Harvest Your Health Bundle Relaunch! $880 value for only $39!

Did you miss the Harvest Your Health E-Book Bundle?

After the October Harvest Your Health Bundle came and went, many people asked if it would be coming back. At the time, we had to offer our apologies as there were no plans for that at the time.

But if you did miss out, you’re in luck now! Primal Toad (Todd Dosenberry) has decided to jump start your New Year by rereleasing the biggest deal in Real Food Living of 2013! Come get the amazing Harvest Your Health E-Book Bundle! It’s only available this weekend!







The package includes 52 books, 3 online magazine subscriptions, and discount codes for some of the top resources in the paleo community!

The really wonderful thing about this bundle over all others that we have seen, is how all encompassing the items in the package are. You will find support and guidance for every phase in your healthy living journey, and will be given a number of resources to troubleshoot the tricky patches.

As we have always said, developing your personal paleo philosophy and routine is your key to finding a healthy, sustainable approach to life! The Harvest Your Health Bundle is just the thing to help you reach that point!

ALL of the following books, subscriptions, plans, subscriptions and discounts are included! We’ve highlighted the ones we’re most excited about!

Cooking/Preparing Paleo Food

Cooking/Preparing Real Food

Personal/Home Care (Skin, Hair, Teeth, Cleaning)

Fertility, Pregnancy, Babies, Children, Motherhood



Intentional/Simple Living



Meal Plans

Online Magazine Subscriptions


If the thought of getting all these resources doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will!


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