CrossFit Gear Giveaway!

Over the past nearly four months, Stacy has been documenting, mostly through photos, our adventures with CrossFit over at the local NOVA CrossFit. Despite all the sore evenings and Facebook comments about our extremely poor form, we’ve completely fallen in love.

While we continue to share this love in all our social media outlets, we decided that we’d like to give you, our fans, friends, and followers, an opportunity to win a gift of some of the gear we’ve been using. Why not join in on all this fun we’ve been having?

Crossfit Day 7 by PaleoParentsNote, Stacy’s almost always wearing Athleta with her Paleo gear. We tried to reach them to participate, but sadly didn’t hear back. Nevertheless, Stacy wants you to know she thinks all you ladies should consider it instead of Lululemon, especially if you’re thick or busty – since their sizing is more accommodating. Read more here.

So here’s how this is going to work: I’m going to tell you all the cool things our friends are allowing us to giveaway and you’re going to enter to win it!

DemonBells Kettlebells

Now this is pretty cool! I’ve wanted a set of kettlebells for a long, long time. Even before I started CrossFit, I’ve felt the need to own some heavy weights for me to throw around. And these kettlebells are pretty special! DemonBells are giving away three kettlebells to three winners! We have three to giveaway, the 18 lbs, the 26 lbs, and the monster pictured above, the 44 lbs, from the Performance Line. What can you do with these babies? Well, as over 200 books on Amazon can attest, using kettlebells is a genre unto itself! From presses to squats, your kettlebells will be an aid in all of your strength training activities!

But what’s special about these in particular? Glad you asked.

  1. The angled flat spots (patents pending) provide 10 times the surface area for the contact patch than a normal kettlebell, thus reducing the impact forces on your forearm by up to 90%. Ergonomic improvements come with ZERO degradation in usability, performance, weight or balance.
  2. Specifically designed to match the angle of your forearm when in the overhead or snatch position. Reduces fatigue and likelihood of injury during high reps or heavy weight.
  3. Cutouts in the handle area provide a more ergonomically correct area for your hands to grip the bell, cutting down on hot spots and blisters when doing two handed swings, allowing you to go further with less pain.
  4. The wider base allows greater stability when doing renegade rows, kettlebell pushups, or any movement where your bodyweight is balanced on the kettlebell, decreasing the likelihood of the bell tipping over.

I’ve been working out a way to rig the giveaway so that all of them come to me, so I’d enter now so that I’ll be forced to give it to you!

Practical Paleo

It’s been pretty well documented that we love Practical Paleo, perhaps more than we like our own books! It covers every variation of the paleo diet from Autoimmune Protocol to Athletic Performance. And it’s that athletic performance that we know you’ll be into, you fit beast you! How are you possibly going to acquire the six pack of your destiny without the invaluable help of Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites?

We love it and we know you will, too.

Practical Paleo Featured Image

You know you want to be as good an athlete as this guy! All winners will receive this book to help them dial in their nutrition!

Nom Nom Paleo Socks

Socks, you ask? No, really. They are super important! You’re going to want the extra protection of these knee-high socks. I mean, if you don’t have super powerful socks, how are you going to clean like this?


The wonderful people behind Nom Nom Paleo and the Nom Nom Paleo App, the NomBombs themselves, are allowing us to giveaway two pairs of their long socks, perfect for your workout! The grand prize winner will win one pair and the third place winner will receive the other.

Well Fed Socks

And you’ll need something else cool to wear when your other socks are in the wash, yes? You’re in luck! Melissa Joulwan of The Clothes Make the Girl and Well Fed is allowing us to giveaway two pairs of her Well Fed socks! In no time you’ll be squatting like Stacy!

Crossfit Day 20 by @PaleoParents
You know you want to be cool like her! One pair will go to the Grand Prize winner and the other will go to the Second Prize winner!

Becoming a Supple Leopard

It’s sweeping the nation right now as a best seller, for sure! Dr. Kelly Starrett of has developed a system for repairing your injuries and correcting your movement so that you live a health and mobile life. This is truly a remarkable book for any level of athlete, showing you the appropriate ways to build your stability and movement to maximize your performance and health.


The Grand Prize winner will be sent a copy of this remarkable achievement directly from the publisher!

Life As RX Shirt

Life as RX is a pretty neat company dedicated to clothing and accessories for CrossFit. They’ve got many cool designs but after we realized that Stacy could lift more than most men we know, there was only one shirt we could select.


If you are the winner of the giveaway you will win the shirt and not the awkwardly smiling cook inside of it! Check out LifeAsRX for all their other cool designs as well. I particularly like “Bacon is good for me” because it’s true and this cool tank featuring a woman snatching (which is absolutely not innuendo).

Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations Shirt or Tank and Socks

George is know for many things. Being an ultra tough Marine. Being a super talented cook. Being an honest and open spokesperson for men struggling with body image (a topic upon which he’ll discussing as a guest on Episode 36 of the Paleo View!). And famous for loving bacon. A lot.


George is allowing us to giveaway to the Grand Prize Winner any shirt or tank in his store, including this one! Not only that, but you will also win a pair of Civilized Caveman socks! Wearing them will give you intense focus and balance* so that you’ll soon be doing the same impressive yoga moves that our friend Urban Poser can do! (*maybe)

urbanposersocksPhoto by the fantastic Jenni at Urban Poser

The Paleo Mom Shop

Sarah, our partner in making The Paleo View a reality, is known for many things. Pronouncing words in an adorably Canadian way. Breaking down scientific concepts with ease. Doing a massive amount of research so that she can be precise and evidential. And drawing cute stick figures while saying witty, poignant things.


Our Grand Prize winner will get to choose anything from her shop to add to their collection!

Cave Girl Eats Shop

Liz from Cave Girl Eats was our first friend in paleo and we truly appreciate her giving us the kick in the butt to take spreading this message of health seriously. So we are pleased that Ms. Skintervention, The Modern Cave Girl herself is allowing our Grand Prize Winner a chance to select anything in her store!

cavegirleatsYou know you want to support Stacy’s favorite breakfast, bone broth! How else are you going to build a skeleton strong enough not to buckle under all that weight you’re shoving over your head and give your skin enough durability not to painfully blister as a redhead in the sun?!

Eat Like a Dinosaur Apparel

And lastly, you want to wear a dinosaur to channel your inner prehistoric beast, yes? You want to be just like the beautiful people, like these two?


Well I know a couple of people who LOVE dinosaurs and made and entire line of shirts proclaiming that you must eat just like them! And they are offering to give the Grand Prize winner one of them!

To recap, here’s what we’re giving away (valued at $390!):

Crossfit Giveaway by PaleoParents

Grand Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Enter through Rafflecopter, for one of 16 entries – only one of which is mandatory. Increase your chances by completing all the steps, up to you – just do it by May 2nd, 2013 at midnight EST – when we will close the giveaway and choose the 3 winners! Note: unfortunately this giveaway is only open to delivery at a US address.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone! Hopefully these prizes will get you kick-started on your way to fantastic fitness! Before you know it, you’ll be flipping massive tires like these awesome ladies!

Stacy Flips Tire at PaleoParentsurbanposer
Keep up with fun photos like these on PaleoParents and Urban Poser’s Instagram feeds!

A special thanks to all of the generous donors and Paleo Parents Team Member Monica for all her help in setting this up! We’re super excited to be able to doing more for you on the blog with her helping out!

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