Review, Cole: Steve’s Original Rocks – Blueberry Muffin LaraBar Wannabe Nut-free Recipe

Today Review Tuesdays have been taken over by one of our favorite members of the Paleo Parents Team, our 7 year-old son, Cole. After Cole reviewed Caveman Cookies a few weeks back, a few different companies have asked him to review their products as well. As yet, the only one he agreed to review himself was  Steve’s PaleoGoods because he was already a huge fan of theirs.

After receiving a gift card to shop online and pick out anything he wanted himself, then getting the box full of goodies, he was very excited! Additionally, he also wanted to write a recipe to go along with it! The boys all love these products, as you can see in this video of them opening the box!


I recommend Steve’s Original because it is so GOOD!!! I’m eating Berky (berries and jerky) right now for a snack. I’m going to talk about all the things I got to try.

Berky: It tastes like really good to eat the berries and jerky together. All berries in one bite is not as good as eating it with meat!

PaleoStix: I ate the PaleoStix so fast! It was spicy, but I liked it. I wish we had more.

PaleoKrunch: I like to eat the Krunch cereal in (coconut milk) yogurt sometimes or I just eat it plain (Dad has caught Cole attempting to fill gallon bags with it as his whole lunch!). My favorite is the cinnamon swirl. One is nut-free for my brother and mom (because they try to not eat nuts).

Dried Fruit: I DESTROYED the bags of dried fruit because I loved them so much. I got the sampler pack of Mango, Strawberry, Apple, Cranberry and Blueberry. Strawberry is my favorite.

I had a good idea for the blueberries because Blueberry Muffin LaraBars are our family’s favorite flavor, but my mom and Finn don’t eat them anymore. I loved the Steve’s Original stuff so much I made a LaraBar Wannabe out of the dried fruit and the Krunch! Here’s the recipe:

Nutfree Blueberry Muffin LaraBar Wannabes by PaleoParents

Blueberry Krunch Rolls
aka Blueberry Muffin LaraBar Wannabes



  1. In a food processor, pulse Paleo Krunch, coconut and bananas into tiny pieces.
  2. Add dates and blueberries and pulse until you can form a ball.
  3. Then pack firmly into date-sized cylinders, balls or even bars (roll out between 2 pieces of wax paper). Store at room temp for a few days or chill if they’ll last longer (we highly doubt it).

Blueberry LaraBar Wannabes by PaleoParents

I spelled “SOR” because Steve’s Original Rocks!

Something else. When I saw the Steve’s Club on the website, I said, “I want to join Steve’s Club!” because I didn’t know it was a club to help kids who need it. But it’s really cool to have that club. I like that when my parents buy stuff from Steve that they help kids. I hope those kids get to work out and get strong like I do when I go to Crossfit kids.

 p.s. We have two other nut-free fruit & nut bar recipes on the site already, Apple Pie and Banana Bread. The kids LOVE having these as a snack and they really are so simple and easy to make – even a 7 year-old can lead the charge, with a bit of help!

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