About Finian

Fin Rock StarFinian is our most energetic and spirited child. A typical middle child, he strives for our attention in simultaneously the most enthusiastic and exhausting of ways.  His joy is contagious and his laughter intoxicating; but by golly, don’t make him frustrated, sad or angry for you will feel his wrath!  Although Finian was only 2 years old when we removed processed foods from his diet, we’ve been able to track how those “highs” and “lows” have become more normalized.  Identification of attention disorders aren’t put into place until elementary years, but our doctor had already mentioned the likeliness at his 2 year check-up.

What’s amazing about Finian adapting a Paleo lifestyle is that his ability to give attention and listen to instructions has improved while his energy and excitement remains unchanged.  The fear Matt had of his boys becoming medicated zombies (as he felt he was in his own youth) is no longer a concern as Finian is able to now not only attend our co-op preschool, but a county summer camp program without any problems.

And last but not least, Finn seemed to be quickly headed down Cole’s medical history path.  Only his was compounded by a terrible case of skin sensitivities and all-over body eczema and fever inducing pet allergies.  As expected, his 3 year check-up provided that not only is his weight plotting back on a “normal” range (he’s a muscular little beefcake) but his eczema, pet allergies and overall skin sensitivities have now resolved themselves with our diet change. He remains sensitive to nightshades, so we’re more careful with his diet than the other two boys and use a gentle wash cloth and coconut oil on the skin when he indulges in a ketchup bath.

For more on Finian, here is a list of his favorite things!

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