Mediterranean-Inspired Paleo Eats! + Why We Love Avocado Oil

Stacy’s deep into her trip around the Mediterranean (and let’s face it, we’re all a little jealous!), so in this week’s newsletter we’re sharing our favorite Mediterranean eats, plus why we love avocado oil!

stacy in hat, Mediterranean-Inspired Paleo Eats! + Why We Love Avocado Oil | Paleo Parents

Hello from across the world! I’m still having a blast on my trip around the Mediterranean with my dad and sisters, even despite one rainy day (where we almost missed the boat- oops!). So far this trip has been full of incredible memories, incredible food, and a lot of relaxation.

cruise food, Mediterranean-Inspired Paleo Eats! + Why We Love Avocado Oil | Paleo Parents
I’m balancing out my daily cappuccinos and gelato with lots of green veggies and meat! The food on the cruise hasn’t been half bad at all, in fact there have been a lot of great Paleo options. I’m all about the 80/20 on vacation- it’s how I accomplish maintaining health and feeling good so that I can enjoy the trip, but also indulging in treats and local food so that I still get all the vacation vibes!

By the way, tons more pictures on Instagram —> here!!

greek food, Mediterranean-Inspired Paleo Eats! + Why We Love Avocado Oil | Paleo Parents

Big plates of veggies topped with quality meat and real, handmade feta cheese? Yep, love it! Gelato around every corner? Yeah, I could get used to this!

gelato in greece, Mediterranean-Inspired Paleo Eats! + Why We Love Avocado Oil | Paleo Parents
I’ll be sharing more about my trip when I’m home this week and plugged back in. International travel (the few hours I was in Canada don’t count!) and navigating cruise ship food were both new experiences for me… and I am excited to tell you all about it!

Thanks for sticking around while the blog and social media have been quieter the past couple weeks- we always appreciate your kind words and support of our family!

Are you using Avocado Oil?

It’s one of our ESSENTIAL cooking fats! Avocado oil has a smooth, buttery flavor and an overall neutral taste that lends itself to just about every cooking application. Plus, not only does it taste great, but this oil is full of nutrients and contains just as much healthy monounsaturated fat as olive oil!

Chosen foods avocado oil review, Mediterranean-Inspired Paleo Eats! + Why We Love Avocado Oil | Paleo Parents

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Avocado oil ranks right up there with Ghee and Lard for cooking, and we love having an already-liquid fat with a HIGH SMOKE POINT for getting a pan of veggies roasting in the oven quickly, or for drizzling in a hot pan to fry up eggs or even a juicy steak. We also use it every time we make a homemade dressing!

We even use it for baking! This avocado oil also comes in a spray that we love for coating muffin tins and other baking pans. The best part is that there are NO ADDITIVES or chemical propellents! Find it –> here.

It is our preferred oil for making MAYONNAISE at home… although, Chosen Foods now sells a mayonnaise made with their avocado oil and other clean ingredients, which is our favorite and too convenient and tasty NOT to get! Find it —> here.

We know you’ll love this versatile, tasty, and nutrient-dense cooking oil!

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Our Favorite Mediterranean-Inspired Recipes

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