Dark Chocolate Banana Bites

Another genius recipe from Cole, this one is a sister to our Flourless Fudgy Brownie Bites. When we were discussing making treats for Christmas gifts he suggested those brownies. But it was a Friday night and I was feeling too lazy to melt chocolate. So he and I chatted about what we could use instead, and the result is his creation (with my help).

When we came up with these little treats, we were shocked at how good they were. In fact, they became even better the next day – the texture was like velvet.  If you like our Flourless Fudgy Brownie Bites or Pumpkin Pucks, we bet you’ll love these too!

Dark Chocolate Banana Bites
Cole happens to love cinnamon with chocolate, but if you’re not a fan just leave it out.

2 bananas
5 eggs
3/4 C coconut oil, liquified
1/2 C maple syrup, we recommend Grade B
1 Tbsp vanilla
1 C almond flour (or coconut flour if you’re nut-free)
1/2 C cocoa powder
1 Tbsp cinnamon

1/2 C dark chocolate chips

  1. Using an electric mixer or food processor, combine all of the wet ingredients (bananas should smooth out)
  2. ♥ In a separate bowl, combine all dry ingredients except chocolate chips
  3. While mixing on low, add dry ingredients to wet ingredients until just combined
  4. ♥ Sir in chocolate chips to the dough
  5. ♥ Using a silicon mini muffin pan or mini muffin liners on a metal pan, scoop the dough until almost full into mini muffin pans
  6. Cook at 350 for 10 minutes

Makes 4 dozen; store chilled and let come to room temperature before serving or eating. This is a super easy recipe and perfect for letting kids help (♥)!

They were a huge hit to those that received them as gifts this holiday season!

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  • Suzanne Fisher

    Thanks so much for this recipe!  I haven’t been so good with my Paleo/Primal diet lately and figured out that it is due to my kids and hubby not all being on board.  So, they are going to be on board shortly:)  And having snack recipes like the brownies are so helpful for snacks.  Thanks.

  • Shirley @ gfe

    Oh my gosh, those look good! Thank goodness I left this email in my In Box to reference later. 🙂 I will be making these for breakfast tomorrow. Seriously. Oh, and you better watch out … soon you’re going to have to rename your blog to “Cole and his Paleo Parents”. 😉


    • Yeah! So glad Cole and I will be one of your first foods of 2012 – hope you love them!

  • Shirley @ gfe

    Made them! LOVE them! I’d love them even without chocolate chips (tasted the batter!), but the chocolate chips make them divine! 🙂 Thanks so much to you all for this recipe!


    • You’re welcome, Shirley! Glad you liked them!

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  • Kadren

    Could I use a different flour?  My oldest can not have either of those, nor rice, soy, or any gluten containing grain.  They look so good!!

    • Honestly, I don’t know. Coconut flour is a problem too (usually it’s considered safe even for tree nut allergies)?  I bet sweet potato flour or buckwheat flour (which is gluten-free) would work pretty well, but they’re mainly starch so I always hesitate to recommend it. I’m sure you have your own kind of flour you prefer that I wouldn’t eat (a bean flour, perhaps) that would work just as well. If you try it, let us know!

      • Kadren

        Yes, our oldest is intolerant to coconut.  And 24 other foods…  🙂  I do have an all purpose flour that I make that seems to work well in most everything.  It’s main ingredient is millet flour.  Should I just try plain millet? 

        • Give it a try and let’s hope it works out!

          • Kadren

            Will do!  🙂

  • Edjirikils

    For someone concerned with carb control, the blood sugar spike from these make it quite difficult to eat them in moderation.  And that’s not fair.  So I substituted the maple syrup with a 50/50 split of agave & applesauce.  Reduced almond flour 1/4 & added flax seed meal in its place.  Finally, used 70% dark chocolate chunks.  These changes help reduce the sugar content making it more favorable for guilt-free quantity consumption!  For someone with almond flour sensitivity I’d recommend using quiona in it’s place.  Remarkable recipe.. Thanks!

    • I’m glad you figured out a way to make it work for you! I would caution that you replaced all the sucrose in the maple syrup with more and more fructose. But if it works best for you, that’s awesome!

    • I’ve had good luck subbing homemade date paste from soaked dates for honey, agave, and maple syrup. I usually use at least half date paste and add some honey and a little stevia if it needs some extra sweetening. There are studies that show that dates don’t cause blood sugar spikes.

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  • ShariGal

    I just made these tonight and was disappointed by my results. I don’t think it’s the recipe based on other comments, but maybe the kind of coconut oil I used. It had a very strong coconut flavor, stayed solid in the batter (mine was really liquid) and consequently left holes where it melted out. Since this was my first experience using coconut oil, maybe I should have melted it? Also, I used 1/2 almond flour and 1/2 white rice flour. I want to try this again- it’s all stuff I love!

    • I’m so sorry! This is entirely my fault! I’ve been working with these ingredients for so long that I forget that not everyone is a familiar with these products. Coconut oil is kind of its own unique thing. It can almost never be used it the solid state and must be melted (usually in a microwave or in a saucepan over low heat) before use. This is now so innate to gluten-free bakers that sometimes we forget to indicate that it must be melted. I’ve fixed the ingredients list to indicate that the oil must be liquified first and I sincerely apologize for steering you wrong!

      • ShariGal

        Thank you Stacy. I will give them another try with the melted coconut oil. They still taste good even if they do have little pockets where the oil melted away!

      • EnglishKiwi

        I used 3/4cup melted cocnut oil – mixture very runny. Was I meant to measure then melt the oil?

  • Sharon Turner

    Do you have the nutritional info on this receipt?

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  • Lisa

    I made these without the chocolate chips and a little less maple syrup than called for- my kids and I think they are delicious!

  • Nowisemama

    We are new to Paleo and love the family-friendly site! Can I substitute the banana for something else? The banana flavor was strong. Also, mine were thick and grainy possibly from the coconut flour? I used Coconut Secret raw unbleached coconut flour.

    • I haven’t tried it with anything other than bananas. Maybe sweet potatoes? Something else that will mash.

  • Allnaturaljo

    If I use coconut flour should I reduce the amount?

    • I have never made it that way, so I wouldn’t know. Try experimenting and look for the amount that the thick batter seems right.

    • PolkaDotMommy

      Coconut flour generally requires 1/3 the amount of traditional flours (including nut flour). . . so, I’d start with 1/3 cup in this recipe. One cup would result in a super dry finished product.

      • sarah

        I wish I would’ve read this comment before I just made them 🙁 I just did 1 cup and they look like they’re going to be so dry

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  • Lisa

    Do the bananas need to be brown?

    • Ripe bananas will offer more flavor and sweetness, for sure.

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  • Jenna Allen

    I just made these today & HOLY CRAP! They are delicious! I used stevia instead of palm sugar because that is what I had on hand. Will definitely make again! Next time definitely putting some chips in them though! Walnuts were yummy though !

  • Nancy

    They are baking now, but they are still baked throughout and it’s going on 14 minutes. I hope I don’t over bake them.

    • Nancy

      *not baked

    • I hope they turned out well!

  • Kelly Reed

    I don’t have a mini muffin tin right now (It’s on the way, thanks to amazon!). Any guesses for how long I’d need to bake these in a regular size muffin/cupcake tin?

    • Longer? 😉 Sorry, not sure, just watch and smell for them to firm up in the center (but not too hard, you want a velvety texture)

      • Kelly Reed

        Thanks! I’ll give it a shot.

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  • cecilia

    I made these last week and I’m about to make them again. I used a plantain and a banana last time and almond meal instead of flour. They were still velvety and delish! Thanks for the awesome recipe

  • Ellen Krueger

    I just made these…very disappointed. Way too oily and had to cook for over 20 minutes for the toothpick to come out clean. Very oily tasting and eggy in the middle. Sorry I wasted my maple syrup on these.

    • Hi Ellen, so sorry to hear about your frustrations and not sure what happened. Did you make any modifications to the recipe? And did you use the almond flour or coconut flour variation? We have never heard of someone running into these issues with this recipe, so curious to know if we can track down what happened exactly.

      • Ellen Krueger

        I know, I had read all the other comments first and had high hopes… I did use almond flour, but the only stuff I can get here is close to the texture of the Bobs mills, a bit more textured than flour. The rest I followed the recipe. Maybe my eggs were still too cool from the fridge, because the melted coconut oil solidified into tiny little white dots in the batter before spooning it into the muffin mould. The last batch came out a bit better, knowing the cook time worked out better doubled, so I didn’t keep opening the oven to check. I might try them again with less oil and a mix of half coconut and almond flours and see if that helps, the batter was quite runny with the course almond flour… or maybe my oven temp is low?… My husband and I have been trying to eat mostly Paleo for the past year by choice not necessity. My 3 yr old daughter is not on paleo, but I have been trying to slowly find baking options that are healthier alternatives. I do not have a lot of experience paleo baking yet, and have yet to find some good classic recipes to replace traditional cookies and brownies for lunches etc. Any suggestions will be helpful, I didn’t mean to be negative.