Stacy, the Face of Paleo in Woman's World Magazine

Years ago, when we began blogging, we used to do these weekly round-ups of news articles linking to anything Paleo related in the news. It was a lot of work to keep track of, so when we discovered that Angelo’s awesome Podcast (Latest In Paleo) was doing it for us, we happily gave up the weekly news posting.

However, this “news” is a little different. It’s not JUST any Paleo article in the media.


A few months ago we were contacted by Woman’s World magazine to do an interview with them about Stacy’s story. She was hesitant, since we’d always done this as a family, but the opportunity to help motivate people to find Paleo as a healthy way of life pushed us to be excited to participate however we could. And, frankly, it’s about time the rest of the world realized how awesome she Paleo is!

It was on the trip to PaleoFX that Stacy got the call to formalize the interview. She swore her housemates to secrecy as she squealed in excitement for what this meant for the community. As we later discovered, the story snowballed into a 2 page spread in the June 18, 2012 issue (which subscribers received today, and hits stands Thursday June 7th).

Oh, what’s that? You want a preview?

Click each photo for a large display to read the full page

Look! There she is right in the middle! Dr. Loren Cordain is cited as the expert, and gives great information on not just weight loss – but the overall health improvements Paleo can provide. As Loren’s book was what Stacy originally found, read, and motivated her to change our life – we are very excited that the article may motivate others as well.

My favorite parts of the article:

Paleo helps reduce cholesterol
Paleo helps lower blood pressure
Fresh fruit & veggies reduce heart disease (NOT whole grains!)
Grass-fed Meat is high in CLA, which is helpful for arthritis
Paleo dieters have naturally higher fiber intake
Paleo keeps you satiated
Paleo helps your body burn calories more efficiently
They featured my super hawt wife cooking in the kitchen
They featured my The Bacon Chicken recipe (even though they called it Stacy’s)

To those finding our site for the first time because of the article, WELCOME! You may be a bit surprised to find out that we don’t necessarily focus on how to lose weight, although we’ve got plenty of material on the site in our 101, FAQ and Before & After Story.

What we can recommend are some other sites that inspired us and we find to be awesome sources of endless information. We sincerely hope you visit them on your quest for health, as we believe it will change your life for the better, forever.

For the quickest access to Paleo recipes, we recommend the NomNomPaleo iPad app. If you don’t have an iPad you can always find hundreds of free, amazing, beautiful and tasty recipes at NomNomPaleo.com but the app is super convenient and easy to use. For a Paleo novice, the step-by-step photos, instructions, shopping lists and guides will answer any questions you might have.

When we were writing our cookbook, the standard for photos and the inspiration for our layout and comprehensive approach to writing a recipe came from the minds of Primal-Palate.com, authors of Make It Paleo. Bill & Hayley have quickly become the utmost respected photographers and recipe writers in the community. Their 200+ recipe cookbook is gorgeous, and their recently launched The Food Lovers’ Kitchen has an array of features which would be a huge asset to anyone starting this journey.

Diane Sanfilippo, author of the mentioned Practical Paleo, is as smart as it gets when it comes to nutrition and Paleo. I’ve attended her seminar (now taught with Liz Wolfe from Cave Girl Eats) and I learned a ton about why my body wants and needs the ancestral approach to food. You can find Diane at BalancedBites.com – which I highly recommend you do, for tons of valuable and resources, like her 21 Day Sugar Detox and lots of free downloadable Useful Guides. See her Women’s World Welcome post for more!

We’ve told the story hundreds of times, but it’ll never get old. I sincerely believe the reason we were able to go Paleo as a family and stick with it is because of Elana’s Pantry. Elana Amsterdam, author of The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook and Gluten-Free Cupcakes, taught us how to make low-carb, grain-free and dairy-free treats for the family.  She was gracious enough to write the forward to our book, and for all she’s done for our family – we cannot thank her enough. We think you’ll LOVE her site, including her Paleo Recipes section.

We know we’re telling you about a lot of cookbooks, which only compete with our own, but Melissa Joulwan’s Well Fed cannot be missed. This book (and her Website) has recipes of grandiose flare that make us with we’d come up with them ourselves. If you like ethnic foods, flavorful foods – then this book is for you. AND, the best part is that it’s Whole30 approved by Whole9Life (of It Starts With Food) themselves!

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out our newly released and wildly popular new cookbook for gluten-free kids, Eat Like a Dinosaur. If you’re wondering how in the world Paleo can be applicable for a family with kids, watch our video preview!


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  • Katie Mulinix

    Eeeeekkk! I’m so excited for you! Way cool! Don’t know about unlimited fruit, but otherwise: amazing, what a great article! 

    And anyone new here, I’ve only been doing paleo since May 2nd and I’ve lost 15 lbs and over 14″ off my body, including 6″ off my waist. Many of our recipes come from Eat Like a Dinosaur and it’s a great way to get your family on board too, even if they’re not ready to make the switch with you. (And no, I’m not paid to say that or get anything other than excitement for sharing what is truly a great resource.) I’m still working on going grain free with my kiddos, but when they have wheat, the difference in their behavior (they are 2.5 yo twins) is night and day. I’m going to keep a food journal for my hubby to see what I know is happening. Stacy and Matt are awesome inspirations!

  • Great article, congratulations

  • Fantastic article, Stacy!!! Way to go! So excited for you…you go girl!

  • Pdxhollym

    Congrats! It sounds like a great article based on this awesome post. I love the layout and photos especially. My loved ones think we eat plates of meat. Thanks for naming all the other great resources. We need them all, they all provide something different for everyone. I have all the Paleo type cookbooks and most of the Paleo nutrition books so far ;).

  • Kreynolds14

    Awesome spread!!

  • Wow. That’s wonderful! It’s great to see the word getting out into the mainstream about the benefits of this way of eating. I think the magazine made a wise choice in picking Stacy. She’s such a terrific example to the millions of people who are looking to get healthy and lose weight and stay that way. 

  • Michael K

    Great work!!!

  • Wow, congratulations!  Such exciting news and we can’t wait to pick up Woman’s World this week. It is great to see a feature that will resonate with so many readers. We can only imagine what a challenge it has been to keep this secret under wraps!

  • bubba29

    wow, congrats on the article!  keep the ball rolling and spreading the word.

  • What a great opportunity to introduce these resources to a new demographic! Nice job, guys! (and Matt we all know whose recipe that really was 😉 )

  • Heather B. Duthie

    Congrats Stacy!  I love anything that helps draw more attention to Paleo.  And your story seems perfect to me for inspiration!

  • Paulab

    Yippeeee!   Woman’s World made a great choice! Stacy looks radiant in the photo, and so many “real women” will be inspired by her story to try something different for their health.  I think there are WAY more readers who will relate to Stacy more so than the trim model also pictured.  Good for her, but Stacy is believable! 

  • Oh, congrats you two! If you can get even a few subscribers of Women’s World to think about eating this way, you’ve done your job! This is very exciting. 🙂

  • Shirley Braden

    Such great news! I love seeing Stacy’s smiling beautiful face mid page! 🙂 Now I’ll need to pick up a copy so I can use it as part of my intro to you guys for your appearance at my support group’s picnic on Sunday. 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you all in person!


  • AnOccasionalReader

    Glad to see these kinds of articles in the mainstream. I’ve been “LC” before the Paleo thing really took off in a big way (always ate real food though, no LC icecream bars, mixes, and so on). The Paleo movement has been incredible, I really feel this group is changing the face of health. Hopefully this movement gets instilled in kids. I must say, I really love what you two are doing. Making the message applicable to families. We get asked about food often, we don’t have kids. So, sometimes we’re told “that’s nice, but we have kids and it would be hard to make separate meals, or even take the time to cook all fancy”. I’ll be going to my library, and asking them to order in a copy of your cookbook if they don’t already have one!

    I’m really sorry I didn’t know you folks were until the cruise. The first time I’d heard of you was in the lobby at the doubletree, Jimmy excused himself to talk to you and Matt. I didn’t pay for internet on the boat, but once I got home I looked “paleo parents” up! Stacy, I would have never guessed you held such an incredible weight loss to your name. You had such a healthy glow, and looked so beautiful and vibrant.

    The name lies, sorry. I won’t be an “occasional” reader of this page (made that account for another paper I commented on). This blog is going to be read often!

    Congrats on the story! And thank you again for bringing public attention back to real food.

  • Emily Liles

    Congrats, Stacy!!  How wonderful for you!!

  • Colette Bell

    Congratulations!  You’re bringing a lifestyle most people have never heard of into the light, you’re helping to show people how easy it really can be to make these changes!  Well Done!!

  • Congratulations!  I’m so proud to have a person like you as our “spokeperson”!!  Keep up the good work!

  • Driven

    I think it’s great that Paleo has got some attention, but have to admit that I am sad to see that it appeared in the “National Enquirer of Women’s Magazines”, Women’s World. The big garish headlines promising weight loss of 15 pounds per week, and touting it as the “cure for obesity” make the way of eating appear faddish and not serious. Remember, this is the same magazine that said the same things about the “cabbage soup diet” and the “grapefruit diet”.

    I’m happy for the exposure, but wish it could have been in another periodical and sans the overhyped headline.

    • With 14 million readers being told paleo, grass-fed meats and veggies can help their heart, arthritis and weight – I’m willing to forgive the sensationalism needed to grab the attention in supermarket stands…

  • Michael K

    Driven, please go get yourself in a magazine that meets with your approval if you feel that way. Thanks! 

  • Kathy

    As a 58 year old who doesn’t have to worry about feeding a family, just herself, I haven’t been a frequent reader of your blog. I am so impressed with your level of commitment at sharing what you’ve learned as you’ve rediscovered health through paleo eating. I think Women’s World is a perfect forum for shining a light on the Paleo message, and I think you made a great star!
    I’m also frustrated at having plateaued at a weight higher than I wanted, and haven’t solved some of my ‘issues’ like sleep. But I continue to learn from this sharing community. Thank you!

    •  Kathy- I just had my annual ladies exam, my Dr. was thrilled at my weight loss.  He asked about my goal weight. . . I said 135 (I’m 61 inches tall) thinking that was a generous weight for my height and age (nearly 35).  He said that was great but to not be disappointed if I stall out at a higher weight (he suggested mid 140’s). . . he said that as we age and go through different stages of life, our body tends to want to be a bit heavier than when we were younger.  The mission is optimal health and weight for you. . . whatever that is! 

      • Runs after Squirrels

        Well I used to believe as your Dr. does until I ate paleo. Been over a year eating like this and I’m back to what I weighed in my 20s; I’m 56 and at 5′ 4″ weigh 109 lbs. That might make you freak, but I have a very fine bone structure. I’m stronger now than I was then (wiry?), have lots of energy, sleep well, and best of all no more achey joints.

        •  I think he was going after keeping me motivated vs. giving up if I don’t hit my goal in my timeline. . . I really don’t care how many pounds I weigh. . . I just want to be healthy.  I have a very heavy bone structure, lots of lean muscle mass, and am a typical hour glass with a large chest. . . those things have been true even when I was a size 2-4, even then I weighed 125-130lbs.  I don’t expect to be wiry, just healthy. . . whatever that is for me.

  • You guys rock. . . Stacy rocks.  I love that Woman’s World has featured Stacy’s weight loss success. . . the reality is, Stacy has come so far and likely achieved (or is close to achieving) her optimal weight and health. .  . she is a real woman and the rest of us need to see that!  I’m swinging by the grocery to pick this up on the way to school pick up this afternoon.  Congratulations.  Like Driven, I wish they hadn’t yelled out “15lbs a week”. .  .because we all know that’s not realistic, maybe 15 a month. . . otherwise, looks like they did a good job.

  • Linda195720769

    Well done!

  • That is just so awesome. I’m so glad the news is getting out. Hopefully it won’t be a fad diet but something that becomes main stream.  But as long as the power companies own the mainstream media the average person will always think that grains are healthy for them.

    But we’re making progress aren’t we?!! 🙂

  • Kate

    I don’t usually buy Women’s World because the diets are generally fad diets – but I saw paleo on the cover and threw it on the checkout line. I was SO excited to see Stacy! I’ve been to the blog a few times but it’s been awhile. That article was just the extra nudge I needed to get started. It seems like the stars aligned because just two days prior I ordered a bag of Honeyville Almond Flour and Elana Amsterdam’s book. I am very similar to Stacy’s ‘before’ self, only with more health issues. Chronic pain and fatigue that has continued on from my chemotherapy and radiation treatments two years ago has ruled my life for what seems like forever. I crave to be the kind of mother I dream of to my twin toddlers and I know that a Paleo type diet is a great start. I’ve never been healthy as long as they’ve lived (I had cancer before, during, and treatment after their birth). Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting yourselves out there. I’ve read a lot of the other posts on here and I see that you two are having a rough time with all of this. Thank you so much for what you’ve done so far and please, if you need a break, people will understand. Either way, I will continue on this journey. Stacy – you have been such an inspiration. The way you’ve told your story has been so real and so easy to relate to. I know I sound like a raving lunatic, but truth is, I NEVER write stuff like this. I’ve NEVER been so inspired because I’ve only seen women lose weight chugging chemical diet shakes or eating 500 calories a day, or some other torture my body couldn’t handle. Thank you so much for making a healthy body, even just the idea of it, possible again. 

    Sincerely, Kate <3 

  • Joy Beer

    What you’ve done for your kids, too, is so inspiring. I bought Eat Like a Dinosaur to put in my 9 year old daughter’s Easter basket, and she was stoked! We’ve made the bacon burgers, the Rat on a Stick and really cooked those over our firepit. Those were to die for! Great on the reheat.  And the paleo ice cream… awesome.  It’s time for her to pick another recipe for us to make. If just one mama reading the article can be turned on to this way of life, it would be awesome. 

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  • Google

    Excellent site. Oh and congratulations well done!