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Real Life Paleo Giveaway, Prepare Your Paleo Pantry

The release date for Real Life Paleo, November 4th, is just around the corner! We’re finally into the fun part of writing books: seeing it in other people’s hands! And we want one of those people to be YOU! Just like we did for Beyond Bacon and Eat Like a Dinosaur before it, we’re doing a series of giveaways celebrating the release of Real Life Paleo! This week, we’re helping you stock your pantry with all of our favorite recommended paleo snacks and staples! Read through to the end to enter to win an awesome HUGE prize pack AND an early release copy of Real Life Paleo!


A Real Life Paleo Giveaway - Prepare Your Paleo Pantry To kick off our Real Life Paleo giveaway series we are bringing you seven amazingly delicious goods that we not only stock in our paleo pantry at all times, but recommend as core essentials in YOUR paleo pantry as you begin your swap, remove, and heal process as outlined in our book. And no healthy kitchen would be complete without a copy of Real Life Paleo, so we are throwing in a copy of that as well!

One lucky winner will receive…

RLP Giveaway 1 - Bare Snacks

2 cases of Bare Snacks, all natural apple chips

The perfect replacement for those less than healthy crunchy snacks in your life! We love these as a side with lunch and use them as a nut replacement in our Snack Ball recipes!   RLP Giveaway 1, Sea Snax

SeaSnax Variety Gift Box that will include, Paleo Certified SeaSnax Large Sheets, Grab & Go snacks, and SeaVegi salad mix

We eat these both plain or as a sandwich wrap. They are packed with nutrients and incredibly tasty!   RLP Giveaway 1, Epic Bars

3 sample packs of EPIC Bars

These bars give new meaning to ‘protein bars’! Packed with quality ingredients and great taste, they are an excellent on-the-go meal replacement, post workout snack – the possibilities are endless!   RLP Giveaway 1, Nikki's Coconut Butter

A sample pack of Nikki’s Coconut Butter

These butters make you forget about your sugar laden spreads of yesteryear! While they provide sweet and creative flavors, they are also loaded with healthy fats! Real Life Paleouses coconut butter in several recipes, and this brand adds wonderful flavor!

variety pack

Freeze Dried Fruit Crisps from Brothers-All-Natural

Another perfect crunchy snack in a variety of fruits! Our boys love to pack these in their school lunches, but did you know you can use freeze dried fruit as sweetener too? Real Life Paleo uses these as a healthy alternative to powdered sugar for a fantastic frosting! RLP Giveaway 1, Chosen Foods Avocado Oil

3, 2 Packs of Choosen Foods Avocado Oil

We recently shared our tips on how to use avocado oil here, and couldn’t imagine our kitchen without it! We love to use a variety of healthy fats (lard, tallow, coconut oil) in the kitchen but avocado oil has quickly become a favorite. Real Life Paleo recommendsusing this buttery oil to make an amazing homemade mayonnaise, which becomes the base of many amazing sauces and dips. RLP Giveaway 1, Steve's Paleo Goods

A Paleo Sampler and a Steve’s Club Sampler from Steve’s Paleo Goods

We love the products from Steve’s Paleo Goods and have relied on them since the beginning of our paleo journey. They make both a great meal replacement and a perfect snack!

AND an EARLY RELEASE copy of Real Life Paleo!

Real Life Paleo, Sarah Included   Seriously, you practically get second Christmas this year with such an amazingly, delicious prize package! So, how do you win? Simple! Follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter app below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We’ll pick and announce the winner in one week with the launch of ANOTHER HUGE giveaway! Remember Matt’s rules of giveaways!

  1. Please use a valid email address when entering. I cannot use my dowsing rods to attempt to find which bytes form your contact address!
  2. Please follow all the rules so I don’t get frustrated by invalid entries. Nothing makes more of a sad panda than picking a winner who I have to disqualify.
  3. Please respond within 48 hours or I will have to pick a new winner! I have a certain set of skills that make me a nightmare to people who don’t respond: the ability to randomly draw again.
  4. Please be a US resident. My mana is too low to cast a Teleportation Spell!


ps Don’t forget to sign-up for our book tour!

The Paleo View Book Signing Tour

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  • Sophia Lesher

    Fantastic giveaway!

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  • Gloria T.

    I preordered your book September 10th!

  • Lindsay

    Awesome giveaway! Many of those items would be good to carry in my purse for on the go snacks!

  • Jennifer

    I pre-ordered on Amazon (and grabbed Beyond Bacon for my kindle while I was at it!)

  • Stephanie Prazenica

    I pre-ordered on Amazon 🙂

  • Stephanie Prazenica

    I reviewed on iTunes, but my husband and I share an itunes account, so it’s under a different e-mail address. If you pick me, I can confirm 🙂

  • Veronica Hummel

    I pre-ordered on Amazon and am planning to come to Chicago from Madison, WI to see Stacy and Sarah on November 9th!

  • Veronica Hummel

    I posted a review for Strong Woman radio and I’ve reviewed the Paleo View in the past. My two fave podcasts!

  • Lisa

    I left a review on for The Paleo View on iTunes!

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    I’m so excited about this give away!!!

  • William Stelmach

    Unfortunately the life of a Chipotle cook wont let me attend, can’t head out of town for long enough. Love the show though!

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    I would love to come meet you on the book tour!

  • I am attending your book tour in Seattle, WA!!!! I can’t wait! I already have “tickets”!

  • jolene

    such a great giveaway

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    I dont think I saw any tour dates in Texas so sadly I won’t be going.

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    Awesome giveaway!! You guys are great!!

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    Awesome giveaway!! Thank you!!!

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    Wish I could be attending your book tour but unfortunately you aren’t coming to CO (or anywhere close) 🙁

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    I would love to attend the book signing but unfortunately it doesn’t look like you’re coming to Sacramento. 🙁 Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Alissa King

    Sadly, I will not get to see you on the book tour, but I’m excited to see the book!

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    I would love to see you guys in DC. I’m hoping to be there!

  • Sarah

    I preordered from Amazon!! Can’t wait!!

  • Guest

    crossing my fingers for this one!

  • Julia

    Oh man– these goodies would make me soooo happy, especially since I’m looking for more wholesome snacks to pack with me as we go into ski season…

  • Jessica Quigley

    Oh my GOSH!!!

  • Jessica Quigley

    And I DEFINITELY pre-ordered Real Life Paleo! So if I HAPPEN I get another copy I will gladly gift it to a friend who’s going Paleo!!

  • Krista

    I pre ordered months ago on I’m going to the Minneapolis book signing

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    Woo what a fantastic giveaway! Fingers Crossed!

  • Melissa Fisher

    entered and looking forward to seeing you guys in Raleigh!

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    Fingers crossed! This is a paleoutstanding giveaway!

  • Suzanne Terry

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  • Christian W.

    Man I hope I win! With 3 hungry kids and 2 parents – food flies out of here!

  • I preordered Real Life Paleo months ago and can’t wait for it to come out!

  • Maggie

    What a giveaway!! Love it. Be super stoked to win!! 😀

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    Would love to win!

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    I cannot attend since you won’t be coming to OKC 🙁

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    I’d love to be able to make the Portland or Seattle book tour stop!

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    I can’t wait to see you when you come to Seattle!

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    I preordered and will be seeing you in NC!

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    I preordered and would love love LOVE to win this prize pack!

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    Fantastic giveaway! Would love to win!

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    Cannot wait to see you guys in New York City!!

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    I would LOVE to win this!

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    I hope to attend the tour when it comes to Seattle! Happy and safe travels!

  • Kim H

    I preordered Real Life Paleo! Cannot wait to have it!

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    I perfectly posted paleo parents proudly!

  • Cherie Mortensen

    Just added the Paleo View Podcast to my iphone, super excited to start listening. Could not leave a review tho. MommaD43

  • Patricia R.

    What a great giveaway! It would be like Christmas : )

  • Cherie Mortensen

    I’ve pre-ordered my cookbook!!! Woot! Woot!

  • Cherie Mortensen

    Unfortunately am unable attend the book signing in Seattle…as I have a commitment that day!

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    I will not be able to join the Real Life Paleo book tour.

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    I have preordered your book and will definitely be at a book signing!

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    I really want to attend the book tour!! ah!!

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    Can’t wait! Great stuff is being given away!

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    Great giveaway. Thanks.

  • Amy Ayers

    I will be attending the Real Life Paleo book tour!!! I live in the Boston area, but will be in NYC for 3 days in November. Can’t wait to meet you (Stacey and Matt) along with Sarah of The PaleoMom. 😀

  • Grace Veenker

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve pre-ordered a copy for myself and one for my bestie. 😉

  • Grace Veenker

    I’m hoping to be able to attend the book signing in San Diego!

  • Amber Craig

    I’m so excited for this cookbook! Stacy is my hero 🙂

  • Christine

    I can’t wait to see you in Phoenix for the book tour. Super excited and bringing handful of friends who are very excited too.

  • Gayle Meagher

    do I have to have a raffle copter ap? to register for the giveaway?

    • No, just follow the links in the instructions on the app. Thanks!

  • Melinda

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love your blog!

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    I’m so excited!!!

  • @ultrarunnergirl

    AWESOME stuff. This is some serious swag!! Excited for your newest book!

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    I am trying to get my husband to take me, we have a little one that doesn’t like car rides and it would be a bit if drive so we shall see.

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    This is a pretty amazing give away! Thank you guys for being awesome! I hope I win!!! 🙂

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    Excited to follow you!

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    Excited about the new cookbook!

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    I pre-ordered the cookbook on Amazon

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    I preordered! It is to be a Christmas present, if I can stand to give it up

  • Stephanie

    I’m excited that you’re visiting Minneapolis. I will try to attend!

  • natashasmith

    Attending the book tour in Phoenix. I can’t wait!

  • rradiogirl

    I’m commenting but not about the two topics mentioned so I won’t count this as an entry. 🙂

    Looking at this giveaway made me think: Do you ever eat stuff that’s considered Paleo just because you want to be eating, not necessarily because it’s delicious? I see people eating the seaweed and I think, “Yeah, no.”
    And I don’t really love almond butter even though I eat it twice a week as a little “dessert” with apple slices and some honey.
    And I think I’m overeating nuts just because I really feel like snacking…a LOT…

    • emotional eating is something i talk about on the regular because it is a legit problem for me, especially with my history of disordered eating. that said, I DO eat seaweed, liver, even some seafood for the sole reason that it’s good for me. I think of it like medicine, I don’t eat it for the flavor… but because it nourishes my body the right way.

      if you don’t really like nuts, try skipping them entirely 🙂 I tell myself that after a meal if I”m still hungry I can have certain foods (like more vegetables, a cup of tea, an apple) and then if I’m like “but I’m huuunnnnggggrrrryyyyyyy” but not interested in those choices I know it’s not for real!

      • rradiogirl

        I do really love nuts, well, the super high fat content nuts like cashews, mostly. OF COURSE! 🙂
        I love fruits much more now than pre-Paleo and am still surprised by how sweet and delicious they are. Every. Time.
        The hard part is when I really am hungry for a snack and really do want to eat SOMEthing, my body wants something salty/crunchy, not sweet, not bland, but something really delicious and that gives me all those pleasurable sensations that go along with chewing-visually appealing, delicious smell, gooood taste.
        I love everything about Paleo because those sensations hold true most of the time.
        It’s just the snacks that don’t do it for me.
        I try to drink lots of water to quell the feeling but then I’ll feel ravenous when a meal rolls around and I don’t want to overeat at meals.
        It’s just a fine balancing act and, being raised as an 80’s kid, in front of the TV with Cheetos, a Coke, and a TV dinner, means that I have to really focus on what I am eating, have been eating, am going to eat ALL. THE. TIME!

  • Erin

    How fun

  • Kristie Rolan

    I plan to see you guys in Raleigh-Durham…looking forward to it!

  • Erin

    You guys are the best. I am so inspired by the joy you talk about finding…

  • Seriously Ugh

    I am planning on seeing Stacy in Seattle! So excited!

  • Christina

    I’d love to win. We recently moved, and I really need to stock my pantry with paleo choices!!!

  • Guest

    excited for the new book!

  • Mandy W.

    I discovered you only a short time ago and love you and your recipes and how encouraging your blog is!

  • Jill

    I reviewed Strong Women Radio on itunes.

  • Liese

    I left a review for Strong Woman, and well iTunes only allows one review on a podcast. my last review for Paleo View was in 2013. 😀

  • Liese

    PreOrdered Real Life Paleo 04/01/2014

  • melanie nicklin

    This would be amazing!

  • Liese

    Looking forward to Nov 1st event.

  • Janelle Marie

    I’ll be seeing you in NYC! I can’t wait!

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    I’ll be there in Raleigh!

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    Would love any of this!!

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    Wow what a giveaway!

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    Lots of fun goodies and looking forward to the book!

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    I just pre-ordered Real Life Paleo!

  • Yolmi

    I already pre-ordered the book but I would give a copy to my sister.

    • Yolmi

      And forgot to say that I’ll see you all in NYC next month! Woot!

  • sj

    Come to KC and I’ll go!

  • Heather Ashcraft

    I preordered Real Life Paleo the day it became available on Amazon! Can’t wait to get it!

  • Heather Ashcraft

    I’m also attending the book tour in Chicago. Any word yet as to where it’ll be held?

    • We are hoping to share that detail by this Wednesday. Thank you for your continued patience!

  • Maria

    I hope I win!! What a great giveaway!

  • Phyllis White

    I would love to see y’all the next time you are in the Dallas area!

  • Rebecca G

    I preorderd and can’t wait for it to arrive!

  • Rebecca G

    You will be in Atlanta for the book tour, but I’m working full time and taking classes. So as much as I’d love to be there, I have to keep my priorities in line and be in class. One of these days. 🙂

  • Holly Rachelle Price

    So excited! Good luck everyone!

  • DolphinKarin

    Thanks for this great giveaway. I would love to try some of these things but unsure of them so hard to spend the money. 🙂

    I wish I could go to a book signing … none are close to me. 🙁 Sacramento, CA