Humpday Paleo Push Through, 2011Mar16

Having a hard time pushing through your humpday?  Here are my favorite Paleo, parenting, and recipe reads of the week:

The Foodee went live!

A great paper came out touting the awesome of Paleo, all geeky science like.

In the ever expanding awesomeness of Gut Flora, breastmilk was shown to be probiotic.

This recipe for Green Deviled Eggs from Mastering the Art of Paleo looks great, and is sure to be one of the boys’ favorite!

Everyday Paleo’s Sarah Fragoso and Diane from Balanced Bites will be doing seminars locally this summer!

Primal Toad pointed us to an article about Weight Watcher’s admittance that it’s not just about consumption of calories.

Lastly, Robb Wolf wants us all to take a Paleo Survey.


Lastly, I want to acknowledge a few comments I’ve received this week.  We did a bit of a “formal” announcement of the site in the past week or two and have received some great feedback.  Thank you for your comments, kind words and reminding us why we take the time for the site!
Kate at Cave Kitchen gave us a great review on her site!
Lindsey at Enjoying Healthy Foods and Whitney from The Paleo Child said some awfully nice stuff, too.
Liz at Cave Girl Eats called us inspiring, which I couldn’t reciprocate or appreciate any more!
I also heard a rumor that Christy at Food Matters is lurking on the site (after meeting in person) and has gone Paleo after hearing my Evangelical Pro-Paleo pandering at a local mom’s group  – wonderful to hear!

If you’re out there, and not noted above, let me know – we’d love to hear from you!

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