Humpday Paleo Push Through, 2011Apr05

Alrighty, here’s the links of the week… according to the Paleo Parents.  Hope it helps you get through your Humpday.

Hunt Gather Love posted a response to the Paleo 2.0, which was more interesting for me than the actual original post.  I do think dairy isn’t good and I have my reasons, but in moderation (and I mean less than half a cup serving per day) from good sources, I don’t think it needs to painted as the devil.  Then again, I don’t think anyone is painting it (or some of the other items mentioned) as the devil – perhaps I’m just reading good sources?  I happen to love that the sources I use reguarly say, “if you don’t agree, Google it, read the medical journals and studies, give it 30 days and see how you feel.”

Paleo Diet Lifestyle posted 10 reasons why fructose is bad.  Not to completely throw Paleo “rules” out the window, I’m complicating it with this list.  I will admit my biggest struggle with Paleo has been sugar.  Now that I understand how my body was riding those insulin spkes and what it was doing to my body, I’m coming to realize that it’s not just about the glycemic load of sugar but it’s fructose and glucose volumes as well.  I don’t want to feel guilty about an apple for a snack, but it is good to have a reminder why moderation is important. 100 grams of natural sugars seems like a good limit; I’ve updated my Amazon S&S to ship our agave less often and have replaced it with raw.  We’re all eating less fruit and more veggies and meat for snacks.  I’ve replaced our chocolate almond milk with veggie fruit juice boxes.  Baby steps… and each one counts.

We made, and loved, Functional Foodie’s Paleo Shepard’s Pie.

We became contributors to The Paleo Rodeo! Publication 54 is here, we submitted Breakfast for Dinner and Eating with 2 year-olds.  Let us know what your favorite weekly posts are, so we can make sure to submit our “best” ones going forward!


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