A new look for a new approach

We hope you didn’t see it, but the site has been caught with it’s pants down a few times over the past couple of weeks. It was all in preparation for our new look and feel. We realize we’ve made a few declarations over the past couple months about the blog and our intentions, but it’s been an evolving process just as our entire Paleo journey has been. Finally, we’re thrilled to have the aesthetics match with our intentions.

When Stacy started this blog, it was something she did for herself and was a simple place to capture a lot of personal observations and share with a small group of friends and family. Then we realized that there weren’t a lot of families showing that Paleo wasn’t impossible in the modern world. We wanted to change the focus of our humble blog to Paleo not only being possible, but how much enrichment can come from adapting the lifestyle for your family – so the Paleo Parents were “born”, so to speak.

Now that we’ve been fortunate enough to meet wonderful fellow bloggers and an awesome growing group of readers (hi!) we wanted to try to visually capture how we’ve been thinking and feeling lately. It seems that there are a few overarching issues Paleo families struggle with, getting their kids excited (not just on board because you say so) being one of them. Although Matt & Stacy will continue to blog (update your bookmark), report insane weightloss updates and jibber jabber – the part of the site where we talk about being a family (food, parenting, gardening, and everything in between) is going to be much more family oriented.

Expect to see photos of recipes that look (we hope!) slightly better and more enticing to kids. The recipe steps will now include how your child can help you in the kitchen! We’re working to solve the poor Paleo kid crisis one recipe at a time! It’s hard for us to convey in words that our children are literally jubilant at meal time, but it’s true – and we’d love to show you how to create some of that excitement with your own children. It’s why we’re working on the vlog series too. We’ve also recategorized and tagged all the recipes, so that readers can instantly tell if a recipe contains an item that perhaps they’re avoiding for allergy reasons (top 8 allergens are now search-able).

And to represent this new focus and appearance, we have a badge! We’d be so tickled if you wanted to use it on your site to share with your community. We hope you’ll take the time to come visit our site, but if not thanks for reading on facebook, twitter or however you get your feed. Hearing from you all genuinely gives us such fulfillment; the idea of getting even one new family to go Paleo is why we take the time and effort to put this out here.

Next up: You did see it correctly, we are opening a Spreadshirt Shop and will have T-Shirts available soon! Look for apparel for your whole family with our new tag lines:

  • Go Paleo: Take the Journey
  • Eat Like a Dinosaur
  • Go Against the Grain
  • I Eat Food, not mass manufactured products
  • Cave Kids Can Cook

A special thanks to Sean Cason for his art and the inspiration of our new dinosaur image. We couldn’t have done any of it without Amanda Gates and her fantastic graphics work – she went above and beyond to bring the ideas to fruition. She’s a personal friend through work and a gem I was lucky to get to work with. Michael Carlson did an excellent job executing the web design of Stacy’s ever changing vision and Erin from SweetSassy made some of the fun kid products we will be using in pictures going forward. It’s great to have friends with talent to exploit! OK, it’s not like I won an award or something, so I gotta cut this thing off. Point being, check out the new site with your kids and let us know what they say – we love hearing from you.

Lastly, we’ve got some great upcoming posts coming your way. It’s FINALLY time to share our granola recipe! We’ve been holding out because we wanted it to be the first in our introduction to our new kid-friendly recipes, but get your kids excited because a cereal substitute is coming soon. Then, we’re participating in a packed lunch round-up of posts for all of you families going back to school – hopefully it’ll help to get your Paleo creative juices flowing!

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