LLL Picnic

Every first Tuesday is LLL night. Wes and I attend our mom’s group and try to help struggling breastfeeding mothers struggle less while also bonding and sharing joy with our community.


Since my work is half-way to the meeting, the boys often meet me at a park or playground for a picnic. This maximizes our time together and we get to enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather. Tonight the boys shared “Paleo muffins” with baby ducks!


An unusual, but awesome, picnic dinner item, Matt made Everyday Paleo’s zucchini spaghetti. Cole had 3 bowls, while Finn ate the meat out and then insisted he and Wes eat beef jerky, Diane’s maple sage to be exact.


With weather in the 70’s, just as the sun begins to set, watching orioles and baby duck families… I have no complaints.

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