Paleo Gave Us Our Lives Back

Paleo gave us our Lives Back Feature, Paleo Parents Paleo Gave Us Our Lives Back
This weekend our family took a trip to a water park and theme park. We rode roller coasters and water slides. We walked 15 miles and climbed endless stairs. There are so many things about these things that continue to amaze me:

1. Roller Coasters. A decade ago I couldn’t fit in coasters and quit theme parks (which I LOVE) until I lost weight with Paleo. I was actually reminded of the moment I stopped when I witnessed a woman being asked off a ride because she couldn’t get the harness to click. She was left by her friends abandoned on the platform for everyone to gawk at. I didn’t have that courage over a decade ago when it happened to me; I ran off the ride and straight out of the park and was not able to return until my weightloss with paleo. Even now, I still fear that moment every time I get on for the first time. To be able to go now and fit in the seats and hold the hands of my boys and watch their squeals of delight is something I could never have expected and am so grateful for.

2. Physical Activity. We intentionally walked a lot at the park. Years ago we took shuttles, sky trams, and trollies to avoid extra exercise because I couldn’t physically handle it – even after weight loss. With following The Paleo Approach’s autoimmune protocol I am managing my autoimmune diseases, reduced joint pain, and am now that I’m more fit than ever. I was sprinting up hills and stairs with the boys and intentionally looping back around the park to sight see rather than taking short cuts! I’m no longer limited by my lack of endurance and can go all day without cutting my experience short.

3. Water parks = public bathing suits. We all have our own insecurities but my shame kept me from enjoying life and participating in these kind of activities. But the last couple of years that I’ve been working on heath and fitness have allowed me to appreciate my body for what it can DO instead of what it looks like. I don’t have the best body at the park, but I have one that can do what I want! I’m so thankful it is strong and healthy to climb rope stairs, ride rides, race my kids down slides, and have the energy to keep up with whatever the boys want to do.

stacy of paleo parents in womens world magRead more about our feature in Woman’s World Magazine years ago

Years ago my biggest desire was to be healthy enough and to have the energy to be physically active with my kids. This week I witnessed moms sitting on the side, looking miserable as they watched their children play from afar. I saw families who struggled to enjoy themselves because a parent was not physically able to fit in rides or were restricted by use of electric carts. It broke my heart. I know where my health was headed and saw flashes of my future that I have been able to avoid because of this paleo lifestyle. To the people who say eliminating entire food groups is drastic and unnecessary, I say – so is weight loss surgery or other means for the kind of unhealthy I was.


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I’m proud of myself for having made a significant change in my life that has allowed me to experience everything that I can today. If I hadn’t made that choice, I would not be where I am now. And finding paleo at the right time is what made it all happen for me. Not just us – our kids are off medication because of this lifestyle; after 5 years it’s not a fad for us. I’m grateful and thankful to and Loren Cordain’s The Paleo Diet for being there when I was ready to hear their words, learn, and change. What a different, wonderful world I live in now! If something we’ve written or done has inspired even one person to have these same changes – all of the effort has been more than worth it!


Years ago Matt wrote a great post about this, but today I’ve got all the feels about how I get to share all of this with my boys and my one true goal has been achieved – I get to be active with my boys. Today paleo gave us our lives back. Literally!

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