Spring Break Travel Tips and Paleo Disney Guide!

We hope you have some fun spring-break plans and family get-togethers on the calendar! We LOVE holidays, and we LOVE traveling as a family… so we’re happy to share our best tips for EATING HEALTHY WHILE TRAVELING, plus how to have fun and keep things (mostly) Paleo if you’ll be hitting up Orlando! (Seriously, we know all the best eats!)

And don’t miss some of our favorite PALEO EASTER RECIPES too!

Paleo Travel Must-Haves

We definitely like to indulge a little while on vacation, but we always travel with plenty of healthy snacks just in case! Especially with the boys, sometimes we’re having so much fun that the day gets away and we find ourselves past the dinner hour, or if we’re on the road in a place that doesn’t have many healthy options, a big ‘ol bag of Paleo snacks comes in quite handy – here is a collection of our favorites!

Paleo travel snacks, Spring Break Travel Tips and Paleo Disney Guide! Paleo Parents

Paleo Road Trip Guide

Last year we road-tripped it to Florida and spent a wopping 30 hours together in the car… and we loved it! And we did it without electronics, just like the “good old days!” You’ll find our best tips plus how we all survived in this post!

How We Survived 30 Hours in a Car with Almost No Electronics!  Spring Break Travel Tips and Paleo Disney Guide! Paleo Parents

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Disney Trip

We had A BLAST at Disney- the kids and adults all loved it! We ate gluten-free and mostly Paleo, found a ton of food options (Disney is extremely allergen-friendly if you know where to go!) and tried to do and see as much as we could without overwhelming ourselves. Here are ten ways to get the most out of a Disney trip!

10 Ways to Get the Most out of a Disney Trip,  Spring Break Travel Tips and Paleo Disney Guide! Paleo Parents

10 Things You Can Do in Orlando Other than Disney

We didn’t spend alll our time at Disney- we visited quite a few attractions outside of the big theme parks, and found some real gems! In fact we had so much fun exploring the area that we thought it needed its own post! From visiting the Lego capital of the world (every little boy’s dream come true) to visiting an orange grove, we highly recommend thees other great Orlando finds!

10 things you can do in Orlando other than disney,  Spring Break Travel Tips and Paleo Disney Guide! Paleo Parents

Our Recommended Eats and Treats from Florida

Last month Matt and I took a trip (just us!) to Florida for a mega celebration of Valentine’s Day, our anniversary, and Matt’s birthday- and enjoyed the freedom to explore whatever we wanted and rekindle our relationship. In this post we recapped our favorite gluten-free eats and treats from downtown Disney and Universal, Tallahassee, Emerald Coast, and Pensacola.

disney universal donuts,  Spring Break Travel Tips and Paleo Disney Guide! Paleo Parents

Our Favorite Easter Recipes

Mint Lamb Meatballs
Mint Lamb Meatballs, Paleo Easter Recipes

Creamed Kale
Creamed Kale by PaleoParents, Paleo Easter Recipes

Sweet Potato Drop Biscuits
sweet potato drop biscuits from BeyondBacon by PaleoParents, Paleo Easter Recipes

Nona’s Chocolate Easter Eggs (like Reese’s!)
Peanut Butter Eggs, Paleo Easter Recipes Reese's Eggs

Strawberry Refrigerator Pie
Strawberry Tutorial by Paleo Parents, Paleo Easter Recipes

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