ICYMI Monday Sept 12th: PFAS in Dental Floss + Another Birthday

It can be very daunting putting as much of yourself online as I do, and when you challenge the “normal” rhetoric of diet culture and overall wellness, pushback is to be expected. Still, it doesn’t make it any more fun when it happens! But because I feel so strongly about this mission, it makes the effort worthwhile. Here’s what people are up in arms about this week…

PFAS in Dental Floss?

I made a video on PFAS and Dioxane (from petroleum) in dental floss and OH BOY did I upset the internet. Well, a few loud trolls – most people were grateful for the information!

The coating on most normal dental floss is made from chemicals which have been shown to cause harm to human health. 1,4-dioxane– a carcinogen proven to cause cancer in humans and animals when regularly exposed to the compound.

But don’t panic! Flossing your teeth is important, and there are many companies out there that don’t use PFAS in dental floss products. So it’s as easy as changing your brand.

There was a huge demand for my sources over on TikTok, so in case you are curious for more information on this emerging science, I’ll list them again here:

If you haven’t yet seen the video, find it here on Instagram or here on TikTok!

I Celebrated My Birthday

Yes, there is another birthday to highlight again this week, but this time– it’s mine!

Wesley also made me one of the best gifts I’ve ever received: a video he made just for me. It follows the protagonist, Mysterious Red Haired Woman, as she saves a child. Y’all, the production quality actually blew me away. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really need to! And, he’s started his own TikTok to share more of his stop motion videos here.

Stacy Toth as a Guest Host?

Hey, did you know I’m the host of a really awesome podcast? Well, then you might remember a few episodes back I had the amazing Toni Marinucci on the show to talk about eating archetypes and diet dating.

What you might not know is that Toni has her own super awesome podcast and she invited me on as a guest host!

In the episode, we discuss Fat Phobia, Weight Stigma, and Defining What Health Means To You. I loved talking to Toni and connecting with her audience, so definitely join us over there for even more science!

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