Paleo & Nut-Free School Snack and Lunch Ideas

Hi Friends, here’s a look at our week!

Jumping off dock

How bittersweet… we wrapped up the summer by spending the last weekend before school started at Smith Mountain Lake. We had SUCH A BLAST! Boat rides, inner-tubes, jumping off the dock – anything the boys wanted, I got to say “yes, I’ll do that with you.” Life is too short to not enjoy every moment, and I love that I get to actively participate in the boys’ lives. How did I get to this place? Real Life Paleo. 

Stacy and boys night before school

We wrapped up an epic summer vacation, and the night before the first day of school I was sitting on the sofa crying as the boys ran around packing lunches and prepping clothes. The two youngest stopped to ask me what’s wrong. After explaining that I was sad that SUMMER WAS OVER and they were growing up too fast, Finan responds with: “But Mommy, don’t you want us to be able to get jobs when we are adults? Don’t worry, you will always be stronger than us!” And then, be still my heart- Wes chimes in with, “I’m excited for big boy school! Even if I’m a big boy Mommy, I’ll always be your baby.” Oh I can’t even!

Walk to first day of school
The next morning, we all walked to school together in the, so thankful that I am PHYSICALLY ABLE to, and that they still want me to. Ha! Cole is carrying a big yoga ball, approved by the principal for him to use as his seat in class, which is one of the ways we help manage is ADHD. More info on on how we help Cole, without the use of meds here.

the boys at school being goofy

All three GOOFBALLS officially in school, and here I am saying things like, “they grow up so quickly.” We’ve come such a long way as a family. Read more about their journeys with Paleo: ColeFinianWesley.

Nut-Free Snack and Lunch Foods

Being in a nut-free classroom doesn’t have to complicate lunch packing. There are TONS of options for sending a fun, filling, fueling Paleo lunch without nuts! Here are some of the boys’ nut-free favorites!

We’ve been loving these Pure Fruit and Veggie Strips lately! They are fruit leathers, but with veggies added in (you can’t tell!) and have no added sugar, only the sweetness that come from the fruit. Plus, they’re the perfect size for lunch boxes!

Nut free paleo snack and lunch ideas

Inka Chips have been in the boys’ lunch box for years now! They are crunchy, salty, filling, and a great way to add healthy carbs to help the boys power through the day.

We think that Sun Butter tastes the closest to our old, beloved peanut butter. It’s creamy and nutty without the nuts, and it is perfect with celery or apples, or even used in baked goods as a sub for almond butter.

Our boys are crazy for anything apple, so applesauce makes a frequent appearance in their lunches. Sometimes we make it ourselves, but Mott’s Organic No-Sugar Added is a great alternative and is found at many stores, or online.

All Epic Bars are all nut-free except Turkey Almond Cranberry and Beef Habanero Cherry. This is such a great lunch box option for days when the fridge is running on empty, or there is no leftover protein to send. One of our new favorites is the Beef, Apple Bacon Bar, and buying a case of 12 on Amazon is a great way to save!

Your Favorite Nut-Free Recipes

Sunflower Seed Flour

Creamy Coconut Chocolate Chip Macaroons
Creamy Coconut Chocolate Chip Macaroons Featured Image

Gelatin Jigglers
Gelatin Jigglers on PaleoParents

Apple Pie Balls
Apple Pie Balls by @PaleoParents

Chunky Monkey Muffins
Chunky Monkey Muffins on PaleoParents

Frozen Waffles
Frozen Waffles at PaleoParents

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