Gluten-Free Walt Disney World Dining Guide

As a three-time bestselling cookbook author and Celiac, I’m a bougie gluten-free foodie. One of the best things about vacationing at Walt Disney World is how inclusive they are, including but not limited to allergen-friendly dining. I’m so excited to finally share our Gluten-Free Walt Disney World Dining Guide! And yes, I even tell you what we do not recommend when Dining Gluten-Free at Disney World.

NOTE: we fully paid for our trip and are in no way affiliated with Walt Disney World. 

First Thing’s First: Disney World Dining Planning

We originally went to Disney World in 2016, so this 2022 trip was exciting because Disney has added so much – and, we knew more about how to plan. The most important thing: if you want to eat inside (where the air conditioning is) MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS FOR MEALS AT THE SAME TIME AS YOUR PARK RESERVATIONS. I know, that’s a lot of caps. But trust me, there is nothing worse than spending so much money at Disney to spend half your time waiting outside, melting in sweltering heat while your children complain as you wait for a table.

Alternatively, you can use the Disney App to mobile order throughout the parks. It is highly suggested by Disney since they have limited availability and long waits to sit down. Problem is, mobile orders are lengthy too. Our first morning I wanted Starbucks on main street and despite being there before the crowds the mobile pick-up time was over an hour later. So, my recommendation is to plan ahead so you don’t catch yourself in a bind. We had done about half our meals with planned reservations, and I wish we’d done them all that way!

I think most people don’t do reservations because they don’t know where to start. But, I got you! Here’s all the best places to find gluten-free eats at Walt Disney World in 2022 (menus are all linked – you can select Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner then scroll to bottom for allergy-friendly items).

Disney Springs

Disney Springs is one of our favorite places to go when we visit Florida. It’s free with the same magical spirit! The entire are is shops and restaurants, so there’s no lack of good food. Some of our favorites:

  • Raglan Road™ Irish Pub and Restaurant – sit down (reservations suggested) highly recommend the GF fish & chips and onion rings.
  • Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC is a walk-up counter easy to grab-and-go, dedicated GF bakery with vegan options, too.
  • Disney’s Candy Cauldron is a walk-up counter easy to grab-and-go, with fun GF-friendly options like candy poison apples.
  • Rainforest Cafe, the kids really wanted to go here and though there is one in Animal Kingdom we had other plans that day.
  • Chicken Guy, nearly all the sauces are gluten-free with special menu accommodations this was a huge hit.

And, there are lots of other places you can go within the Disney World Resort not inside the parks. We loved:

Stopping by the Polynesian is absolutely worth your time. It’s outside our budget to stay there, but it’s a beautiful resort to visit – and, when staying on any Disney World resort you have access (see my Planning Tips Guide for more info). Then, once you easily park right in front of the hotel, you can monorail into Magic Kingdom or wherever you’re headed!

Magic Kingdom Park

Magic Kingdom has so many Gluten-Free Food options! Definitely checkout:

  • Jungle Navigation Co. Skipper Canteen – Falafel, crispy chicken stir fry, Thai noodles, mango-lime panna cotta.
  • Pinocchio Village Haus – grab-and-go easy with mobile: has GF chicken nuggets and pizza which are great for a quick grab-and-go lunch.
  • Aloha Isle – grab-and-go easy short lines: Skip the float or anything fancy, just the Pineapple Whip is incredible.
  • Tony’s Town Square – (reservations suggested) Italian with good view of center square, I will say Italian is our least favorite GF food in all of Disney World, we haven’t had a single great experience in any area. We didn’t have reservations so were unable to try here, and they do have Chicken Parm that may be worth giving a shot.
  • The Plaza Restaurant – (reservations suggested) loaded fries, club sandwich, Roast Beef Au Ju (actually delish), sundaes, NOT bottomless milkshakes and GF bread (don’t recommend, read more below).

Skip Sit Downs at MK

My personal experience is that unless you have a reservation at off-hours, do not try to attempt a sit-down restaurant in Magic Kingdom. We went twice, and each time – even WITH a true reservation and a “walk up reservation” (meaning we waited 2 hours) it wasn’t worth it. They’re SO busy, especially around Main Street, that the service is rushed. You’re better off popping over to a resort and coming back – it’ll save you time and be better.

We stood outside melting and waiting much longer than quoted for our family’s final meal at The Plaza because it’s supposed to be a Disney must-do. I’d read online they had bottomless milkshakes, and with 4 teens I knew they’d make it worth the wait, lol. As soon as we sat down we got a half-hearted hello from our waiter who rushed tither and fro around the cramped dining room as though he were in some kind of race. At one point early on I spilled my water and he threw towels and napkins onto our table for me to clean-up myself.

That is NOT the type of experience or service Disney is known for. When we visited in 2016 it was very different. Be aware as Disney ramps back up. I would have much preferred to just monorail to Polynesian or GF Pizza with Pineapple Whip for 1/3 the cost! Especially since milkshakes are no longer bottomless (but still very overpriced).

Hollywood Studios Park

On paper this park looks like it’s not got much going for it food-wise, but I’m here to tell you differently! The Gluten-Free Food options at Hollywood were some of my favorites:

  • Docking Bay 7 – grab-and-go easy with mobile: Ok not only do you get the benefit of eating IN Star Wars’ world, the food is phenomenal. From crispy chicken bowl with roasted vegetables to to beef stir fry and poke bowl, there is something for everyone. highly recommend
  • Backlot Express – grab-and-go easy with mobile: pulled pork, burger, salad, GF chicken breast strips.
  • Woody’s Lunchbox – grab-and-go easy with mobile: grilled cheese, BBQ brisket melt, and totchos for breakfast.
  • 50’s Prime Time Cafe is the hidden jewel of Hollywood Studios. Because everyone is interested in the more modern spots, this was easy for us to get a table without reservation. We were just happy to get anything at all, but turns out they have Gluten-free fried chicken that was incredible (not on menu, but will make if you ask), GF s’mores, meatloaf, and salad. The best part? The “rules” and service here were WONDERFUL. Our waitress gave us ‘homework’ while we were waiting for our food that we still talk about (how many classic Disney one-title movies can you name? A: 37, we came up with 32). (reservations suggested) highly recommend

Animal Kingdom Park

Our family’s favorite park does not disappoint with food. Honestly there’s more here I want to try but just haven’t gotten a chance! Gluten-Free Food options:

  • Sanaa Lunch, Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani Village – sit down (reservations suggested) highly recommend This is another location, like the Polynesian, worth a short shuttle ride from Animal Kingdom. Outside your windows you have exclusive access and private views to Giraffes and other gorgeous safari creatures. And, the food is wonderful! The Indian-Style Bread Service with variety of accompaniments is a must – and everything else we’ve ever had has been fantastic.
  • Satu’li Canteen – grab-and-go easy with mobile: nourishing bowls with protein, veg and carb.
  • Nomad Lounge – sit down (reservations suggested) but we requested on mobile and were able to get in easily. Thank goodness because these Gluten-Free Churros were magic. I don’t know how they were so fluffy and crispy! I wish we could have tried more here, but only so much we could eat. highly recommend
  • Tamu Tamu – grab-and-go easy with mobile or a short line: do not miss the Dole Whip.

EPCOT at Disney World

Gluten-Free Food options (were sadly meh given this is the food park):

Since I cannot eat BBQ sauce and we didn’t have a reservation at Coral Reef, we chose to go to Italy thinking Italian could please our whole family. One restaurant didn’t open until 3pm (we needed lunch) and the other had a very long wait. Despite having more than half the restaurant empty, we waited outside melting for about 45 min before we were seated. Then we waited 30 min more to be given waters, and another hour before our food came. The meals were small, expensive, and rather bland. I would NOT recommend gluten-free Italian at Disney, they’ve got some work to do there.

Outside of Disney World

If everything is busy and you can’t find food within the resort, try Toasted. It’s not in a park but totally worth visiting nearby. We placed our order online and pick-up was quick. Our complicated order was exactly right, and delicious. I wish they had these in VA so I could try more of what they offer!

Or you could try Cole’s favorite spot in Orlando, Gringos Locos, for delicious tacos and burritos!


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