ELD: 1st Sneak Peak

You awesome people have “liked” our book over at Amazon enough for another iteration in the series of glimpses into Eat Like a Dinosaur. We can’t believe how quickly this is all happening! I was at a book fair at Cole’s school yesterday and realized that someday our book might one day be sitting among all the other awesome kids’ books in the library. I got a bit choked up, honestly. We’re ever so grateful for your support. Every time we check Amazon and see our book still there, we’re surprised. We keep waiting for the Paleo Police to come declare us as frauds!

Whether we’re frauds or not, however, is really up to you. For us that means making something your kids actually want to see more of, read about and try and enjoy healthy, wholesome, foods. We’ve been saying that our book is “designed” for a child’s eye. But you might not be sure what that means.

Our own parenting philosophy is to approach children with the respect for the humans that they are. And we hope the aesthetics of this book does the same. It’s fun, it’s expressive, and (hopefully) enticing. We were so thrilled when Amanda (our illustrator and graphics guru) sent us the final chapter dividers. These are 4 of our favorites; what do you think?

Boring Chapter for Parents and Snacks

Packing Lunches and Projects

We feel like they capture the spirit of the book and we’re hoping these little teasers get your little ones excited for what else they’ll find in our book!


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