done – need the inspiration as you are certainly doing! What can I say about the podcast, but LOVE LOVE LOVE!!