Our Kid-Friendly T-Shirts!

We’ve had this fantasy of creating a kid-centered healthy Paleo/Primal/GFCF corner of the internet for families to come, gather, share, learn and laugh together for quite some time. We’ve been getting such wonderful feedback as we are finally approaching our vision; your feedback genuinely means the world to us.  We’re so grateful to be able to touch your life in any sort of positive way.

Overall, becoming the Paleo Parents has been like having a 4th baby: we had to put a whole lot of effort and energy into something we couldn’t really see (come together) until a lengthy labor of love.  We had to restructure, tag (and are still updating) our posts – not to mention rebuilding the site. But, now we’re finally getting to the good stuff.  [button link=”http://paleoparents.spreadshirt.com/” type=”big” color=”red” icon=”search” newwindow=”yes”] Making fun gear your family can wear![/button]

The designs are aimed to be family friendly and kid-oriented.  They’re fun, young and not Paleo specific.  We hope they enable you to spread the good food word and get anyone who’s willing to be excited about eating food that’s good for them and for the earth.  We hope it brings your family together and shows off the enthusiasm you have for the lifestyle that’s freed you from the confines of whatever ailed you while eating from the standard guidelines.  We’re releasing 4 designs today:

I’m listing this one first because it’s a bit near and dear to my heart.  I took the Paleo journey and I’ve made that transformation.  Not just me, but our whole family is happier now because of that journey we all took together.  It’s the only Paleo specific shirt we have in the shop; that’s because the results we personally have seen are specific to Paleo – hence, the shirt.  If you yourself have taken or are taking the Paleo journey, if you’re feeling great, looking great and loving where life has taken you – make sure to spread your enthusiasm with this T-shirt.  I know I’ll be wearing mine as often as I’m able!

The 2nd of our T-shirts is our classic Dino, just without our family riding him.  What a better way to tell people you eat like a dinosaur, too.  What did dinosaurs eat? Meat and vegetables? Hey, we like those!

Our 3rd design is a clever little play on images, Cole loves this one – he had to play eye-spy to find the I!  We hope that whatever you’re eating, it’s food and not mass manufactured food products.  It’s a mouthful of mumbo jumbo to say, but so are the ingredients on boxed foods…

And last but not least, in honor of Fini’s love of “hamburgers and mockamole” we’ve pulled up one of our absolute favorite foods and called it going Against the Grain.  Because, even if you’re still eating grains – hamburger buns just aren’t ever going to be classified as healthful. So go against the standard and skip that blood sugar spiking hockey puck!


I don’t know about you, but we’re all doing a happy dance and loudly squealing over here.  You guys.  Seriously.  How awesome is our graphic designer?!  Should you need fantastic services, call Amanda Gates!  She’s got even more up her sleeves (coming soon) so be prepared for a few more T-shirts that might knock your socks off!  In the meantime, we can’t wait until we get these in the mail and can start wearing them! Which one is your favorite?!  What are you waiting for – go check it out!

We want to mention that we’ve made a specific choice to not make these shirts about us or being Paleo.  Our  website is not referenced and we have not added a tagline of any kind. These shirts are designed for a variety of enthusiasts.  What we hope is that Paleo, Primal, Gluten-Free, GFCF, JERF (just eat real food), Whole30, Archevore, Nourishing Traditions, WAPF (Weston A Price) and all variations of lifestyles in between can find these t-shirts to be something their family is proud to wear – the more we spread this message about what true healthful eating and living is, the sooner we can overturn the standard beliefs that low-fat, whole grain, genetically modified and processed foods are having any positive affect on the world’s health.

In an attempt to encourage the sharing and spreading of the family-friendly good food movement, we’ll be doing a GIVEAWAY next week.  Not sure what the terms are yet, but I’m pretty sure if you comment your favorite style, tweet, facebook or buy a shirt and comment to let us know  – it’s only going to increase your chances of winning on that upcoming post… a lot.

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