Eating Evolved Review by Cole

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Ever since we first met them at AHS 2012 and bought a box enticingly labelled “Bacon Truffles”, our go-to candy company has been Eating Evolved. Not only are they awesome adult treats, but our kids love them too. Consisting of all paleo-friendly, organic ingredients, we don’t feel bad letting our kids have one or two (or three) on occasion.

Finn, our sneakiest of children, once attempted to intercept a package of them for himself when he found it on the front stoop. We found him, with a package a few truffles shy of the way it was sent, hiding under our deck!  Cole, our oldest child, took their latest delivery very seriously. He took notes, with input from us all, on these new chocolates from Eating Evolved and assigned each a starred rating (out of ten).

Cole also got to preview some of the upcoming flavors and projects at Eating Evolved! We can’t wait to share those with you!

Eating Evolved

I was happy when I found out that Mommy got new chocolate in the mail to try and review. I was even more happy when she said she didn’t want to eat so many chocolates because she was working out all the time. Even better was that Finian already had something to review, so I could do the Eating Evolved chocolates!

photo 1

There were lots of chocolates to try in the box and we got to taste one every night! There were truffles, dark chocolate squares, and coconut butter cups. And I tried all of them and want to share my favorites.

photo 2

  • Turkish Fig and Mint Truffles, 10 Stars: Turkish Fig and Mint truffles were my favorite. I gave it all ten stars! It has a great mint flavor.
  • Vanilla Latte, 9 Stars: Vanilla Latte was my next favorite. It tasted like vanilla beans.
  • Banana Walnut, 3 Stars: The Banana Walnut chocolates were okay, but only for people who like banana. Like Wesley, my monkey brother.
  • Orange Cacao Nib, 5 Stars: Orange Cacao Nib chocolates were pretty good. I didn’t taste the orange too much, though.
  • Bacon Sea Salt Truffles, 5 Stars: There is a lot of bacon flavor in the Bacon Sea Salt Truffles! They’d be perfect for George.
  • Cacao Nib Crunch, 7 Stars: The Cacao Nib Crunch was really good. I liked how you could see the crunchy nibs on the back of the chocolate.
  • Coconut Almond, 5 Stars: Coconut Almond chocolates were tasty with the coconut and almond shreds all over it.
  • Maple Bacon Mocha Truffles, 8 Stars: Maple Bacon Mocha truffles was my favorite bacon one! It was very tasty. Mommy loved them the best!
  • Black Garlic and Fennel Truffles, 6 Stars: I even liked the Black Garlic and Fennel truffles, which we thought only Daddy would like!
  • I didn’t try the Cayenne Aztec Truffles because I didn’t want to eat spicy chocolate. But Daddy did and he like it.
  • The Coconut Butter Cups were surprising to bite into and tasty, too.

I recommend you try these chocolates, especially the Vanilla Latte and Turkish Fig and Mint! I also saw on their website a Cherry Vanilla that sounds good, but we didn’t get that.


Eating Evolved wants you to try out their chocolates just like Cole did!

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