Announcing the Family Resolution Revolution Bundle

Setting resolutions for the new year has gotten a bad reputation in recent years. The media loves to share statistics on how few meet the goals they set, how many forget their goals by mid-January, and how common it is to quickly put the dream of a healthier new year out of sight and out of mind as the hustle and bustle of real life unfolds outside the glitz of Near Year’s.

There once was a time in our lives where we too fell into the buckets of resolutions gone wrong. However, when we began our transition into a healthier approach to life, we armed ourselves with the tools that would bring those goals to life and set about succeeding – one step at a time – to what has now become a sustainable lifestyle for us.

While we had to piecemeal our healthy living tool kit together over the years, including writing our own books to contribute to it, there is now one amazing package with 40 carefully selected resources that will launch families into their healthiest year yet! After writing Eat Like a Dinosaur, 3 Phase Paleo and then Real Life Paleo, to which all of our knowledge and advice towards accomplishing a healthy, happy family went, we realized there was SO MUCH MORE that people needed to know, things experts on those specific topics (other than us) needed to provide. So we set about compiling a “dream list” of items we would have wanted ourselves when we were trying to get on – and stay on – the real food wagon.

Family Resolution Revolution

And that’s where the FAMILY RESOLUTION REVOLUTION BUNDLE comes in! Complete with eBooksworkshopsmeal planscalendarsprintable worksheets, and magazines;  families will be armed with all they need to both set goals, develop a plan on how to reach those goals, and successfully work towards those goals throughout the year ahead! 

What’s great, also, is that the Family Resolution Revolution bundle extends beyond the paleo community and features resources from contributors that are experts on healing practices, exercise for the whole family, organization tips and tools, meal plans, shopping lists and planning calendars, time saving tips like making ahead real food recipes and SO MUCH MORE!

Family Resolution Revolution Contributors
Yeah, we are just a wee bit excited about that list too!! 

However, all good things must come to an end. The 40 life changing resources, available at $0.97 a piece, are only available for ten daysFriday, December 26 through Sunday, January 3

All 40 resources (PLUS THE BONUS DISCOUNT PAGE – including fifteen exclusive discounts) are valued at $820, and come in PDF form, making them available for instant download THIS VERY SECONDAccess the e-books, workshops, meals plans, calendars, worksheets and magazine subscriptions from your computer, phone or e-reader of your choice (instructions how here)!

Family Resolution Revolution E- Bundle - Buy Now

Because we hand-selected these fantastic resources from the best experts in the community for the bundle, we are really excited (jazz hands, anyone?!) about every item included in this bundle.  A handful are already much loved resources on our iPad (Well Fed 2, We Can ALL Scream for Ice CreamThe Paleo Approach Dinner Club E-BookGuide to Fermenting Fruits and Vegetables) some are new to us that we can’t shut up about to our friends and family (The Grain-Free SnackerWork Day Eats for your January ChallengeMake Your Kids’ Party PaleoYoga for the Everyday Flow of Life), and while we hate to admit to favoritism, one of these books is available NO WHERE ELSE BUT IN THIS BUNDLE, and we are really freaking excited about it! 

The Safe Starch Cookbook, a Family Resolution Revolution E-Bundle Exclusive

We are big fans of healthy carbs (especially for active kids!) and are beyond thrilled that Russ pulled together this amazing e-book EXCLUSIVELY for this bundle! Just look at these recipe teasers!!!!!!

The Safe Starch Cookbook, a Family Resolution Revolution E-Bundle Exclusive

What else is included in this $820 bundle that is only $39 RIGHT NOW, making each resource only $.97?

♥ While we think each and every item in this bundle is absolutely fabulous, there are some eBooks that we see either ourselves using over and over again or think they are essential for people looking to make healthy their priority in 2015. We’ve indicated those books we think you should especially check out with a heart symbol!

(click the titles to learn more about each item!)


Family Resolution Revolution E-Bundle: Transition, eGuidebooks, Shopping Lists and More

(a $97 value!)

3 Phase Paleo by Paleo Parents

♥Work Day Eats for your January Challenge by No Cook Paleo♥
What a FANTASTIC idea by the originators of #nocookpaleo – I know I will be using it a lot!

The Paleo Approach Dinner Club E-Book by The Paleo Mom
A book so great we ourselves contributed to it, this eBook includes a TON of fantastic recipes and tips!

28 Days of Low FODMAP AIP by A Clean Plate
We are often asked questions about recipes for FODMAP and are clueless ourselves, so here’s a great resource for it!

♥The Safe Starch Cookbook by The Domestic Man
A long-standing supporter of the idea of resistant starch through his own personal healing with The Perfect Health Diet, this book is a MUST HAVE and ONLY available in THIS BUNDLE!

Grain-Free Meal Plans Freezer Cooking Guide by Health Home Happy
The idea of freezer cooking and a guide to how to help save you time in the kitchen is the exact thing so many people need to do, including us!

Family Resolution Revolution E-Bundle: Kids & Family eCookbooks

(a $36 value!)

Make Your Kids’ Party Paleo by The Merry Maker Sisters
Genius. No seriously. We almost wrote this eBook years ago, but this is done SO MUCH BETTER than we could have!

​♥Real Food Nutrition for Kids by Food Renegade♥
With child-friendly lessons and fun activities incorporating the WAPF philosophies, I’ve been desperate to get my hands on this resource am SO glad we got to include it!

Joshua’s Primal Lunchbox by Primal Bliss Nutrition
Packing lunchboxes is always a hot topic for families who want to do away with pre-made processed foods, this book will help you do it!

Family Resolution Revolution E-Bundle: Meal Planning Programs

(a $55 value!)

♥Once a Month Meals, 1 Month Pro Membership
I first heard of this concept pre-Paleo and was shocked and awed to discover this service added a “paleo” menu to their site. This is a HUGE benefit to families who want to eat real food without spending a ton of time in the kitchen!

Real Meals by Healthful Pursuit
A subscription plan for full 7-day meal plans, pre-made organized shopping lists, and invaluable tips that will fuel your excitement (and energy) for healthy eating; how did we not know about this sooner?!

♥Winter Watercolor Calendar Printable Bundle by Colorful Eats♥
This gorgeous organizational printable has got me revved up to revolutionize our family plans our 2015. So simple, yet infinitely helpful!

Paleo Plan 30 day Membership
The super popular Paleo Plan Membership, with tips and tricks to eating paleo, shopping, and just managing life, is something I am personally excited to try out and use!

Family Resolution Revolution E-Bundle: Magazine Subscriptions

(a $35 value!)

What can I say? I am a current subscriber (and contributor) to both magazines and think you’ll love them too!

One Year Digital Subscription to Paleo Magazine

One Year Digital Subscription to Paleo Living Magazine

Family Resolution Revolution E-Bundle: Online Programs, Workshops, Fitness, Self-Love & More

(a $151 value!)

♥21 Step Body Image Remix by Summer Innanen♥
Did you see my post on Self Respect? Summer is a sister-in-body-loving-and-respecting and has put out a seriously awesome resource to help you feel good about yourself!

30 Days to a Life Made Full by Shanti Landon
With 30 days of dinner recipes, workouts, and devotionals, this eBook is a whole life resource for changing over your life in a month!

Skincare and Skin Healing from an Ancestral Perspective by Dr. Natcha Maithai
I started using alternative skin products years ago and have seen a huge improvement since. I love the save-money approach of this eBook uses!

♥Chaos to Clutter-Free by Davonne Parks♥
I have been on a personal mission to de-clutter our home and lives this month, and it’s definitely made us appreciate what we have more. Cavemen didn’t have a bunch of stuff he didn’t need, and I love this perspective on why and how that can be good for our minds!

Family Resolution Revolution E-Bundle: Real Food & Paleo eCookbooks

(a $47 value!)

♥Well Fed 2 by The Clothes Make the Girl♥
Dude, when Mel was one of our first contributors to the bundle we knew it was going to turn out fantastic. We didn’t think anything could top her original masterpiece, but the sequel is actually better than the original (in our opinion) in this rare occasion and we are SO thrilled this resource full of amazing recipes sold for $24.95 in stores is available for the equivalent of $.97 in this bundle!

Keeping It Real by Delicious Obsessions
From one of our new favorite bloggers, this eBook written for those who want to take charge of their health by nourishing their bodies with real food and features a TON of recipes!

Blend | The Basics by Everyday Maven
We know a lot of people love the idea of blended beverages, and we just don’t have that many of our own to share. This resource is one we were thrilled to find and include here!

Easy Paleo Slow Cooker Meals by Rubies and Radishes
Bestselling author of The Paleo Foodie Kitchen and The Paleo Slow Cooker offers up this EASY recipe book. Need I say more?!

Slow Cooker Soups and Stews by Peace Love and Low Carb
Winter isn’t just coming, it’s full on here. Time to get cracking on the most nutrient-dense food you can eat – soups & stews! You know we’re big supporters!

♥Easy Paleo Gelatin Treats E-Book by Grass Fed Girl♥
We LOVE to add healing collagen-rich gelatin to our diet, and in this eBook you’ll learn all kinds of ways to incorporate this superfood… without daily soup!

Modern Paleo Cuisine by Planks, Love, and Guacamole
We love following this author on Instagram and are super excited to share her with you all in this Volume One of her gorgeously designed eBook!

Family Resolution Revolution E-Bundle: Snacks & Treats eCookbooks

(a $64 value!)

34 Single-Serve Desserts by Fit Foodie Finds
I love the idea of desserts in only one portion, because I’ll admit it – my problem isn’t those first two Paleo cookies I intended to have, but in the rest of the batch that’s in the house all week!

Grain-Free Simple Sweets in 5 Ingredients or Less by My Heart Beets and The Real Food Guide
You want simple? What better than 5 ingredients or less to get you started?!

♥The Grain-Free Snacker by Ditch the Wheat♥
This recently-released super popular eBook has taken the interwebs by storm, and now you can get your hands on it for under a buck (all things considered)!

♥We Can ALL Scream for Ice Cream by Predominantly Paleo and The Real Food Guide♥
True story: I met the co-author of this book simply because I LOVE her recipes, and she’s since become a good foodie friend who shares things like bagels and nut-free, egg-free, refined sugar-free ice cream cones with me. I know you’re not thinking about ice cream now in the cold season… but trust me, you’ll be SO glad you have it in a few months!

Paleo Treats and Healthy Sweets by Taylor Made It Paleo
If you’re giving up real sugar for
new years, this is a great way to transition to healthier treats than the standard versions!


(a $115 value!)

♥DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes by Mommypotomus♥
Cleaning products has been something we haven’t yet transitioned on, and what better resource to start than this?!

Real Food: Making the Transition from Processed to Unprocessed Living by Unlock Better Health
From the wonderful organizer of the Take Back Your Health Conference, this informational guide to making the transition is PERFECT for those just starting!

Disease-Free Revolution by Ron Garner
With research-based facts, this book takes the mystery out of how the body operates – by showing why it succumbs to disease and how health problems can be reversed – and clearly explains the tools required to build your health.

10 Things You Need to Know About Essential Oils Before You Buy by Whole New Mom
With all of the buzz from colleagues around the internet on how much they love essential oils, one of the books I knew I wanted to include was this eBook and I’m super excited to look into getting started myself!

♥Yoga for the Everyday Flow of Life by Rx’d Yoga♥
I have personally taken yoga classes with this author and love the way she’s structured flows for what people are interested in – from families to athletes looking to improve performance – the instructions and photos are unlike any other eBook I’ve seen and was assembled JUST for this bundle!

♥Oh Lardy’s Guide to Fermenting Fruits and Vegetables♥
We are huge fans of probiotics for health and (when you’re ready) this guidebook on getting started – both how and why – is perfect!

Oh Lardy’s Guide to Keeping Backyard Chickens
If our zoning laws allowed it, we would definitely look into a bit more homesteading. If you’re able, but not ready, let this eBook help you take the plunge!

The Healing Kitchen by The Dabblist
Not just a list of 10 ingredients to help you heal your body – but a ton of gorgeously photographed recipes with printable recipes cards and more to incorporate them into your life!

♥Grain-Free Grab and Go, 30+ Recipes for Portable Meals by Health Starts in the Kitchen♥
One can NEVER have enough portable recipes that you simply make ahead and reheat, we are looking forward to diving into this one and using it in our own busy lives!


Family Resolution Revolution - Discounts

Think of all those times you dreamed of balance in your life or wished for a healthier way of living for your family – bring those dreams to life in 2015 with the Family Resolution Revolution bundle

Family Resolution Revolution - Buy Now

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