ICYMI Monday August 22nd: Milestones, Birthday and Kids in School!

These last few weeks have really driven home just how far I’ve come in life. It’s critical that we take that time to look back, reflect, and congratulate ourselves on the growth we accomplished. Yes, we’re never done learning and growing, but that doesn’t we can’t appreciate how far we’ve come. Here are a few of our milestones this week!

How Has Our Parenting Evolved in Terms of Food?

Fostering allowed me to see the EXTREME privilege of our eating habits and how harmful restrictive eating and elimination diets can be, especially for someone without access. Then, we started adding name brands they were used to and seeing what everyone wanted (because 4 teens eat A LOT). Cereal, chips, and bread are the big ones I can think of off the top of my head that were all “binge” foods with prior exposure, and I am happy to say can now exist peacefully without the impulse to consume before it disappears (disordered eating).

How has our parenting now changed? We have no restrictions or rules at home except no gluten (because I am Celiac). Over my health journey, I’ve realized that the demonization and glorification of food were rooted in diet culture. So we focus on how we feel, food as energy, and mindfulness. I encourage everyone in my house to eat what and when they want to avoid the after-effects of limited access.

If you’re still glorifying certain foods over others or can’t help defining foods as “good” or “bad,” try considering the broader impact and association with fatphobia. It’s a lot to undo mindsets and habits we’ve spent decades doing, but that’s why we do the best we can until we can do better!

The Kids are Back in School!

Y’all, I spent the whole day being melancholy in grief. But then tonight we sat around the dinner table, everyone eating, sharing about their day, laughing – and it was a big reminder to me that THIS is what we do it for… to help them become their own empowered, independent people who don’t need no moms LOLZ.

Especially proud of Wesley going to middle school with special needs and navigating the whole day successfully. And of kiddo, who after severe trauma and avoidance around school went with nonchalance and then came home from their first ever bus ride and said “the bus was fine, can I have this snack?” like… NBD?! And Cole is a SENIOR. And Finn is a FRESHMAN with 0 classes with his besties and instead of pushing for a new schedule, decided today, “I think I’m just going to keep my schedule and make more friends.” Like, what?! Sometimes I wonder about these kids – today, sobbing tears of pride.

And, we got the absolute honor to be with Kiddo when they turned 16! This is such an incredible milestone, and being able to share it with them left me with all the feels. Then Cole turns 17 in 3 days – this week is always a big one for my emotions!

Self-Acceptance & Growth

I had an emotional rollercoaster of a conversation with Kelsey Snelling about my experience at fat camp, and it’s just really driven home how far I’ve come as a person. If you told teenage me I’d be where I am today, surrounded by so many people who love me and my love for this amazing community… I would have said you were absolutely crazy.

So much of my self-worth was tied to my appearance and how others perceived me. I didn’t think unconditional love was an option for me. But, through this journey, I’ve realized just how many people are out there with stories and experiences like mine. And most importantly, those stories don’t have to define us

If you haven’t yet listened to the amazing conversation I had with Kelsey, “Camp Shame,” and her upcoming documentary, find it here.
watch the reel here


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