Arcadia Farm Camp

Please note, this post is by our youngest Review Team member – our almost 8yo son Cole. He had such a wonderful time learning about the lifecycle of growing real foods then cooking with them this summer at Arcadia summer camp that he wanted to share a review on the blog with you all. He can’t wait to go back next year, when his younger brother Finian will also be able to go with him… not that that prevented Finn from going to all the open house events held because he “loves bugs and getting dirty”.


My mom and I were looking for camps before school ended and we found Arcadia Farm Camp. We went to the open house and I really liked it because I could pick vegetables and be a chef there. I discovered a new favorite vegetable there, a lettuce called Sorrel that is really sour. I also learned about “bad bugs” that eat plants and got to feed those bugs to the chickens. Then I tried a vegetable burrito that I was surprised was yummy, we used sunflower seed butter. After the tour, I decided that I wanted to sign up for the week called Small Chefs.

Arcadia Farm Camp by PaleoParents

We misread our calendar and showed up for camp a week early. But they had an open spot anyway so we got to sign up for the Green Growers week as well! So I got to go two weeks in a row!

Welcome to Arcadia Farm Camp by PaleoParents

The first week was fun. We got to play with water squirters and sponges as well weeding the gardens, feeding the chickens, catching bugs and harvesting the vegetables. I really loved to pick the vegetables when they were ready! Goats came to visit that week, too. They were from a different farm, but one was named Arcadia. Goats love to eat lots of different things. Then we got to meet a beekeeper who took care of the bees on the farm. We tried the honey, it was delicious! It was fun to chew on the beeswax like gum, too!

Farm Camp by PaleoParents

The second week was called Small Chefs. I wanted to go that week because I like cooking with my dad and I hoped they would teach me to use a knife. And guess what? They let me use a knife! I got to meet two real chefs. One chef taught me to make confetti salad with zucchini and carrots. The other one helped us make bruschetta and tomato garlic sauce. It was really cool to cook with ingredients that I helped to grow.

Arcadia Farm Camp Counselors by PaleoParents

I really enjoyed Farm Camp and I’m really excited to go again next year with my brother!


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