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The recent growth of the Healthy Inside & Out community has led to getting more education and safer products in the hands of so many. Last month was monumental, and part of that included the launch of the new Countermatch line by Beautycounter. It was so busy I didn’t have time to clarify, since I recognize the introduction of a new skincare line entirely is confusing AF. When do you use what, when, and for who?! Fortunately I’ve had some training and put this graphic together to help you figure out what I anticipate you wanting to know.

Fundamentally, Nourishing is the “basics” line for people with normal skin and is our most affordable skincare. Rejuvenating is the anti-aging line for those wanting to minimize the signs of time. And Countermatch is now the third line, focused on hydration that uses plant-technology (an entirely all-natural line!) to adapt, or “Bio-Mimic,” your skin’s exact needs. The Beautycounter + line is intended to be “add-ons” to your routines, such as masks to use 2x/week, oil to put on with or after your moisturizer, or spray to refresh yourself. It is not a “skincare line” in and of itself.

Ok, let’s talk Countermatch.

Trust me when I say Countermatch has a cult-like following for a reason. Some of those very people who love it wouldn’t have even tried it except I sent them a sample and they immediately fell in love with how Countermatch hydrated their skin and evened the skin tone. So while you may think you’re happy, it’s worth trying! Moisturized skin is less damaged skin, which means it will also slow down the aging process at it nourishes.

Countermatch released earlier this year and previously sold out within 24 hours, twice.  It’s that popular. The Bio-Mimic technology isn’t just special for a non-toxic safer skincare company. It’s ground-breaking, period. There have been countless mainstream articles. But what’s special now is that there is an entire line with this technology, not just a moisturizer. Now included are:

What do I mean by “bio-mimic” and “plant-derived”?

At a basic level, Beautycounter has found a way to harness the life-giving properties of plants and their cellular structure to hydrate our skin at that same cellular level. It’s penetrating the skin barrier and over time going to make skin less dry because the cells themselves will change. Unlike leading brands that (pictured right) have moisture sit on the surface of the skin, or even worse petroleum-based products that actually deplete skin of moisture over time making you “addicted” to needing more lotion, gloss, etc.


I currently love my X product, should I switch to Countermatch?

It depends. Are you REALLY happy with your routine with absolutely no wishes for change? For example, I LOVE Rejuvenating line but haven’t ever really been in love with either eye cream because I don’t have fine lines and the creams did nothing for my dark circles, which is why I’m SUPER excited about the focus of Countermatch Eye Cream, so I’ll be switching that over in my regular routine. I’ve heard from SO MANY people that they were SHOCKED by the results they got from Countermatch and absolutely love it but would never have known if I hadn’t sent them a sample because they thought they were happy with their current routine.
What skin types is the Countermatch collection made for?

Countermatch is for every skin type from dry to oily because it’s formulated to meet your skin’s needs with the level of moisture it requires. It’s perfect for those with acne (Cole uses the daily moisturizer!) as well with dry or oily skin – this patent pending all-natural plant-based technology is like NOTHING on the market. It has made International press because it is groundbreaking. Not just for a safer skincare company. For ANY company.

And while it is GREAT for people with dry, oil, acne-prone, or even sensitive skin, the people who would not want Countermatch are those who want anti-aging. Though Countermatch has excellent hydration (which is the key to prevent aging) and also antioxidants in Vitamin A and E, it hasn’t been proven by 3rd parties to reduce the signs of aging (dark spots and fine lines) the way Rejuvenating has.

Does Countermatch have ingredients that nourish the skin, like antioxidants?

Absolutely! Because Countermatch is plant-based, it’s rich in antioxidants like Vitamin A and E. What this means is that it will help neutralize and protect the skin from damage caused by oxidant molecules called free radicals, which come from things like UV exposure, pollution, or the stress of having 3 male children aged 12 and under. Ultimately, what that means is that it will help with those concerned about their skin being dry, dull, or rough.

Unfortunately, two of the Countermatch products (the serum and night cream) contain ingredients potentially derived from wheat. Those ingredients could potentially be beet based, and it’s further fermented to reduce the protein and inhibit gluten – but those with Celiac or other severe allergies (not necessarily intolerance) should be aware. The Moisturizer and Eye Cream are gluten-free.

While there are no preservatives in Countermatch, there are also some powerful active ingredients including salicylic acid. The Bio-Mimic technology and lack of preservatives need to stay air-tight to prevent oxidation, so the packaging is a bit different, I’ve got a video on how to open it over on my Facebook Group.

You mentioned the Eye Rescue Cream – what are you so excited about?

The Eye Rescue Cream repairs tired-looking eyes by hydrating, reducing under eye shadows and minimizing puffiness. The skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than facial skin and this transparency can make purple or blue under eye shadows more noticeable. Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream will tackle those DARK circles under your eyes!

Specifically, here’s how to know which eye cream is right for you:

I’ve heard Countermatch should go ON the skin directly, is that true?

Due to the unique Bio-Mimic nature of Countermatch, for it to truly adapt to your skin, it has to be put on your skin – directly. Which means it is recommended to apply oils AFTER Countermatch is applied. The order of application would be: cleans with your favorite product,  serum, eye cream, and either the moisturizer (day) or night cream (night). You can apply the serum and eye cream morning and/or night. Just make sure that the first thing that hits your skin is Countermatch – you want to take in that Bio-Mimic technology before any other products so that it can properly adapt to exactly what your skin cells need!

Your skin is a lot like mine, how are you incorporating Countermatch into your routine?

My skin is very sensitive and acne prone. I am truly VERY happy with my established routine… except the area under my eyes is more puffy and dark than I’d like.  So I’ve added the Countermatch Eye Rescue cream to my routine before bed. That’s it – otherwise my routine is the same: Charcoal Cleansing Soap & Soothing Baby Oil to wash and remove make-up, Rejuvenating Toner Pad, Rejuvenating Radiance Serum, sometimes (when needed) Rejuvenating Eye Cream, and Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer in the AM; before bed I use the other side of the toner pad on problem areas, [new] apply Countermatch Eye Cream, then Rejuvenating Night Cream.

I’m using both the eye creams still since they tackled different things. The rejuvenating has caffeine to really “wake” the eyes up and focuses on fine lines and wrinkles and the Countermatch is for puffiness and darkness. Since I’d like both those things, I do the one with caffeine in the AM and the other at night.

Giveaway Instructions

As I mentioned earlier, this is really all just an explanation of why I’m giving a set of Countermatch away for you! These are the EASIEST of instructions to be entered to win this entire ground-breaking skincare line. You can do one or both to double your chances:

  1. Leave a comment (you’ll need to use your e-mail to log-in and we will then add that e-mail to our safer skincare list).
  2. Join my Healthy Inside & Out Facebook group community. Afterall, 2,000 members there is why we’re doing this giveaway! [click to join: ]
That’s it! US & Canada entries only. We’ll pick a winner one week from today by combining those people on our safer skincare mailing list & in our Facebook group and picking one random lucky winner. No purchase necessary. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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