Southwestern Chorizo Burgers

About a year ago, Stacy found a *MUST TRY* recipe for chorizo burgers with a fried egg on top. We were very excited about it; we got our chorizo and loved it. Somehow we let a whole year go by before making this delish dish again. When we found fresh chorizo the other day at the Eastern Market we immediately remembered the recipe and wanted to recreate it. But it’d been so long we had forgotten where we even got the idea.

I went ahead and winged our burgers (see recipe below). The result, was fantastic. The spicy, rich chorizo with the lean and slightly gamey venison was better than we even remembered. Now though, we want to make sure we give credit where it is due.  After some interneting I found the original inspiration. I should have known! Health-Bent is a really terrific site full of delicious things.

Southwestern Chorizo Burgers


2 lbs. ground venison, preferably with added fat (or lean ground beef)
1 lb. chorizo, a Spanish pork sausage (hot italian sausage with cumin and chipotle added would work if you can’t find chorizo)
8 eggs
4 Tbsp bacon fat
Toppings: lettuce, guacamole, salsa verde, red salsa (or tomatoes if in season)


  1. ♥ Mix meats by hand in large bowl
  2. ♥ Gently form into 8 patties by hand, the less you handle the meat the more tender your burger will be
  3. Grill or cook on grill pan over medium heat, about ten minutes per side
  4. Meanwhile, melt one tablespoon of bacon fat in frying pan over medium-high heat
  5. Fry each egg, adding an extra tablespoon of fat when pan goes dry
  6. ♥ To serve, build your burger with lettuce as your bun and top with the egg – cut and enjoy with guacamole and egg yolk to sweeten the spices of the burger!

As always, let your little ones help with steps which include a heart (♥)

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