Co-Ops: How To

One of the ways our family makes the Paleo lifestyle affordable is through participation in co-ops. Through Yahoo Groups we’ve found great co-ops both locally run with local pick-ups as well as online-only groups who are run by an individual serving as a wholesaler.

In both instances, the co-ops allow us to identify and order the specific items and quantities we want to purchase, at wholesale prices usually without shipping.  I’ve used this concept to make large orders for discounts at local farms and as well as vendors like Just Tomatoes and Tropical Traditions.

Recently we participated in a NoVA Tropical Traditions co-op to replenish (cheaply) our coconut oil, coconut flour and coconut cream concentrate.  One of the ingredients we’ve been wanting to try, but wouldn’t have without the co-op discount, was Palm Shortening.

If you read some of our recipes and see that we’re using ingredients that are insanely expensive at your local health food or grocery store, don’t panic and run away!  Find a local co-op group and get them more economically and ecologically (gallon containers can be refilled!).

For recipes on how to use these ingredients you can use the search bar on the home page or view our favorite coconut flour recipe here our favorite palm shortening recipe here or our favorite coconut concentrate recipe here.

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