ICYMIM March 21th: Heatless Curls & A Dash of Positivity

The viral hair trend got me, then I practiced until perfect for you. I have cracked the perfect heatless, overnight curls! Plus, a friendly reminder, and moment of celebration!

Overnight Heatless Curl Hair Hack

If you follow me on social media, you probably seen me trial and error a few hair hacks for heatless curls. And I am SO excited to say I think I finally nailed it.

What I love about no-heat curl techniques is how healthy it leaves your hair, but the biggest issue I’ve run into is it either disrupts my sleep, or leave my hair frizzy. Here’s how I fixed it.

  1. Use a towel strip (I cut an old one into a long, skinny section I fold in half) and secure at the top of your head.
  2. Wrap dry hair in alternating strands front-to-back around the towel. Like a french braid, but so much easier!
  3. Roll up from the bottom and secure in a way that’s comfortable for you to sleep on, like Princess Leia buns tucked behind my ears worst for me as a side sleeper.
  4. Wake up looking amazing with out the heat!

It works on straight AND curly hair. And as a bonus, it prevents knots and the towel actually absorbs oil and sweat from your hair overnight, meaning you can go longer between washing!

Find my whole video tutorial here!

Friendly Reminder That You Rock

Since I put myself out in the world, I might get my fair share of negative feedback. This is especially relevant as I step out on my own as a solo-podcaster. But remember: no happy person will ever say mean things about you, and if they try, remember it’s a reflection of the person they are, NOT of who you are!

Because you rock. Don’t ever forget that.

See the whole post here

And If You Didn’t See The Bazillion Announcements…

Sarah and I just hit 500 episodes! 

Find the show notes for the milestone show here, and my full post about it here!

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